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Questions To Ask When Building Your Buyer Persona

Before you can start any effective lead generation campaign, it helps to know who you are targeting.

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Questions To Ask When Building Your Buyer Persona

  2. Before you can start any effective lead generation campaign, it helps to know who you are targeting.
  3. You need to develop a prototype of your target customer, called your Buyer Persona.
  4. Your buyer persona is a semi- fictional representation of your ideal customer based on real data and some educated assumptions on demographics, behaviors, challenges, motivations and ultimate goals.
  5. Successful inbound marketing campaigns serve up the right content at the right time to the right audience--your Buyer Persona.
  6. If you don’t already have a Buyer Persona in mind, you need to build one out to guide your future marketing efforts.
  8. To develop your Buyer Personas, start by identifying your target customer. Then interview 3-5 existing clients, prospects or contacts who fit that description.
  9. An Interview? That makes me nervous!
  10. Building your Buyer Personas doesn’t have to be scary. We have put together a list of 9 questions to ask to get you started.
  12. What is your demographic information? • Age • Gender • Location, • Education, • Salary Range 1.
  13. What is your job title and role? - Describe what you do for a living 2.
  14. What does a typical day in your life (both personal and professional) look like? - Try to gain an understanding of how this person works. 3
  15. What are your pain points? What problem are you looking to solve? What solution can my product or service offer? 4.
  16. What do you value most? • Is it extra time? • More money? • Vacation? • A relaxing bubble bath? 5.
  17. What are your goals? (personal and professional) What do you hope to achieve in life and work? 6.
  18. Where do you turn for information? • News outlets • Radio • Television • Facebook 7.
  19. What experience are you looking for when seeking out my products or services? - Tell us how we can best help you. 8.
  20. What are your most common objections to my product or service? - Tell me how I can do my job better to win your business. 9.
  21. Now you’re ready to start building your Buyer Personas. Add any questions specific to your audience as needed. But remember that a Buyer Persona is supposed to be a prototype of your ideal customer, not an exact description of Jane Smith, your favorite client.
  22. What’s next? Compile all of the responses you receive and craft the story of your Buyer Persona. Give him or her a name, find a picture online to represent him, and--most importantly--share these with your team.
  23. Download this collaborative prospect and persona worksheet to guide your team in the development of your Buyer Personas. Click Here: bitly.com/ima-personas Ready to get started?
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