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Big Data Visualization: Can art meet science?

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Presented at the Insight Innovation eXchange North America 2013

We will show you how the Visual Cue Tiles can be used to solved the problem of big data visualization by harnessing the human mind’s natural ability to capture, process and understand pictures instantaneously. The Visual Cue Tiles are intuitive and we will help you see how they can immediately tell a clear, meaningful, and complete story.

To date, Visual Cue is best known in the wider context of big data, but the time is right to put it to increased use in the specific context of market research and business development insights. VisualCue Tiles will give you the confidence to make better and faster decisions.

About Visual Cue Technologies
Visual Cue Technologies has solved the problem of big data visualization by harnessing the human mind’s natural ability to capture, process and understand pictures instantaneously. It has been said that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but by using our proprietary image-based “tile” and “mosaic” format to simplify and represent massive volumes of information, we can empower clients to view, analyze, and take decisive strategic action on over a half a million discreet data elements, on a single computer screen…all updated in “real time.”

With current clients ranging from the U.S. Postal Service and other international logistics giants, to global customer support call centers and the U.S. Pentagon, no big data challenge is too big for our award-winning solutions. The technology is proven, affordable, and takes only a few days to customize and implement, even when the data in question must be collected, filtered and recombined from highly disparate sources or formerly incompatible database formats.

processing of data in the Visual Cue format becomes completely intuitive, requiring no specialized data manipulation, programming or analysis skill set. The software’s features ultimate transform even novice users into “super analysts” capable of slicing and re-slicing data in innumerous ways and generating custom visually compelling report outputs as needed. Furthermore, visual representation of data occurs in 3D, allowing users to see real time data trends as they emerge (for example, across regions or segments, etc.) as well as go back in time instantly to deconstruct longitudinal changes or spontaneously compare/combine with other data elements.

Best of all, Visual Cue technology immediately tells a clear, meaningful, and complete story, a rare feat in search for big data visualization solutions. It is not simply a “pretty” way to view the same old disjointed data sets. Visual Cue synthesizes information across the typical structural “silos” that exist within companies, making key insights and calls for strategic action immediately apparent to analysts and managers in every relevant department of an organization.

Visual Cue’s software has been called “nothing short of miraculous” by th

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