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International Chemicals And Metals, Ahmedabad, Flux- 15C

Manufacturer and Exporter of a wide array of optimum quality soldering and brazing fluxes, PCB chemicals and Solder Alloys such as Flux- 15C, Flux-615, Flux-638, Flux- RN40, Flux- RN40, Flux- 708, Flux-709, Flux- 915 (voc- Free), Flux Paste S18-MA (Rosin Activated), Flux Paste S7-MA (Rosin Mildly Activated), Flux Paste-9226, Flux Paste-982, Solder Conditioner - 1410, Solder Brightner 2727, Copper Cleaner 3033, Flux 506 (RT).

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International Chemicals And Metals, Ahmedabad, Flux- 15C

  1. 1. PRODUCTSFORPCBASSEMBLYROSINACTIVATED FLUXES (RATYPE) NO CLEAN- LOWSOLIDSFLUXESThese Fluxesare clear,homogenous solutions ofWW The no-clean fluxes are halogen-free with low solids.Theygrade rosin in special alcohol solvent systemswith effective leave very little residues that require no-cieaning.Theactivating agents.They can be applied by foaming, dipping non-corrosive and non-conductive characteristicsof theor spraying. residues usually yield higher surface insulation resistance than the residuesof typical organic water soluble flux.FLUX- 15C They can be applied by foaming, dipping, spraying.It is a liquid solution with approximately 15%solidscontaining water white rosin blended solvent system FLUX- 707with activators.The chlorides are approximately 0.1%. It is a halogen-free, modified rosin, low solids solventThe surfactants incorporated into the flux yield relatively designed for wave soldering conventional and surfacetackfree residues. mount circuit board assemblies.FLUX-615 FLUX- 708It is a liquid solution with approximately 15%solids contain- It is a halogen-free, non-rosin, low solids solvent systeming water white rosin blended solvent system into which a designed for similar application as Flux-707.lt containssmall amount of effective activating agent is incorporated. synthetic resin.The chlorides are approximately 0.25%. FLUX- 709FLUX-638 . It is a halogen-free, rosin-resin free,with lower solidsIt is a qquid solution with approximately 38% solids contain- percentage solvent system designed for similar applicationing ww-rosin with activators and surfactants.The chlorides as Flux-707.However,it has lessfoaming action thanare approximately 0.2%. Flux - 707.ROSINMILDLYACTIVATED FLUXES (RMATYPE) FLUX- 915 (VOC- Free)These Fluxescontain WW-rosin and solvent systemssimilar It is a VOC-free,halogen-free foamable flux with low solidsto RAfluxes,however,the activation is so incorporated that water based system.Although it is a No Clean Fluxthe fluxthe chlorides are within 0.075%.They can be applied by residues are water soluble and can be cleaned withfoaming, dipping or spraying. deionised water.FLUX- 7A TINNINGOILIt is a liquid solution with approximately 8% solids contain- A refined synthetic oil for useas a blanket on top of moltening water white rosin blended solvent systemwith which solder to minimize dross.effective activators are so incorporated that the chloridesare maximum 0.055%. SOLDER BARS High purity ofTin and Lead uniformly alloyed in 63/37 orFLUX-415 60/40 proportion for optimum performance and processIt is a liquid solution with approximately 15%solids contain- consistency.ing water white rosin blended solvent system and activators.The chlorides are maximum 0.075%. FLUXPASTE HAND SOLDERING For applications where a liquid flux is inconvenient toROSINNONACTIVATEDLUX(RTYPE) F use these paste formulations are available.These Fluxescontain WW-rosin and solvent systemswithoutany activating agents.They can be applied by foaming, FLUXPASTE S18-MA(ROSIN ACTIVATED)dipping or spraying. It is a blend of water white rosin,surfactants and activators especially formulated for assembling printed circuits.FLUX- RN40 It can be applied to the areasto be soldered by anyIt is a liquid solution with approximately 40% solids convenient method.containing WW rosin in solvents system without anyactivating agent. FLUXPASTE S7-MA(ROSINMILDLYACTIVATED) It is a blend of water white rosin with surfactants similarORGANIC WATER SOLUBLE FLUXES to Flux PasteS-18-A.However it is mildly activated perOrganic fluxes provide greater fluxing action than rosin but MIL-14256D.the ionizable nature of the water-soluble residues necessitatetheir adequate removal, generally with deionised water. FLUXPASTE NC-25(NO CLEAN) It is a non-rosin halogen-free paste with surfactant andFLUX- 103 activator especially formulated for assembling printedIt is a water soluble organic activated flux. It is especially circuits. It is lessactive than Flux PastesS-18Aand S7-MA.adaptable for foam fluxing, however, it can also be appliedby dipping or brushing. It is used where inorganic fluxes aretoo corrosive to useand rosin fluxes are too inactive for theapplication. It is essentialthat the flux residues becompletely and adequately removed.
  2. 2. ~ --.-----.! PRODUCTSFORAUTOMOTIVE, ~~~ ENGINEERING PLUMBING & ~~ INDUSTRIES SOLDER STRIPPERS (NON PEROXIDE) 2529 - FLUX-1202 It is an acid basechemical solution formulated to effectively remove It is a high activity, organic based chloride free aluminium soldering tin/lead and tin plated surfacesfrom copper substrate.It does not fluxthat can be used for soldering aluminium to aluminium, contain peroxide or fluorides. Type Z is non foaming and can be aluminium to copper/brass and aluminium to plated terminals and it usedeither by spraying or dipping. Type N is a foaming type and is also performs well in hot dip coating of aluminium cable connectors. used by dipping only. The flux has a specific gravity of 1.14. SOLDER CONDITIONER 1410 - FLUX-OP64 It is an acid basechemical cleaner for cleaning and conditioning It is a solvent based, acidic solution used prior to soldering the tin/lead plated surfaces.It removes ammonia salt residuesformed stainless steel surface. It is primarily used to clean the stainless steel during alkaline etching. It can also be used as a presoldering cleaner surface by removing organic contaminants and oxides.It has a to improve solderability by removing oxides formed during storage. specific gravity of 1.55. SOLDER BRIGHTNER2727- FLUX-ZC40 It is a non-halogen, acid chemical cleaner for cleaning It is an acidic solution used prior to soldering the brass or copper and conditioning tin/lead plated surfaces.It contains additives surfaces. It is primarily used to clean the brass and copper surfaceby to enhance reflow charact~risticswhen used asa precleaner prior removing organic contaminants and oxides. The fluxhas a specific to infrared or hot oil fusing. It will remove ammonia salt residues gravity of 1.10. formed in alkaline etching system and oxides formed during storage. FLUXPASTE ACL-15 It is a zinc free blend of polyols,surfactants and activators. It is COPPER CLEANER 3033 - especially used for assembling by soldering and brazing the copper It is an acidic,organic,water soluble, sprayablecleaner to remove and brass parts used in plumbing applications. The Flux-Pasteand its organic and inorganic soils such asfinger prints, light oil and tarnish residues are completely water soluable. from copper surfacesprior to application of protective coatings, solder mask,dryfilm photoresist or ink. FLUX-468 It is a low-foaming, zinc free acidic solution to primarily clean the - FLUX 1539 (HAL.) brass and copper surface by removing organic contaminants and It is a low viscosity organic liquid formulation developed for Solder oxides. It can be used in assembling operations like core-baking, Coating of printed circuit boards by hot air levelling equipment.The tube-header (end-dipping),tube-milling and other soldering process residueof flux is water soluble. for automotive radiators and heater cores. The flux hasa specific gravity of 1.22. FLUX 506 (RT) - It is an organic liquid formulation developed for solder coating of FLUX-119 printed circuit boards by roller coating equipment. The residue of It is a water based acidic solution used for soldering copper, brass flux iswater soluble.(The process is also known as RollTinning). and certain hard to solder stainless steel alloys. It has a specific gravity of 1.80. QUENCH- P50E It is an organic liquid formulation developed to cool the printed circuitpanels after solder coating (hot air leveling)process. The steadyrate of cooling reduces the thermal shock and preserves a brightand even solder appearance: The panels are then rinsed in warm water. The residues of Quench-P50E are completely water soluble. FLUX- 205 (I.R.) Itisan organic liquidformulation developed for use in reflowof solder plated printed circuit boards by infra-redfusing equipment. - TheresidueofICM 205 is completely solublein water. RT-861 (ROLL TINNINGSALT) Itisa whitishgranular powder. It contains halogens and J it acts as a flux and a dross reducer and enhances solder spread during roll tinning of printed circuits. PROTECOT (PROTEGIVE COATING) It isa rosin based coating developed to preserve the solderability of printed circuit boards by protecting clean metallic surfaces ~ ~ from atmospheric oxidation and other contamination. It can be ~ applied by spraying, dipping or brushing to a circuit board which has been cleaned and water rinsed. ""
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