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The Best Guide To Create Tinder Like Dating App

  1. The Best Guide To Create Tinder Like Dating App
  2. Introduction According to stats, approximately 27% of relationships worldwide have transformed from online dating. It has been predicted that by the end of 2031, approx 50% of married couples across the world would have their first meets online. On an average, an online dating service user experiences a humongous $243 expenditure in such apps and sites, per annum. And for the dating services, average revenue per user (ARPU) currently amounts to US$4.30.
  3. No doubt, smartphones are the future now. And 48% of all online dating service users access it through their smartphones. But before you ask me about, how to create tinder like app, let me tell you about how apps have transformed the dating world. And why startups want to develop Tinder, Swoon or Grinder like dating apps
  4. The Dating World Is Transforming! With such a platform that covers all that man can imagine like, ● Posting pictures of the meal you had, ● Creeping up on the life of your friends and even unknowns, ● Expressing your frustrations in 140 characters ● And even putting on dog ears just for the sake of fun. It ain’t a surprise that man today requires an app even for finding a date. And it is of no surprise that the online dating app industry has grossed $2.2 billion with an amazing ROI of $381 million in 2016.
  5. No doubt the market to create tinder like app is hot! But what is more popular among users? Websites or apps?
  6. Website vs Apps! The debate is no longer of a surprise. But when it is about the dating, I would have opted for the apps Why? There are a number of reasons. Primarily, a website is not quite accessible compared to an app. Other than that, you are never away from the app as it is in your darling, your smartphone. And that’s why you can respond to the push notifications quickly. This is also a reason why dating apps are getting popular compared to the dating sites.
  7. Dating apps come in different formats — swiping left-right, shorter profile vs longer profile etc. And when it is about choosing the right one for personal usage, things get confusing. No doubt, users can sign up for all of ‘em, but that’s quite frustrating as their phones would get gunned down by push notifications that would make their life miserable.
  8. Tinder Ain’t you familiar with this name? Yes, you should be as Tinder came out as the most popular dating app with 42 percent of mentions in the survey. The number is even higher amongst millennials with a humongous 70%. And it absolutely makes sense. The app seems to be continuously updating with new fun features like being able to “Super Like” a person.
  9. Do you ever wonder why not all dating apps are popular considering they all provide the same service. When it is about Tinder, it is the incomparable user experience. Choosing the people you like or dislike just by swiping them away in particular directions is, no doubt, the ultimate USP for Tinder. For OkCupid, it is the unique conversation starters like, ”Is it OK to answer your cell phone while out with a friend or on a date?” which have made it so famous amongst the millennials. So, here I have discussed the prerequisites to create tinder like app.
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  11. Letting people access your service just by signing up through their Facebook or Instagram or Google accounts is the feature that can build an early impression to your potential users. This is beneficial for your app as well. It lets the application collect data regarding the likes and dislikes and access to the friend list of the user. Making your users log in through Facebook will also reduce the number of fake profiles.
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  13. If you live in California and the dating app you use is showing you matches from New York, will that be of any use for you? I don’t think so. So, it is important that dating apps have location-based matches. Or you can even let your users select their location preferences such as allowing them to set the distance limit for their preferred matches. Tinder has a paid service which allows the users to shift the location to the place they would be visiting in or would be shifting to.
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  15. Matching is all about the internal algorithms that go through the likes and dislikes of the users. Though the dating app algorithm is not that simple. To make a matchmaking app work it important to show users which have already liked the profile before others. In most of the dating apps, users that have a higher number of swipes will be displayed before others. This technique is important for increasing the number of matches.
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  17. At the end of the day, all you want is to keep your app users engaged with your app, ain’t it? And for that, you need to have your users continue to your app even after they have found their matches. And what’s the best way for that? Yes, you got it right! It is the messaging facility. Let your users who are a match, strike up conversations through your app. And for that, you’d require a chat box.
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  19. Push notifications are an inbuilt communication bridge found in smartphones nowadays. They allow apps to let users know about real-time activities. These are usually sent in form of short responsive messages. Your app users need to get notified when there’s a match. And this is why push notifications are important when you. So, when you create Tinder like app.
  20. Monetization has been an issue with dating apps from the very beginning. And this has been increasing with the occurrence of the huge war over providing users with the best service. On an average, a user spends 90 minutes on a dating app each day building the huge revenue for such apps. Though there are risks as well. Here I have discussed some ways of making money when you create Tinder like app:
  21. ● Subscription Model: This model lets users access premium features on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Indian dating app FLOH is an example of such a model. It guarantees at least 10 one on one introductions. ● Freemium: Dating app giant Tinder uses a freemium revenue model. In this model, all basic features are unlocked for a user and the premium services are available only for them who have paid for those. Tinder has two of such facilities which they call, Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus which gives let the user access bundles of features.
  22. ● Advertising: Advertising on a dating app can be risky from the app owner’s end. Users usually dislike ads popping up multiple times. This advent might lead to uninstallation of the app. Though ads that don’t occupy the whole screen can be a way to earn moolahs and keep your customers at the same time. ● Third Party Services: Providing services like booking cabs or getting a table in a preferred restaurant with special offers or even booking movie tickets can be a way for dating apps to stay in the long run!
  23. Despite being a promising field, online dating app domain has not seen any unicorns yet! It is pretty understandable that there is no winner Whatever you are trying to create, must be done enough to stand apart from the ordinaries. Dating apps have made the cumbersome process of finding a perfect companion as easy as swiping left or right. They have paved a way for the startups who wanna build on demand apps and are looking for the perfect sector to step into.
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