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SS Air Tools, Chennai, Pneumatic Air Tools

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We are the Suppliers and Distributers of imported Airtools. We provide complete assembly and fastening solutions in any industries. Our Major Brands DELVO, ENDO, NITTO, TOHNICHI, URYU, POP, SHINANO.

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SS Air Tools, Chennai, Pneumatic Air Tools

  1. 1. A Member of SS Air Tools www.ssairtoolspneumatic.com We are the Supplier, Importer and Distributor of imported Airtools. We provide complete assembly and fastening solutions in any industries. Our Major Brands Delvo, Endo, Nitto, Tohnichi, Uryu, Pop, Shinano
  2. 2. A Member of A b o u t U s Incepted in the year 2007, SS Air Tools is one of the renowned suppliers, importer, distributor and wholesaler of imported pneumatic tools and accessories that are offered in as many as 100 varied models. Appreciated for their customized range of tools with economical and user friendly products way of easy handling, accuracy, durability and ergonomic design, our entire range has CE Marking that proves its compliance with international quality standards. In addition, we are also capable of providing our customers with OE products & private labeling, if required by them. The company was founded in the year 2007, under the name SS Enterprises, by Mr. Taraj . Started our operations as a small industry set-up, today after a decade of presence in the industry, we have achieved a formidable position for ourselves in the market. Supported by a rich vendor base comprising several reputed manufacturers and the presence of a highly experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals have helped us in constantly supplying our clients with premium quality products that match with the specifications provided by them. Our ethical business practices and proactive approach have helped us in establishing a large clientele across India. Some of our reputed clients consist of Hyundai, Samsung ,L&T, Areva, Panasonic , Brakes India, Tvs, and Transport Corporation. Furthermore, having participated in various trade shows and exhibitions such as ACMEE 2008 has helped in making our products visible to a wider client base. We are looking for queries from South India.
  3. 3. A Member of AIR PNEUMATIC TOOLS Creating a niche of Air Pneumatic Tools such as Oil Pulse Tools, Air Chipper, Pneumatic Air Tapper, Magnetic Drill, Air Drills, Reversible Air Drills and many more items at its best, with utmost quality. Oil Pulse Tools Air Chipper Pneumatic Air Tapper Magnetic Drill Products
  4. 4. A Member of RIVETING TOOLS AND RIVETS We offer competitive range of Rivets, which are used in joining the plastic, framed windows and furniture. These products are available as per our client’s specification and our products are well furnished and light weighted. Pop Proset Tool Sets Power Rivet Nut Tools Hand Rivet Tools Nutsert Tools Products
  5. 5. A Member of TOHNICHI TORQUE WRENCHES Our clients can avail from us a competitive range of Torque Controlled Screw Drivers, which are highly utilized for the composite or metals, plastic and electronic assembly. These products are also used for appliances as well as automobile components and are fabricated using advanced technologies. Click Type Torque Wrench Tohnichi Digital Torque Wrenches Dial Type Torque Wrenches Kanon Torque Analyser Products
  6. 6. A Member of ENDO SPRING BALANCER Providing you the best range of Endo Spring Balancer such as Endo Cable Reel, Spring Balancer, Tool Hose Balancer, Hose Reel and Qualitative Spring Balancer with effective & timely delivery. Endo Cable Reel Spring Balancer Tool Hose Balancer Hose Reel Products
  7. 7. A Member of DELVO ELECTRIC SCREW DRIVER Pioneers in the industry, we offer Delvo Electric Screw Driver such as Torque Controlled Electrical Screwdriver, Brushless Screwdriver, Delvo Robotics Screwdriver, Screw Count Feedback Screwdriver, Poka Yoke Screwdriver, Delvo Brushless Screwdriver and many more items from India. Torque Controlled Electrical Screwdriver Brushless Screwdriver Delvo Robotics Screwdriver Screw Count Feedback Screwdriver Products
  8. 8. A Member of ELECTRICAL SCREW DRIVER Creating a niche of Electrical Screw Driver such as Electric Screwdrivers, Torque Meters, Screw Fastening Counters, Cordless Screw Driver, Screwdrivers, Kilews Electric Screw Driver and many more items at its best, with utmost quality. Electric Screwdrivers Torque Meters Screw Fastening Counters Cordless Screw Driver Products
  9. 9. A Member of URYU AIR TOOLS Providing you the best range of Uryu Air Tools such as Uryu Oil Pulse Tools, Uryu Ratchet Wrench, Uryu Die Grinders, Uryu Nut Runners, Uryu Screw Driver, Uryu Make Impact Wrenches and many more items with effective & timely delivery. Uryu Oil Pulse Tools Uryu Ratchet Wrench Uryu Die Grinders Uryu Nut Runners Products
  10. 10. A Member of NITTO AIR TOOLS Pioneers in the industry, we offer Nitto Air Tools such as Nitto Angle Grinder, Nitto Coupler, Nitto Free Sander, Nitto Grinder, Nitto Chipper, Nitto Beveler and many more items from India. Nitto Angle Grinder Nitto Coupler Nitto Free Sander Nitto Grinder Products
  11. 11. A Member of AIR MOTOR Prominent & Leading Supplier and Distributor from Chennai, we offer Air Motor such as Geared Air Motor, Stirrer Air Motor and High Speed Air Motor. Geared Air Motor Stirrer Air Motor High Speed Air Motor Products
  12. 12. A Member of AEG ELECTRIC TOOLS We are a leading Supplier & Distributor of Aeg Electric Tools such as Aeg Electric Sander, Aeg Electric Grinder, Aeg Electric Polisher, Aeg Electric Drills, Aeg Grinder and Aeg Orbital Sander from India. Aeg Electric Sander Aeg Electric Grinder Aeg Electric Polisher Aeg Electric Drills Products
  13. 13. A Member of CHIYODA HOSE & FITTINGS Under the able guidance of our dedicated professionals, we manufacture a supreme quality range of Chiyoga Tubes & Fittings, which are used in various industries. Anti Spatter Hose Tube Gas Charging Coupler One Touch Fittings Mega Flow Coupler Products
  14. 14. A Member of SCREWDRIVER BITS We are a leading Supplier & Distributor of Screwdriver Bits such as Philips Bits, Torx Bits, Nut Runner and Allen Bits from India. Philips Bits Torx Bits Nut Runner Allen Bits Products
  15. 15. A Member of SOCKETS Leading Supplier and Distributor of Sockets such as Hexagon Sockets, Impact Socket and Allen Sockets from Chennai. Hexagon Sockets Impact Socket Allen Sockets Products
  16. 16. A Member of AIR GRINDER AND SANDER Leading Supplier and Distributor of Air Grinder and Sander such as Extended Die Grinders, Belt Sander, Pneumatic Sander, Die Grinder, Orbital Sanders and Angle Grinders from Chennai. Extended Die Grinders Belt Sander Pneumatic Sander Die Grinder Products
  17. 17. A Member of NILE CRIMPING TOOLS Offering you a complete choice of products which include Nile Crimping Tools such as Nile Cutter, Nile Air Nippers, Pop Nut Hand Tool, Nile Hammer and Nutset Tools. Nile Cutter Nile Air Nippers Pop Nut Hand Tool Nile Hammer Products
  18. 18. A Member of RIVET NUT SET We are a leading Supplier & Distributor of Rivet Nut set such as Hand Plier Tool, Lever Tool and Heavy Duty Lever Tool from India. Hand Plier Tool Lever Tool Heavy Duty Lever Tool Products
  19. 19. A Member of RIVET TOOLS Pioneers in the industry, we offer Rivet Tools such as Professional Hand Plier Rivet Tool, Lazy Tong Rivet Tool, Heavy Duty Lazy Tong Rivet Tool, Lever Rivet Tool and Heavy Duty Lever Rivet Tool from India. Professional Hand Plier Rivet Tool Lazy Tong Rivet Tool Heavy Duty Lazy Tong Rivet Tool Lever Rivet Tool Products
  20. 20. A Member of DAEWOO GRINDER High capacity power machines Show the strong power with continuous RPM 3 times longer use than tools operated by an electronic motor Even though its weight light and compact, showing a high torque and work efficiently. Angle Grinder (4 Inch) Angle Grinder (7 Inch) Die Grinders Products
  21. 21. A Member of OTHER PRODUCTS: Endo Air Hoist Endo Air Balancer Professional Torque Tester Alpha Controller Products
  22. 22. A Member of OTHER PRODUCTS: Cable Reel Manual Cable Reel Screw Feeder Pipe Beveler Products
  23. 23. A Member of F a c t s h e e t Year of Establishment : 2007 Nature of Business : Supplier, Distributor, Importer Total Number of Employees : 11 to 25 People
  24. 24. A Member of CONTACT US SS Air Tools Contact Person: Mr. Taraj No. 13/5 & 53/20, Pillayar Koil, 1st Street, Ekkaduthangal, Guind Chennai - 600032, Tamil Nadu, India www.ssairtoolspneumatic.com