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Copper-Components by KPM Industrial Corporation, Sangrur

Started to create milestones, we, KPM Industrial Corporation marked our presence in the year 1977 and operate in the manufacturing / servicing of Brass And Copper Components For Commercial ACs since 15 years. Our quality services / products have been always appreciated by our clients. Our spontaneous attitude and confident approach in offering an excellent range of Brass And Copper Components For Commercial ACs, Copper-Components has deepened our roots in the market. We, KPM Industrial Corporation breathe with the aim of fully satisfying our clients with our high-quality products / services. We are a unit of highly experienced professionals, all of them contributing at the best of their potentials to offer the highest degree of efficiency and client satisfaction.

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Copper-Components by KPM Industrial Corporation, Sangrur

  1. 1. Manufacturer & Exporter of PrecisionEngineered Based Forged Components
  2. 2. About Us  Established in 1977, at Sangrur  An ISO 9001:2000 & 14001:2004 certified company  Trusted & reliable vender base  Qualified & skilled workforce  Well-developed manufacturing facilities  Group Companies: KPM Industrial Corporation, KoolKing Udhyog Pvt. Ltd., KPM Sales Corporation & KPM Udhyog
  3. 3. Why Us?  Enhance customer satisfaction  Assured quality products  Corrosion resistance & tensile strength  Offer reasonable prices  Continual improvement in QMS  Clientele like Blue Star Ltd., L. G. Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. & many more
  4. 4. Products  Brass & Copper Components For Commercial ACs  Brass Distributors & Fittings For Air Conditioners  Copper Dryers, U-Bends & Copper Fittings For Air Conditioners  Copper Headers, Tubings & Copper Strainers  Service Valves For Air Conditioners & Copper Reducers
  5. 5. Brass & Copper Components ForCommercial ACs  Copper Header For Commercial ACs  Quick Valves  Service Valves
  6. 6. Brass Distributors & Fittings For AirConditioners  Brass Refrigerants  Air Valve Adapters  Brass Adopters  Brass Flare Nuts  Brass Flare Unions  Brass Connectors  Quick Valve Locks
  7. 7. Copper Dryers, U-Bends & Fittings ForAir Conditioners  Copper Dryers  Copper U-Bends  Copper Fittings  Copper Tripods
  8. 8. Copper Headers, Tubings & Strainers  Copper Headers  Copper Tubings  Reducers To Copper Strainers
  9. 9. Service Valves For Air Conditioners &Copper Reducers  Air Conditioner Valves  Service Valves  Copper Reducer Fittings
  10. 10. Contact Us KPM Industrial Corporation Mr. Sajiv Gopal Sood Sood Road, Near Sabzi Mandi, Malerkotla, Sangrur - 148023, Punjab, India www.kpmgroupindia.com