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Sudarshan Gears, Thane, Gear and Gear Boxes

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Manufacturing and exporting an extensive range of gear and gear boxes, helical inline gear boxes, helical inline adapter type gear boxes, fabricated helical gear boxes, mechanical screw jacks, spare gears

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Sudarshan Gears, Thane, Gear and Gear Boxes

  1. 1. We are an engaged in manufacturing and trading of a wide range of gear andgear boxes. We are highly appreciated by clients not only for robustconstruction and precise engineering.
  2. 2. - Profile -We, Sudarshan Gears, are an engaged in manufacturing and exporting anextensive range of gear and gear boxes. These are energy efficient, simply to use& maintain and robust thus, extensively used in various industries. We haveGerman trained degree qualified engineers for design, development and importsubstitute and also equipped with latest full designed machining assembly andtesting facilities. We offer gear and gear boxes, helical inline gear boxes,helical inline adapter type gear boxes, fabricated helical gear boxes,mechanical screw jacks, spare gears (helical,worm & sprockets), extrudergear boxes, elevator brakes, brake motors, hollow shaft zero backlash wormgear boxes, geared motors and dc / ac solenoids.Further, we are backed by an advanced manufacturing unit, which is equippedwith latest technological updated machines. Our professionals are well versedabout the working of these machines, which helps to design our range as per therequirements of clients. With the continuous support and assistance of ourprofessionals, we are able to develop and deliver qualitative range of gear andgear boxes.DEALERS INQUIRY SOLICITED, DEALERS ARE REQUESTED TO CONTACT FORDEALERSHIP ALL OVER INDIA.
  3. 3. Our Products: Helical Inline Gear Boxes Helical Inline Adapter Type Gear Boxes Fabricated Helical Gear Extruder Gear Boxes Boxes
  4. 4. Our Products: Spare Gears Mechanical Screw Jacks (Helical,Worm & Sprockets) Elevator Brakes Hollow Shaft Zero Backlash Worm Gear Boxes
  5. 5. Our Products: Geared Motors DC / AC Solenoids Brake Motors
  6. 6. Note:
  7. 7. - Company Factsheet -Year of Establishment 1983Nature of Business Manufacturer ExporterTotal Number of 26 to 50 PeopleEmployeesMajor Markets Indian Subcontinent
  8. 8. - Contact Us - Contact Details:Sudarshan GearsMr. Vishal TeliPlot No. 17, Mira Co - Operative Industrial Estate, Near State Bank Of India,Highway No. 8, MiraThane, Maharashtra - 401 104, IndiaWebsite: www.indiamart.com/sudarshangears