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Polyester & Foam Tapes By SHRIRAM SpecTech

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(www.shriramspectech.com) We SHRIRAM SpecTech is engaged in Manufacturer a comprehensive range of durable products. We offer Foam Tape, Polyester Tape, Door and Panel Gasket, and many more. The company is now involved in offering a range of self-adhesive tapes and specialty products.

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Polyester & Foam Tapes By SHRIRAM SpecTech

  1. 1. Welcome to SHRIRAM SpecTech ( World of Specialty & Industrial Tapes ) Registered office No: 96/127, MSP Complex,2nd Floor 7th Main, Jayanagar 4th Block Bangalore-560011,INDIA.   Factory: 267A, Bommasandara-Jigani Link Road Industrial Area. Bangalore-562107,INDIA.   https://www.shriramspectech.com  Phone/Whats App :+919845072402 E Mail : sales1@shriramspectech.com   SHRIRAM SpecTech
  2. 2. About us  SHRIRAM SpecTech is a manufacturers of multi specialty PSA adhesive tapes, foil & laminates, Foam Tape, Panel Gasket, Polyester Tape and coatings from Bangalore, India. The unique feature of our company is that we can custom develop and produce various PSA adhesive tapes, foil  & film laminates and coatings as per the customer requirement adhering to world class standards subject to minimum order quantity. The factory infrastructure is as per ISO Standard and Good Manufacturing Practices / GMP norms.
  3. 3. Manufacturing Facilities
  4. 4. Infrastructure capabilities  Our coating machine can handle multipurpose operation to produce various types of PSA adhesive tapes, foil & laminates and coatings. Our company is equipped with different types of Slitting & rewinding machine, Slicers and Die cutting machine. This feature of our machines helps us to offer customization facility to meet the exact demands of customers.  We use superior-grade raw materials to produce our finished products that are sourced from authentic vendors of the industry. We have well equipped laboratory to develop new products and state of art Q.C lab to test our raw material and finished products. The materials are tested for highest industry standards or as per the specification laid by our customers.    Our company is well equipped with testing lab and lab coater.    We are in position to manufacture multiple types of tapes as per international quality. 
  5. 5. About the Unique Coater  Our coater is system integrated with PLC controls operated on SCADA software from Siemens. Our coater is configured with following multiple stations  Comma coating station.  Siliconizing station.  Kiss coating station (Mayer bar & Engraving provision).  Primer coating station.  Release coating station.  Corona treatment  Laminating station.  The coater has speed up to 100 mtrs and temperature flexibility up to 160 Deg C and a coating width of 1 mtr.
  6. 6. Unique Coater
  7. 7. Production - Equipment's  Slicing machine  Slitting machine  Die cut machine  Four colour rotogravure printing machine,  paper slicing machine  And other downstream equipment. 
  8. 8. Manufacturing Equipment's
  9. 9. Manufacturing Equipment's
  10. 10. Quality Control at SHRIRAM SpecTech  Universal Testing Machine  Peal Adhesion Tester  Shear Tester  Rolling Boll tester  Laboratory coater  Humidity Chamber  Hot Air Oven
  11. 11. Quality Control Lab
  12. 12. Thanks for Watching SHRIRAM SpecTech Bangalore-562107,INDIA.