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Email Service Quirks and How to Get Around Them

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AgencyBuzz Coordinator Henna Javed discusses how you can optimize your emails so that you do not break the rules of common email providers.

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Email Service Quirks and How to Get Around Them

  1. 1. Email Service Quirks and How to Get Around Them Masters of Marketing Henna Javed – AgencyBuzz Coordinator The webinar will begin shortly
  2. 2. Welcome to Masters of Marketing! • Find a recording of this webinar at resources.getitc.com/masters- of-marketing • Ask questions in the webinar questions/chat box • Join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #MastersMktg (follow us at @InsTechCorp!) • Join us next time on Thursday, June 20th 2019 Topic: SEO for 2019… and Beyond! Hosted by: Phillip Long, Internet Marketing Product Manager
  3. 3. Email recipients could be using a number of different email providers
  4. 4. This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA-NC This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY Pexels Recipients could also be using different devices such as computers, phones, and tablets
  5. 5. Top 10 Email ClientsSource: http://emailclientmarketshare.com/ 1. Gmail – 28% 2. Apple iPhone – 28% 3. Outlook – 9% 4. Apple iPad – 9% 5. Apple Mail – 8% 6. Yahoo! Mail – 6% 7. Google Android – 3% 8. Outlook.com – 2% 9. Samsung Mail – 2% 10.Mozilla Thunderbird – 1% Gmail iPhone Outlook iPad Apple Mail Yahoo! Android Outlook.com Samsung Mozilla
  6. 6. Apple Mail on iPhone Hotmail on Gmail App, on Android Outlook on Outlook App, on iPhone
  7. 7. Gmail viewed on Firefox Outlook viewed on Outlook Client
  8. 8. Gmail for non-Google accounts doesn’t support background images Image Source: https://blog.mailup.com/2019/01/rendering-emails/?pd=e12d38ad637148
  9. 9. Gmail will clip your email if it’s larger than 102 KB Source: my inbox
  10. 10. Some more Gmail Quirks (not necessarily bad)… • Email preheader is automatically shown after the subject • Gmail will display a download button over images that are not hyperlinked and are over 300x150 pixels • Gmail automatically converts phone numbers and URLs to links – on mobile AND desktop Source: my inbox
  11. 11. • All about USER EXPERIENCE • Cinemograph • GIF • Videos • Countdowns • Sliders • Dates and numbers turn into blue on iPhone
  12. 12. Text is resized Apple Mail App on iPhone Outlook App on iPhone
  13. 13. Outlook rendering issues • No animated GIFs Source: https://emailmonks.com//email-coding/email- rendering-issues-in-outlook-and-bloghacks/
  14. 14. Outlook rendering issues • No embedded videos
  15. 15. Conclusion • Emails won’t look the same in every email client out there • Keep these issues in mind when you create your next email campaign
  16. 16. Thank you for joining us! A recording of this webinar will be posted at: resources.getitc.com/masters-of-marketing Henna Javed – AgencyBuzz CoordinatorTwitter: @hennaITC