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Vision workshop

  1. Software Engineering F. Gielen The Vision Workshop Vakgroep Informatietechnologie – IBCN
  2. What is a vision ?  Vision |ˈ vɪʒ (ə)n| [ mass noun ] the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom: the organization had lost its vision and direction.  Project Vision The project vision describes why the project is being undertaken and what the desired end state is. The goal of a vision is team alignment. Vakgroep Informatietechnologie – Onderzoeksgroep IBCN p. 2
  3. Why do we need a vision ?  From an idea to a product or service definition that you can implement.  Scrum (Agile development): “Every Scrum project needs a product vision that acts as the project’s true north, sets the direction and guides the Scrum team. It is the overarching goal everyone must share – Product Owner, ScrumMaster, team, management, customers and other stakeholders.” Vakgroep Informatietechnologie – Onderzoeksgroep IBCN p. 3
  4. What needs to be in the vision? 1. Who is going to buy the product? Who is the target customer? 2. Which customer needs will the product address? 3. Which product qualities or attributes are critical to satisfy the needs selected, and therefore for the success of the product? 4. How does the product compare against existing products, both from competitors and the same company? What are the product’s unique selling points? 5. What is the target timeframe and budget to develop and launch the product? Vakgroep Informatietechnologie – Onderzoeksgroep IBCN p. 4
  5. How do we use a vision? Idea NABC Project Business Vision Model External: Internal: Run the Elevator Drive the Pitch Team Business Vakgroep Informatietechnologie – Onderzoeksgroep IBCN p. 5
  6. Project Vision (1/3) 1. Mission: What will we do and why ? A 2 sentence summary project description and why you are doing it. 2. Customers & Benefits: 1. Who are the customers ? Who are leading customers ? What are the market segments ? Who are end users ? 2. What are the primary benefits for them ? What problems do they have ? What is your solution ? How can their solution help them (make money) ? Vakgroep Informatietechnologie – Onderzoeksgroep IBCN p. 6
  7. Project Vision (2/3) 3. Value perceived by the customer ?  Clear, compelling messages that state why you are different from the competition and worth buying.  This is the quality of the system the user pays for. QUALITY ATTRUBUTES  These qualities should be expressed in a quantified, measurable and testable way.  Examples:  Usability  Security Vakgroep Informatietechnologie – Onderzoeksgroep IBCN p. 7
  8. Project Vision (3/3) 4. Key Technology & Features:  Priority features to get to market early (MVP – top 3)  Product Functionality  Technology that will be used (constraints) 5. Crucial product factors:  Operational requirements 6. Financials:  Economics: cost only Vakgroep Informatietechnologie – Onderzoeksgroep IBCN p. 8
  9. Vision Workshop  Goal: Create the Vision Statement  Entire team participates – up to 10 people  Max duration: 2-3 hrs  15 minutes intro: process  10 minutes per topic – brainstorm mode  Brainstorm = No criticism  10 minutes review per topic  Iterative  Consolidate  Be prepared:  Room, flipchart,…  Read documentation  Different roles:  Moderator  Scribe  Timekeeper  OUTPUT:  2 pages Vakgroep Informatietechnologie – Onderzoeksgroep IBCN p. 9

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  1. One or two sentence summary of this project and why we are doing it