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Agile Machineries Private Limited, Ahmedabad, Laser Marking and Pharmaceutical Machinery

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Manufacturer and Exporter of Fiber Laser Marking System for Jewellery, Laser Marking System, Laser Marking Machine, Industrial Fiber Laser Marking System, Fiber Laser Marking System for Surgical Implants, YAG Laser Marking Machine.

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Agile Machineries Private Limited, Ahmedabad, Laser Marking and Pharmaceutical Machinery

  1. 1. We are manufacturer and exporter of Fiber Laser Marking, Lamp Laser Marking,Diode Laser Marking, Laser Solar Cell Scribing/Cutting, Laser Micro Machining,and Laser Based Automation.
  2. 2. - About Us -Agile, one the fastest growing LASER Marking Machine Manufacturer from Indiaoffers advance laser Marking, Laser Engraving, Laser Solar Cell Cutting/Scribing,Industrial Lasers and Coding, Identification & Tracing solutions. Agile also hasexpertise in the field Special Purpose Machines, Industrial Automation andIndustrial Software solution. We have a team of professionals with averageexperience of 10 years in Indian Laser Industry. All key members are Engineers &M.B.As and have worked at senior level position in laser industry almost fordecade. Our technical and support team comprises of Electronics, Software,Mechanical & Optics Engineers with 8-10 years experience in design anddevelopment of Industrial Lasers. We have developed our own exclusiveelectronics controls, software and mechanical design based on feedbackaccumulated from our interaction with thousands of Industrial Laser users inIndia and abroad. Our machineries are serving variegated demand our clientsfrom Industry like Automobile Ancillaries and Component Manufacturers,Electrical and Electronics Component and Accessories, Cutting Tools andHardened Tools, Gauges, Medical and Surgical Tools and Instruments,Kitchenware, Hardware and Bath Fittings, Jewellery & Hallmarking and GiftItems manufacturers. To facilitate complete or one stop solution to ourcustomer we offer customized solution. This has helped us in making in marketslike China, Mauritius Saudi Arabia and Iran. It’s endeavour to create organisationdedicated to benefit and growth of our customer, employees, supplier,shareholders and channel partners.
  3. 3. - Laser Marking and Pharmaceutical Machinery -Our Products: Fiber Laser Marking Laser Marking System System for Jewellery Laser Marking Machine Industrial Fiber Laser Marking System
  4. 4. - Laser Marking and Pharmaceutical Machinery -Our Products: Fiber Laser Marking YAG Laser Marking System for Surgical Machine Implants Lamp Laser Marking Lamp Pumped Marking System Machine
  5. 5. - Laser Marking and Pharmaceutical Machinery -Note:
  6. 6. - Laser Marking and Pharmaceutical Machinery -Note:
  7. 7. - Company Factsheet -Year of Establishment 2009Nature of Business Supplier Manufacturer ExporterTotal Number of Upto 10 PeopleEmployeesTurnover US$ 0.25-1 Million (or Rs. 1-4 Crore Approx.)
  8. 8. - Contact Us - Contact Details:Agile Machineries Private LimitedMr. Yagnesh ZinzuvadiyaNo. 24, Silver Estate, Near S. Kumar Industries, RakanpurAhmedabad, Gujarat - 382 721, IndiaWebsite: www.lasermarking.co.in