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Affiliate Marketing 101DAN MARQUES@dmarques1
agendaGet	  to	  Know	  Each	  OtherWhat	  is	  Affiliate	  Marke/ng?Pre-­‐Launch	  –	  How	  big	  can	  it	  be?	  Where	 ...
about	  me
about	  me
tell	  me	  about	  you!Who	  are	  you?	  (Name)Where	  are	  you	  from?	  (Company	  &	  Role)Why	  are	  you	  here?	 ...
Live	  Case	  Study!Lets	  use	  one	  of	  your	  businessesUse	  throughout	  this	  presenta/onDevelop	  your	  “Go	  t...
Affiliate	  Marke8ng$ $ $ $ $ $ $SEOPPCSocialContentEmailDisplayInboundFeeds
Affiliate	  Marke8ng$ $ $ $ $ $ $Content$ $ $PPCFeeds CouponSEO Loyalty
Affiliate	  Marke8ng$ $ $ $ $ $ $Content$ $ $PPCFeeds CouponSEO LoyaltyPay	  for	  Performance
Industry$2-­‐4	  Billion	  industry5-­‐15%	  of	  eCommerce	  site	  sales200,000+	  affiliate	  “publishers”5,000+	  mercha...
Pros	  &	  ConsPros:-­‐ Pay	  for	  Performance-­‐ Quick	  &	  Easy	  to	  Launch-­‐ Build	  your	  online	  exposure-­‐ E...
Which	  Network?Low	  Cost	  of	  EntryHigh	  Cost	  of	  EntryLarge	  &	  Diverse	  Publisher	  BaseSmaller	  &	  Niche	 ...
Key	  Pre-­‐Launch	  DecisionsManagement?	  (Self,	  Network,	  OPM)Payout	  &	  Amount	  	   (CPA,	  CPC,	  CPL,	  %	  Sa...
Protect	  Your	  Brand	  in	  Search
Protect	  Your	  Brand	  in	  Search
Launch	  ChecklistOrder	  Confirma8on	  Pixel	  (Net	  vs.	  Gross	  for	  %	  Sale)New	  Merchant	  Promo8ons	  w/	  Netwo...
Recrui8ng	  PublishersPay	  for	  featured	  placement,	  dedicated	  email	  (pre-­‐nego8ate	  upfront)Direct	  Outreach	...
Recrui8ng	  PublishersExample	  Email:“Hi	  There,My	  name	  is	  Dan	  and	  I	  am	  the	  affiliate	  manager	  for	  Aw...
Incen8vizing	  Publishers1.	  Incen8ve	  to	  take	  first	  ac8on	  (ex.	  adding	  links	  to	  their	  site)2.	  Incen8v...
90/10	  Principle90%	  of	  your	  affiliate	  channel	  revenue	  will	  be	  generated	  by	  10%	  of	  your	  publishers...
Coupon	  SitesCoupon	  and	  deal	  sites	  are	  typically	  the	  biggest	  affiliates…but	  is	  their	  business	  incre...
Coupon	  Sites
Coupon	  SitesA	  Different	  Strategy	  for	  Coupon	  SitesReward	  based	  on	  incrementality:-­‐ Do	  not	  allow	  th...
Coupon	  Sites
Coupon	  Sites
Coupon	  Sites
5	  Piralls	  to	  AvoidCoupon	  &	  Deal	  Driven	  ProgramLack	  of	  Acribu8onPaying	  for	  Fraud/Refund/Cancel	  Orde...
Beyond	  the	  NetworkBizDev	  is	  the	  *new*	  Affiliate	  Remember…Pay	  for	  Performance
Beyond	  the	  NetworkCustomer	  Driven	  ApproachWhat/Where	  does	  your	  audience:-­‐ Read	  Online	  (Blogs,	  Magazi...
Beyond	  the	  NetworkNegoUate	  Custom	  DealsGeneric	  outreach“Hi	  There,My	  name	  is	  Dan	  and	  I	  work	  for	 ...
Beyond	  the	  NetworkExample
Beyond	  the	  Network
Beyond	  the	  Network
Beyond	  the	  Network
Daily	  Deals	  /	  Flash	  SalesEverything	  is	  NegoUableStrive	  for	  Profitable	  Deals	  Try	  Non-­‐Tradi8onal	  Off...
Press	  /	  MediaApproach	  with	  open	  mindFocus	  on	  your	  benefits	  to	  their	  audienceMany	  op8ons	  to	  work...
FREE	  GIFTSent	  via	  emailIf	  you	  like	  it,	  show	  some	  Amazon	  love
Next	  StepsSign	  up	  as	  an	  affiliate,	  join	  some	  related	  programsSelect	  a	  Network,	  Review	  &	  Fill	  o...
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Affiliate Marketing 101

Learn how to create an affiliate program that drives sales for you. Slides from Affiliate Marketing 101, a class taught by Dan Marques covering the fundamentals of affiliate lead gen, including affiliate networks, search engine marketing, recruiting affiliates, and more.

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Affiliate Marketing 101

  1. 1. Affiliate Marketing 101DAN MARQUES@dmarques1
  2. 2. agendaGet  to  Know  Each  OtherWhat  is  Affiliate  Marke/ng?Pre-­‐Launch  –  How  big  can  it  be?  Where  do  I  start?  Launch  –  Process,  Best  Prac?cesGrow  –    90/10,  Recrui?ng,  PiEalls  to  AvoidBeyond  the  NetworkFree  GiM!Next  Steps
  3. 3. about  me
  4. 4. about  me
  5. 5. tell  me  about  you!Who  are  you?  (Name)Where  are  you  from?  (Company  &  Role)Why  are  you  here?  What  are  you  hoping  to  learn?
  6. 6. Live  Case  Study!Lets  use  one  of  your  businessesUse  throughout  this  presenta/onDevelop  your  “Go  to  Market”  Affiliate  PlanAny  volunteers?
  7. 7. Affiliate  Marke8ng$ $ $ $ $ $ $SEOPPCSocialContentEmailDisplayInboundFeeds
  8. 8. Affiliate  Marke8ng$ $ $ $ $ $ $Content$ $ $PPCFeeds CouponSEO Loyalty
  9. 9. Affiliate  Marke8ng$ $ $ $ $ $ $Content$ $ $PPCFeeds CouponSEO LoyaltyPay  for  Performance
  10. 10. Industry$2-­‐4  Billion  industry5-­‐15%  of  eCommerce  site  sales200,000+  affiliate  “publishers”5,000+  merchants
  11. 11. Pros  &  ConsPros:-­‐ Pay  for  Performance-­‐ Quick  &  Easy  to  Launch-­‐ Build  your  online  exposure-­‐ Easy  to  Measure  ROICons:-­‐ Time  to  maintain  &  manage-­‐ Fraud  Risks-­‐ Nega8ve  Brand  Risk-­‐ Unsure  as  to  how  being  promoted
  12. 12. Which  Network?Low  Cost  of  EntryHigh  Cost  of  EntryLarge  &  Diverse  Publisher  BaseSmaller  &  Niche  Publisher  BaseIn-­‐House:Info  Products:
  13. 13. Key  Pre-­‐Launch  DecisionsManagement?  (Self,  Network,  OPM)Payout  &  Amount     (CPA,  CPC,  CPL,  %  Sales)  Affiliate  Agreement  /  Policies-­‐ Acceptance  Policy  (Auto  v.  Manual?  Types  of  Publishers?)-­‐ Search  &  TM  Policy-­‐ Adware  /  Spyware/  CAN-­‐SPAM  Compliance-­‐ Loyalty  /  Incen8vized  Policy-­‐ Plain  English,  Easy  to  Understand-­‐ Cookie  Length  /  Acribu8on  MethodologySign  up  for  an  affiliate  account  to  “gain  inspira8on”
  14. 14. Protect  Your  Brand  in  Search
  15. 15. Protect  Your  Brand  in  Search
  16. 16. Launch  ChecklistOrder  Confirma8on  Pixel  (Net  vs.  Gross  for  %  Sale)New  Merchant  Promo8ons  w/  Network  (Nego8ate  Upfront)Categoriza8on  &  Descrip8onCommission  Structure  (Benchmark  to  peers,  easier  to  go  up  later)  Welcome  Email  Easy  to  Grab  Crea8ve,  Feed,  Links,  and  Offers  (Tagged  for  your  analy8cs!)Contact  info  for  program  manager  (Email,  Twicer,  Phone)“Affiliate  Program”  link  on  your  site  with  pageProcess  &  Policy  for  Returns  /  Cancelled  /  Fraud  ordersSign  up  for  an  affiliate  account  to  “gain  inspira8on”
  17. 17. Recrui8ng  PublishersPay  for  featured  placement,  dedicated  email  (pre-­‐nego8ate  upfront)Direct  Outreach  (Forums,  Blogs,  Compe8tor  Men8ons,  Network  Search,  SEO  Rankings)Categorize  Publishers:-­‐ Coupon  &  Deal  -­‐ Loyalty-­‐ Content-­‐ Comparison  Shopping-­‐ Email-­‐ Industry  /  Niche
  18. 18. Recrui8ng  PublishersExample  Email:“Hi  There,My  name  is  Dan  and  I  am  the  affiliate  manager  for  AwesomeCo  (www.awesomeco.com)I  visited  your  site  and  no8ced  that  at  (URL)  you  link  to  LessAwesomeCo.com  –  who  sells  similar  products  to  ours.  (or  category,  content,  offers,  etc.)We  would  like  to  work  with  you  and  your  website.    We  would  like  to  invite  you  to  join  our  affiliate  program  –  Here  is  the  link  to  the  descrip8on  of  our  program  (hcp://www.Awesomeco.com/Affiliate)Why  partner  with  AwesomeCo….  Special  Offer  –  If  you  join  and  place  a  link  by  2/28  you  will  get  increase  commission  of  $XX  and  bonus  of  $XX)Let  me  know  if  you  are  interested  or  have  any  ques8ons.”  
  19. 19. Incen8vizing  Publishers1.  Incen8ve  to  take  first  ac8on  (ex.  adding  links  to  their  site)2.  Incen8ve  for  first  order3.  Special  incen8ves  to  improve  performance:-­‐ Exclusive  content/crea8ve/offers-­‐ Tiered  payment  structure-­‐ Bonuses  for  reaching  certain  levels-­‐ Increased  payout  for  increased  exposure-­‐ Special  landing  page  /  co-­‐branded-­‐ Free  Product-­‐ Widgets/Tools-­‐ Time-­‐Sensi8ve  Private  Offers-­‐ Payment  Frequency
  20. 20. 90/10  Principle90%  of  your  affiliate  channel  revenue  will  be  generated  by  10%  of  your  publishersVast  majority  will  generate  0  trafficPriori8ze  your  efforts  (Recrui8ng  the  top  10%  and  nurturing  exis8ng  10%)  Communicate  -­‐  Newslecers,  Direct  Outreach,  Updates  (Crea8ve,  Offers,  Product)Always  Excep8ons  to  the  rule  (ex.  ShopCrossFitReebok.com)
  21. 21. Coupon  SitesCoupon  and  deal  sites  are  typically  the  biggest  affiliates…but  is  their  business  incremental?
  22. 22. Coupon  Sites
  23. 23. Coupon  SitesA  Different  Strategy  for  Coupon  SitesReward  based  on  incrementality:-­‐ Do  not  allow  them  to  bid  in  paid  search  in  “yourname  +  coupons”  space-­‐ No  “exclusive”  compe8ng  offers-­‐ Launch  your  own  coupon  site  (SEO  &  PPC)-­‐ Reduce  commissions  for  those  who  rank  organic  (take  what  they  can  get)-­‐ Reward  coupon  sites  for  incremental  campaigns
  24. 24. Coupon  Sites
  25. 25. Coupon  Sites
  26. 26. Coupon  Sites
  27. 27. 5  Piralls  to  AvoidCoupon  &  Deal  Driven  ProgramLack  of  Acribu8onPaying  for  Fraud/Refund/Cancel  Orders  (Low  Quality  Leads)Beware  the  “Mysterious”  Affiliate  (No  Sig.  Site,  High  CR)Search  ShenanigansBonus  Pirall:  Paying  upfront  for  “Placements”
  28. 28. Beyond  the  NetworkBizDev  is  the  *new*  Affiliate  Remember…Pay  for  Performance
  29. 29. Beyond  the  NetworkCustomer  Driven  ApproachWhat/Where  does  your  audience:-­‐ Read  Online  (Blogs,  Magazines,  etc.)-­‐ Par/cipate  in  Communi/es  /  Forums-­‐ Purchase  complementary  products/services  -­‐ Search  for  in  Google-­‐ Follow  on  TwiVer/Pinterest/Facebook
  30. 30. Beyond  the  NetworkNegoUate  Custom  DealsGeneric  outreach“Hi  There,My  name  is  Dan  and  I  work  for  AwesomeCo  (www.awesomeco.com)I  visited  your  site  (twicer/pinterest/etc.)  thought  it  was  great  and  believe  your  audience  may  also  be  interested  in  Awesomeco.AwesomeCo  is….  (brief  1-­‐3  sentence  about  with  differen8ator)I  would  love  to  explore  poten8al  ways  we  could  work  together”
  31. 31. Beyond  the  NetworkExample
  32. 32. Beyond  the  Network
  33. 33. Beyond  the  Network
  34. 34. Beyond  the  Network
  35. 35. Daily  Deals  /  Flash  SalesEverything  is  NegoUableStrive  for  Profitable  Deals  Try  Non-­‐Tradi8onal  OffersRemember  the  levers:-­‐ Offer-­‐ Rev  Share-­‐ Exclusivity-­‐ Your  Margin  /  Economics
  36. 36. Press  /  MediaApproach  with  open  mindFocus  on  your  benefits  to  their  audienceMany  op8ons  to  work  together:-­‐ Press  /  Men8ons-­‐ Performance  Display  -­‐ Co-­‐Branded  ContestBe  CreaUve!
  37. 37. FREE  GIFTSent  via  emailIf  you  like  it,  show  some  Amazon  love
  38. 38. Next  StepsSign  up  as  an  affiliate,  join  some  related  programsSelect  a  Network,  Review  &  Fill  out  the  Pre-­‐Launch  and  Launch  ChecklistsLaunch  your  program!Brainstorm  some  custom  affiliate  deals  and  reach  out!AddiUonal  Resources  in  sheet  
  39. 39. Course TitleCourse TitleINSTRUCTOR NAME