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Embroidered Products By Mod Attire

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(http://www.modattire.com/) ModAttire is one of the most prominent companies dealing in sui generis embroidery work, apart from designing evening wear apparels and fashion accessories. The best artisans in the country, exclusively, come together under one roof at ModAttire to meticulously create the exquisitely resplendent embroidery work making sure that the royalty factor in the apparels remains top-notch.

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Embroidered Products By Mod Attire

  1. 1. +91-8048119258 Mod Attire https://www.modattire.com/ We are known in the market sphere of Embroidered Products to manufacture, supply and export large array of goods as per the exact needs of clients. A great is there for our products especially among the ladies for their latest design.
  2. 2. About Us ModAttire hold a premium position in the market since from the year 2009 and manufacture, export and supply best & cost effective range of Embroidered Products in multiple designer styles. Additionally, we provide qualitative assortment of Hand Embroidered Fabrics, Beaded Embroidery Work and Haute Couture Embroidery. As a reputed service provider of embroidery market, we have marked a special niche in the marketplace by offering remarkable services of custom hand embroidery work. Also, we have export base in international markets and we consistently provider qualitative products & services to our clients based all round the globe. To bring forth top quality product range in the market we have maintained a well-equipped infrastructure that give us ease to produce in bulk quantities. We are supported by our team of expert professionals that work hard round the clock to complete the given orders on time. In addition to, our ethical business policies are made by us for the ease of business that we want to provide our clients. The finally prepared ranges of embroidered products are packed safely in the tamper-proof packaging. We deliver these products to the clients end in the given time frame without making delays in the services. All the production activities & processing is done under the guidance of experts that hold years of experience in the domain. For us, our clients are our top priority and we always strive to provide best quality...
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  12. 12. ISLAMIC ABAYA,JALABIYA & FARASHA Abaya Abaya Farasha Farasha Products&Services
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  21. 21. HAUTE COUTURE EMBROIDERY EXPORTER FROM INDIA Haute Couture Fabric Haute Couture Dress Pearl Work Haute Couture Embroidery Services Products&Services
  22. 22. EMBROIDERED RUNNER EXPORTER FROM INDIA Designer Embroidered Fabric Fancy Embroidered Mtr fabric Embroidery Bugle Bead Work Hand Embroidery bead work Products&Services
  23. 23. EMBROIDERED BADGES EXPORTER FROM INDIA Badge Badges Bullion Embroidery Work Hand Embroidered Badges Embroidered C Embroidered Cap Badges Products&Services
  24. 24. F a c t s h e e t Year of Establishment : 2002 Nature of Business : Exporter Total Number of Employees : 51 to 100 People
  25. 25. CONTACT US Mod Attire Contact Person: Ruchi Sharma Heritage One, C902 Gurgaon - 122002, Haryana, India +91-8048119258 https://www.modattire.com/