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Getting Successful with Marketing Automation

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Insightera, an official Marketo LaunchPoint partner, is pleased to share some insights on lasting success for marketing automation with personalization. The presentation is part of Marketo's Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation.

As a Marketo LaunchPoint partner, Insightera enables its customers to seamlessly integrate their existing Marketo campaign logic. By segmenting and auto-engaging anonymous visitors (over 98%) according to industry, location and digital behavior, Marketo/Insightera users increase their content ROI while generating more qualified leads.

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Getting Successful with Marketing Automation

  1. 1. Getting Successful withmarketing automation -more than technologyBROUGHT TO YOU BY
  2. 2. Insightera, an official Marketo LaunchPoint partner, is pleased to share some insights on lastingsuccess for marketing automation with personalization.Top-funnel, anonymous prospects in the initial awareness phase require personalized engagement,as do known leads that are moments away from becoming your customer. Intelligent marketingautomation engages these prospects with the right content to educate and support their decisionmaking process throughout the entire marketing funnel.Simply understand your customers’ journey and discover your existing assets: content andprospects. This will align your Sales and Marketing efforts into one cohesive engine for anautomatic strategy.70% of the sales process is over before your prospects ever contact you. They are evaluating yourofferings and making initial decisions. That’s why Insightera addresses each decision-maker as anindividual, connecting with what matters on the personal and professional level.As a Marketo LaunchPoint partner, Insightera enables its customers to seamlessly integrate theirexisting Marketo campaign logic. By segmenting and auto-engaging anonymous visitors (over 98%)according to industry, location and digital behavior, Marketo/Insightera users increase their contentROI while generating more qualified leads.
  3. 3. getting successful with marketing automation - more than technologygo beyond softwareWould you buy a Ferrari and then keep it in the garage? That’s what happens whencompanies purchase marketing automation without a strategy or plan for using it.While there are important differences With limited investment in these areas, youbetween marketing automation can usually get good (but not great) ROIplatforms, success is often primarily from marketing automation. And as we “I’ve seen over and over where a companydetermined by three things: saw in Part Five, the more you invest, the will be unsuccessful with their marketing higher you move up the curve, and the 1. Your strategy and process better your return on investment. automation strategy and they blame the 2. Your content and lead flow The key is to “think big, start small, and technology; they blame the platform. They 3. Your people move quickly”. In other words, the best say, ‘Well, we need to switch to a new results usually come from getting started with what you have today, and then platform because this just isn’t working incrementally investing over time to move out.’ And in my observation, 9 times out of up the curve. 10, it’s not the technology’s fault; it’s the fact that the strategy, if it exists, is flawed and is not executed well.” – Matt Heinz, Marketing Automation Expert 3
  4. 4. getting successful with marketing automation - more than technologystrategy and processAs Bill Gates famously said, “The first rule of any technology used in a business is thatautomation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second isthat automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”Don’t just automate your old processes Some of the processes that your companywhen you are introducing marketing should examine as it thinks aboutautomation into your organization. New marketing automation include:technology requires new ways of doingthings. When it comes to automating Sales and Marketing Alignment Measurement and Metrics Data Qualitymarketing, the most important thing tounderstand is that you “still have • What defines a sales-ready lead? • What key metrics do you report on a • Do you have dirty data full ofto think.” weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis? duplicates and bad records? • How does your lead qualification team prioritize their time? • How do you measure campaign ROI? • Missing or incomplete data? • How will you implement lead nurturing • What key performance indicators • How will your data get cleansed – and for leads that are not yet ready? (KPIs) will you use to determine if your maintained – to ensure your marketing “Start with a process. Marketers revenue processes are on track? automation doesn’t suffer from typically work off of intuition, • How will you recycle sales leads “garbage in, garbage out”? that don’t move forward? With marketing automation, marketers can but defining processes is critical look beyond traditional metrics (clicks, Quality data is an essential • What service level agreements (SLAs) to successful marketing will you have for lead follow-up? opens, etc.) and starting measuring (and underpinning of any successful forecasting) what executives really care marketing automation implementation. automation strategies and helps about: current and future pipeline, Marketing automation can drive the most you achieve quality, results when a company uses it as an revenue, and profits. consistency, and collaboration.” opportunity to realign its entire revenue engine around the modern customer’s new buying cycle. – Eric Dukart, COO, Sundog 4
  5. 5. getting successful with marketing automation - more than technologyContent and lead generationIf marketing automation is the rocket, then content and lead flow are the fuel.Read on to learn how to fill your tank to full.Content Lead FlowHaving enough content is often the most Some companies have too many leadsunderestimated challenge for successful and need to score them before handing “You have to remember you needmarketing automation. Simply put, over only the highest-quality sales-ready capabilities to manage the marketingcontent is a must-have for consistent leads. Other companies, especially newlead generation and nurturing. Ideally, and small businesses, don’t have enough automation, which includes people andthis is based on a solid understanding of leads. Marketing automation can help processes in addition to the technology.your buyer personas, so that your leads flow through the funnel morecontent and messages resonate with efficiently, and done right, it can nurture That is the key for success.”your audience. Without this, even the leads to make them sales-ready. But if youmost finely crafted marketing automation have nothing coming into the top of your – Matt Johnson,programs can fail to deliver results. funnel, you will have nothing to nurture. VP Chief Strategy Officer, InnoveerAsk yourself: If you don’t have enough sales leads, put a plan in place to get more – with content • Do you have a defined marketing, social media, trade shows, and content calendar? promotions – anything that will help to get prospects into the top of your funnel. • Do you have content for each stage of the buying process, by persona?If the answer is not yes, then you’ll needto make progress in this area, or risklimiting your long-term marketingautomation success. 5
  6. 6. getting successful with marketing automation - more than technologypeopleYour internal employees as well as external service providersare the most critical aspects of success with your marketing platform.Some important skills for success are: • Business process design and • Technical aptitude. Marketing is “Success of marketing automation is not just implementation. Can your team increasingly becoming a technical about the technology. That’s the easy part. envision demand generation and profession that includes proficiency lead-lifecycle processes that align to with technology solutions. This This is all about change management and today’s modern buyer? Can they work represents a huge shift in the job cross-functionality to implement description of a marketer, which adjusting the way the company thinks about across the organization? previously required little to no the customer experience. It requires support technical abilities. Although today’s • Analytics. Do you have someone marketing automation platforms are and alignment by key stakeholders, a who can absorb, visualize, and discuss large amounts of data and much easier to use than previous commitment to developing better processes systems, users still need to be complex concepts, and make comfortable using technology. Basic (not doing it the way they have always done it decisions to solve problems based on levels of technical acumen are a must; available information? but with automation) and defining clear use having a “marketing technologist” on staff is even better. cases on what problems they want to solve You’ll need to evaluate the skills of your and how they will use the technology to solve team. If you don’t have the right skills the problem – this all drives marketing on-staff, you’ll need to augment your current staff with training, external automation adoption and success.” consultants, and/or additional hires. – Jeff Pedowitz, President and CEO, The Pedowitz Group 6
  7. 7. getting successful with marketing automation - more than technologydream big. Start small.get fast wins. Build from there.All of the factors discussed here are critical … If you dream big, you’ll position … If you win small victories quickly, Overall, be realistic about whatfor marketing automation success, but yourself to achieve the grand—albeit you’ll show results in a way that your resources you’ll require to achieve yourdon’t let not having all of them keep you granularly articulated—vision of what you organization values —whether it’s a new objectives, but don’t let the “perfect befrom getting started. want success to resemble. Depending on lead generation campaign or a basic the enemy of good.” Get started. See your organization, this end goal may take system for lead scoring. These small wins value. Then, evolve.The best marketing automation the form of a full RPM transformation. It will cultivate stakeholder buy-in acrossimplementations adhere to the adage, might also be more modest. your organization, and increase your“think big; start small; most quickly.” chances for success over the short and … If you start small, you won’t get stuck long term. in analysis paralysis, or feel the need to wait until all of your content is created. You won’t need to map out every single campaign, or get your website perfect. Slow and steady wins the race. More Effort, great roi some Effort, good roi Revenue traditional demand integrated performance marketing generation pipeline Management 7
  8. 8. Thought leader Snapshot:david lewis, President & CEO,demandgen international, incDavid Lewis is an early pioneer in Internet people with strong analytical sense, and DL: Customer base. A large and need, and you’ll have missedmarketing, marketing automation, and technical resources on the marketing team strong base of customers that are “like opportunities to use that functionality inCRM systems with over 22 years’ far beyond the webmaster. you” is important to demonstrate that the the meantime.experience in marketing and selling vendor platform has broad appeal, andtechnology. In 2007, David Lewis founded Process. Prior to marketing automation that it has been significantly tested by a Ease of use. Look not only at overallDemandGen International, Inc. a global almost all campaigns were on the “one wide range of customers using it for ease of use, but at the consistency ofconsulting firm helping companies deploy and done” model: it was all about lead different applications. ease of use across the application. Youand utilize marketing automation and CRM generation. Now Marketing is a formal, want to make sure that the solution issystems. DemandGen has become the integrated, repeatable process: it’s about CRM integration. Marketing automation easy to use not only in core areas liketrusted advisor to the world’s leading understanding your B2B buying process, is only half of the solution: CRM and email and landing page development,marketing and sales teams combining and moving from static lead generation marketing automation together represent but also in more sophisticated areassuperior service, business process, and campaigns into lead management in a a completely integrated sales and such as lead scoring, nurturing programtechnology expertise. logical, automated manner. marketing solution to the same data set. design, and reporting. Keep in mind that the MA needs not onlyMarketo interview with David Lewis Systems. Choosing the right systems for to integrate with the CRM you’re using Scalability. Your business will grow; your business is paramount—and every today, but also to provide the “hooks” into will your marketing automation platformMKTO: What are the most important business’ choices are unique. Select with any CRM you might use in the future. Be grow with it? Make sure the system youthings you have to keep in mind in order to care, and keep integration top of mind. The sure to look at the add-ons that an MA buy can handle the size of yourbe successful with marketing automation? right marketing automation system for your offers in terms of adding functionality to database and volume of your business also needs to integrate the CRM. campaigns now and into the future;DL: Three words: people, seamlessly and completely with your how will performance be impacted ifprocess, systems. CRM, your website, and your other Commitment to innovation. Does the your business grows significantly? marketing tools and systems such as platform keep getting new functionality onPeople. Your organization must be content management, event marketing, a regular basis that expands what its Pricing. Look for a pricing model thatculturally aligned, with the right leaders and analytics platforms. offering? Or is it trying to play catch-up supports growth. Be sure the vendor’sacross Sales and Marketing who view with other leading systems in terms of overall pricing model will enable you tomarketing and sales as one integrated MKTO: What are the most important ease of use or functionality? If you choose grow and be successful withoutprocess. Within your organization, you things to look for in a marketing a “catch-up” system, you might save penalizing you with exorbitant fees.need team members who are skilled in automation vendor? some money in the short term, but you’ll Ensure that the solution pricing modellead management and associated lose in the long term: those systems will and contract won’t result in you gettingsystems: such as marketing operations never catch up to the others that already a surcharge for achieving your planned provide the functionality you’ll eventually growth mid-contract. 8
  9. 9. Thought leader Snapshot:david lewis, President & CEO,demandgen international, incMKTO: What should you focus on when Focus #2: Factory thinking. Putting aselling marketing automation to your marketing automation system in placeexecutive team? What are some things enables you to define your processesthat might resonate with a CEO, CFO, “from click to close,” establishing theor Sales? touch points needed to help prospects become educated on and evaluate yourDL: Focus #1: You’ll get more done product. The experience of implementingand increase your output. When you marketing automation forces yourthink about the shape of the demand organization to think these processesfunnel, it’s widest at top and narrowest at through, which enables you to establishbottom; yet the number of resources you and automate them. This kind of “factoryhave to address demand are typically in thinking” engenders higher and morean opposite ratio. consistent output.Most companies have more salespeople Focus #3: Marketing andat the bottom where the funnel is Sales alignment. Because thesenarrowest, and fewer marketers to systems are used by both Sales andsupport the top of the funnel. This Marketing, the process of implementingcommon situation speaks to the need for and using your marketing automationa solution that can automate many of the system essentially forces these twotouch points throughout the demand groups to become one integratedfunnel. Such a solution allows you to organization with a tighter relationshipfocus marketing resources on strategies and better communication. In short,to create demand, while your marketing working together will produce betterautomation system automates the results for your company.process of converting this demand intoprospects for Sales. 9
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