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CBSE Board Exam Date Sheet 2019

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Central Board of Secondary Education has released the CBSE board exam date 2019 class 12 on their official website. The board has introduced important changes in the CBSE 2019 exam date class 12. This year, CBSE has released 2019 CBSE board exam date earlier than the previous years. The quick release of the CBSE date sheet 2019 class 12 was evident as CBSE has preponed most of the activities and has introduced major changes in the CBSE class 12 examination marking scheme, pattern, and weightage.

As per the new system implied by CBSE, the class 12 board exam- 2019 would start from the month of February rather than the usual month of March. According to the notification released by CBSE, the class 12 board exams would start from Friday, 15th February 2019 at 10.30 am-1.30 pm.

However, the examinations for the vocational subjects like Accountancy, Mathematics, English, Biology, Hindi, etc. would be held in the Month of March.

We recommend students and parents to check and download the newly released CBSE 12th date sheet 2019 from the official website of the CBSE Board. You can stay updated regarding the scheduled dates and changes made by clicking the official link at cbse.nic.in date sheet 2019.

Inspiria wishes all the candidates success for the 2019 boards.

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CBSE Board Exam Date Sheet 2019

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