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Resume Indu

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Resume Indu

  1. 1. Indumathi.J #2F,Helious Enclave Virupakshapura E-mail: indu.jayraj@gmail.com Vidyaranyapura Post, Mobile: 9886194746 Bangalore-560097 Professional Summary:  An Operations and Service delivery professional with 12 years experience in Operations, Training, Quality Management and Migration & Transition of the business across multiple industries. I have worked into the domains of service delivery for US UK, Canadian and Indian companies and markets in various lines of business (Retail, Banking and BFSI) for both Inbound and Outbound customer management and gradually moving on the Business Management Roles Proficient in managing & leading teams to drive metrics for running successful Process Operations; and experience of implementing Procedures and Service Standards for business excellence (in BPO for Sales, Consumer & Lead Management, B2B for Corporate Sales business, B2C for Direct Customers) for building a synergy in Revenue Vs Delivery Cycle Possess excellent interpersonal, Communicational and organisational (External & Internal) skills which with previous assignments have only strengthened & improves everyday with continuous learning process. Skills:  Strong team player, flexible to adapt new environment, Posses excellent understanding, grasping, interpersonal and business communication, presentation skills. I manage tasks with proactive approach, striving for perfection.  Capable of working on multiple tasks, manage people, defining process.  Dynamic, energetic and self-motivated go-getters, Spontaneous with ability to think and provide solutions, serious attitude towards work/career. Technical Skills:  Hands on Experience in MIS Tools Excel, Word, Power point. Have prepared many training contents using Power point. Professional Experience:  Worked with First source, Bangalore from Jan 2005 to October 2010.  Worked with Serco February 2011 till May 2012.  Working with Ask me from August 2012 till December 2015.
  2. 2. Professional Experience – Job Responsibilities: # worked with First source, Bangalore. Client : First source Role : Joined as SR CSA, Aux Trainer, Aux Quality Analyst, later Worked as a part of Service Quality Team [Quality Analyst] Period : Jan 2005 to October 2010. Team Size : Handling more than 3 Processes. Division : ICICI Bank. Job Responsibilities: Quality Associate: In papers for 2 years.  Monitor recorded & live calls for existing associates.  Give feedback on the monitored calls.  Generate TNI/TNA for the process based on agent performance.  Work regressively with the bottom quartile associates to improve on their quality.  Refresher on updates to be done if required.  Check how an associate can improve on both process & communication.  Provide feedback on how better the call could be from the customer perspective.  Partially take survey calls and take customer satisfaction on how was the customers overall experience with our services.  Knowledge about 7 QC tools, Lean and Statistical concepts. Worked with Serco BPO ltd, Bangalore Client : Serco BPO Role : Process & Soft Skill Trainer Period : February 2011 till May 2012 Job Responsibilities: Process & Pre-Process Trainer : In papers for 1.5 years  Have trained batches on process & Pre process (soft skills) related.  Concentrate on the new joiners on basic parameters like communication , Telephone & business etiquette, Handling different types or basic customer handling skills etc.  Conduct weekly & monthly tests to check the associate’s product knowledge.  Do regular mock calls to verify the product information.  Training the existing Associates as a refresher or any new updates on the product.  Help associates on Communication, Pronunciation & Listening Skills, Telephone Etiquettes, Confidence building and Selling skills(If required).  Generate weekly reports as TNA’s, Maintaining Absconding and Attrition trackers, concentrate on improving the threshold percentages, preparing SOP’s, session plan and Training modules for required processes.  Learning Curve & OJT threshold’s to be looked intensely.
  3. 3. Askme.com – (e-commerce/digital marketing Industry) Role : Deputy Manager (Branch head – Bangalore) Period : August 2012 till Dec 2015. Current CTC : 6.2 lakhs per annum. Job Responsibilities: Operations:  Worked as an Inhouse Client.  Expertise in all 3 domains – Operations, Training and Quality.  Managing Operations, monitoring the quality performance of the team, Training the team whenever there is an requirement  Handling the entire team of 150+ seats across south India i.e Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad & Kerala.  Responsible for Training and Quality function for the contact centres, planning and ensuring delivery of training to partners for contact centres.  Driving New Consumer Base (For Seller & Buyers) for Local Search, Classifieds & Ecommerce & Marketplace.  Management of the Delivery streams across OB & IB. Training :  Prepare Training Modules for the team  Conduct Refresher Training.  End to End Training for Pilot batches.  Prepare TNI & TNA for the staff.  Conduct PKT’s every Week.  Complete the certification process for the new hires.  OJT strategies to be followed. Training Under gone:  Business Communication Training.  Successfully completed the “ASPIRE” Training which normally deals with the Leadership Quality Training.  Completed Excel in Excel Training.  Have gone through the “YELLOW BELT” Training. Achievements:  Received many Rewards and Recognitions from the company for being the best and consistent performe r(Firstsource).  Received thanks of bunch from the management for consolidating the complete product notes by preparing a Power Point Presentation(Serco).  Grabbed the ICICI Bank Clients attention by getting many Customer Appreciation calls for giving the complete product details and providing Customers Delight.  Have been performing as a consistent performer and I’ve been managing the CSAT Team and also have got the highest rating for the last Annual Appraisal Academic Qualifications:
  4. 4.  Completed 10+2+3. Degree in the Field of Commerce. Personal Profile: Date of Birth : 17th June 1981 Languages Known : English, Hindi, Kannada, and Tamil Nationality : Indian Marital Status : Married Declaration: I hereby declare that the particulars given above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Testimonials and References will be furnished if required. Thanking you, Date: (Indumathi.J)