Augmented Reality as the next UI challenge

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Together with my Zühlke team we designed the holoRepair app for Jungheinrich. Mixed reality challenged our development, but pushed our knowledge about this new promising technology. The slides display our five categories of challenging aspects:
- Display (the reality),
- Sight of view (how to deal with a small sight of view),
- Orientation (user guidance, pathfinding and notification),
- Interaction (air tap, movement and voice),
- UI-patterns (use existing and create new one).
Furthermore there are two slides that explain the setup of a the prototyping method, called "Wizard of Oz".
These slides were presented at the UXCamp Europe 2017 #uxce17 in Berlin - they supported my talk.
Ask me, if you want to get details about the different categories. - @ixlonxy

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Augmented Reality as the next UI challenge

  1. 1. © Zühlke 2017 Augmented Reality as the next UI Challenge Ines Lindner, Lead Consultant User Experience Zühlke Engineering GmbH - @ixlonxy
  2. 2. © Zühlke 2017 The Microsoft HoloLens Gestures voice control autonomous Windows 10 computer Sees the environment and its own position in it. Surround Sound System
  3. 3. © Zühlke 2017 5 Challenges for the development of an HoloLens app
  4. 4. © Zühlke 2017 1. Display
  5. 5. © Zühlke 2017 2. Sight of view
  6. 6. © Zühlke 2017 3. Orientation
  7. 7. © Zühlke 2017 4. Interaction Yes Do you want to start repairing?
  8. 8. © Zühlke 2017 5. UI-Patterns
  9. 9. © Zühlke 2017 reality 3D objects sound user interface animations user story user interaction Mixed Reality needs a well balanced orchestration of all elements!
  10. 10. © Zühlke 2017 Valuable UX methods for getting the story right and organizing the right composition of elements we used the Wizard-of-Oz method.
  11. 11. © Zühlke 2017 The Wizard of Oz Start with roleplaying For German readers: You can read more about the Wizard: wizard-of-oz-methode/
  12. 12. © Zühlke 2017 Get your story right Every card represents a user task – define it with your expert user as long as it is right.
  13. 13. © Zühlke 2017 @ixlonxy Ines Lindner Lead Consultant User Experience Questions? Thank you for your attention