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Testing & Measurement Services By Digimet Technologies

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(https://www.digimettechnologies.com/) Our company offers a quality range of Calibration Services, which include Air Gauge Unit Service, NABL Thermal Mapping Service, Autoclave Validation Services. We further offer Instruments Calibration Services to help our clients in maintaining their industry equipment. Available in different designs and dimensions, these products are capable of fulfilling various requirements of heavy machine Industry.

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Testing & Measurement Services By Digimet Technologies

  1. 1. PINNACLE ENGINEERS We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company Established in APRIL, 2014
  2. 2. VISION ➢ To be one of the Top Product & Service Providers to the industry in fulfilling challenging solutions as required. ➢ To become the 1st name to come to mind whenever, wherever quality service provider is required. ➢ To Grow & Fulfill aspirations of our Employees as well as the Stockholders.
  3. 3. ➢ To identify technical and infrastructural needs of the industry to provide solution & services for emerging advancement. ➢ To create infrastructure & a team of highly competent and experienced personnel to meet challenges of the industry. ➢ To provide premium quality products at affordable prices / value for money and ensure complete customer satisfaction with our products & services. GOAL
  4. 4. Machine Shop: 1. Tool & Cutter 2. Lathe 3. M1TR 4. Surface Grinder 5. Universal Grinder 6. Jig Grinding 7. Cylindrical Grinding Machine and others like Drilling, Milling etc. INFRASTRUCTURE (In House)
  5. 5. Machine Shop: 1. Heat Treatment 2. Jig Boring 3. CMM 4. Laser marking 5. Wire cut INFRASTRUCTURE (Outsourced)
  6. 6. 1. ULM-300 (Universal Length Measuring Machine) 2. Electronic Probe 3. Profile Projector 4. “0” grade Slip Gauge Box 5. Surface Plate 1000x1000mm 6. Digital Height Gauge 7. Digital Micrometer 8. Sinebar 9. Bore Gauge INFRASTRUCTURE (Inspection Facility)
  7. 7. For Broaching Application OUR PRODUCTS Broaching Fixture Broach Puller & Retriver Broaching Fixture
  8. 8. For Hobbing Operation Hobbing Fixture OUR PRODUCTS Hob Arbor Hob ArborCollect Type Hobbing Fixture
  9. 9. For Shaping Operation OUR PRODUCTS Shaping Fixture Shaper Guide Male & Female Cutter Adopter
  10. 10. For Shaving Operation OUR PRODUCTS Shaving Mandrels
  11. 11. CNC/VMC and Other Applications OUR PRODUCTS VMC Fixture VMC Fixture Leg Milling Drilling Fixture VMC Fixture CMM Holding Fixture
  12. 12. For Grinding Operation OUR PRODUCTS Grinding Cassette Bore Grinding Cassette PCD Clamping Bore Grinding Cassette PCD Clamping Bore Grinding Cassette OD Clamping
  13. 13. Gauges OUR PRODUCTS Receiving Gauge
  14. 14. Gauges Ball Height Checking GaugeContact Valve checking Gauge Master Setting RingPosition Checking Gauge OUR PRODUCTS
  15. 15. Gauges Dial Type Air Gauge Unit Dial Calibration Tester Front Axle Beam Checking Fixture DOP Checking Fixture OUR PRODUCTS
  16. 16. Machine Spare Parts OUR PRODUCTS Top Tooling for Diaphragm Chuck Honing Mandrel Engis Model Expander for Crown Back Plate for Crown
  17. 17. Machine Spare Parts OUR PRODUCTS Gripper Cam Shaft Clamping Jaws
  18. 18. 3D MODELS
  21. 21. ➢ In-House Design & Development. From component drawing to final product, as required. ➢ State-of-the-art Manufacturing Facility. ➢ Highly Equipped Inspection and Testing Facility. ➢ Experienced, Knowledgeable & Dedicated team. OUR STRENGTH
  22. 22. ➢ Our sister concern calibration firm established in 2009 sharing a common compound. ➢ NABL accredited laboratory as per ISO/IEC: 17025:2017 ➢ Provides onsite and offsite electro-technical, thermal and mechanical calibration services to our clients DIGIMET TECHNOLOGIES
  23. 23. ➢ Pinnacle’s commitment is to provide value for money products to all its customers. ➢ Pinnacle is committed to total customer satisfaction. ➢ It is run by three competent partners. Two of them are technocrats while the other is with commercial background. All are with several years of industrial experience & are competent individuals in their respective fields. WHY PINNACLE
  27. 27. Marketing: Mr. Rajesh Sharma Ph: +91-9560037070 sales@pinnacleengineers.net rsharma@pinnacleengineers.net Technical Support: Mr. M.C. Joshi Ph: +91-9289899009 Commercial Support: Mr. Nitin Juneja Ph: +91-9811632032 info@pinnacleengineers.net PINNACLE ENGINEERS Plot # 94/5, West Saroorpur Indl. Area, Sohna Road, Faridabad, Haryana Pin Code- 121004 CONTACT US