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ATCO Trading Private Limited, Ahmedabad, Gases Specifications

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Suppliers of Carrier Gases Specifications, Hydrocarbons Gases, Industrial Gases, Double Ferrule Compression Fittings (Swagelok Type), Single Ferrule Compression Fittings (Parker Type, Single Ferrule Compression Fittings ( Ermato Type ), Unions Unions,
We are one of the leading traders of Industrial Gases. Our range is in wide demand across the engineering, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and offshore contractor industries.

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ATCO Trading Private Limited, Ahmedabad, Gases Specifications

  1. 1. We are one of the leading traders of Industrial Gases. Our range is in widedemand across the engineering, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical andoffshore contractor industries.
  2. 2. - Profile -We are in this industrial gas sector from last 20 years fulfilling our costumerneeds to all types of industrial, medical, environmental, refrigeration and safetygases. The name of company is ATCO TRADING PVT LTD located at 33, ambaindustrial estate, near vinzol patiya, vatava, Ahmedabad-45.We are the dealerof INOX AIR PRODUCTS LTD one of the largest company in the world. Plantlocated at vatva G.I.D.C Phase-ll, Ahmedabad. We use to import imported gasesfrom different continent. We had more then 5000 cylinder strength categorizedaccording to gases and it purity with proper colure coding. We use to supply highpressure cylinder with 200bar as per customer requirement. We had banks (skid)with bunch of 20, 25 and 30 cylinders. We supply liquid tank to the customer foroxygen, nitrogen and argon.
  3. 3. Speciality Gases:Apart from our specified range of various industrial gases, we also manufacture and supply awide assortment of specialty gases that finds applications in various industries for somespecific requirements. We produce these specialty gases strictly in adherence tointernational quality parameters. Carrier Gases Hydrocarbons Gases Specifications Industrial Gases
  4. 4. Fittings:Offering you a complete choice of products which include Fittings such as Double FerruleCompression Fittings (Swagelok Type), Single Ferrule Compression Fittings (Parker Type) andSingle Ferrule Compression Fittings ( Ermato Type ). Double Ferrule Single Ferrule Compression Fittings Compression Fittings (Swagelok Type) (Parker Type) Single Ferrule Compression Fittings ( Ermato Type )
  5. 5. unions:Leading Importer and Supplier of unions such as Reducing Union and Bulk Head Union fromAhmedabad. Unions Reducing Union Bulk Head Union
  6. 6. Other Products: Pure Medical Gases Liquid State Nitrogen Blue Colour Liquid Oxygen Monatomic Liquid Argon
  7. 7. Other Products: Liquid State Helium Neon Gases Pure Krypton Gases Xenon Gas
  8. 8. Other Products: Odourles Helium gas Aerobic Medical Gas Mixtures Laser Gas For Eye Surgery Laser Mixture Gas
  9. 9. Other Products: Refrigerant Gases Boron Trifluoride Mixture Fluortrichloromethane Diborane Gas Diborane Mix
  10. 10. Other Products: Heavy Water Deuterium Deuterated Ammonia Gas Germane Gas Fumigant Phosphine
  11. 11. Other Products: Silane Tetrachloride Deuterated Germane Gas Deuterated Dimethyalsilane Cylinder Trimethylboron
  12. 12. Other Products: Germanium Tetrafluride Methysilane Bottel Gas Hydrogen Sulphide Acetylene (C2H2) And Ethyne
  13. 13. Other Products: Synthetic Air Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3) R-717 Commercial Grade Argon Lecture Bottels (Ar) (R-740)
  14. 14. Other Products: Lecture Bottle Electronics Gas Female Connector Male Connector
  15. 15. - Company Factsheet -Year of Establishment 2010Nature of Business Importer Supplier Manufacturer Exporter TraderTotal Number of Upto 10 PeopleEmployeesMajor Markets Indian Subcontinent East/Middle Africa North Africa South/West Africa East Asia Middle East
  16. 16. - Contact Us - Contact Details:ATCO Trading Private LimitedMr. Divyang Bhai PatelNo. 33, Amba Industrial Estate, Vatva, Vinzol Ring RoadAhmedabad, Gujarat - 382 445, IndiaWebsite: www.indiamart.com/atcotrading