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Upk presentation insync

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Upk presentation insync

  1. 1. Oracle‟s User Productivity Kit <Insert Picture Here> Solving End User Adoption Challenges Beth Renstrom Global Product Manager, UPK Oracle Development
  2. 2. Insync10 – Additional Sessions Monday • 2:30 pm UPK: Creating Value throughout the Product Lifecycle • 3:30 pm Centralize Project Team Assets AND Deploy Fully Measurable Training with UPK Professional Tuesday • 9:00 am UPK Strategy and Roadmap – Key to User Adoption
  3. 3. Agenda • Impact of End User Adoption on Productivity • Business Challenges Impeding End User Adoption • What is User Productivity Kit (UPK)? • The Value of UPK for Every Organization
  4. 4. User Adoption! The Key to Realizing Value and Minimizing Risk IDC Analyst Connection Two out of three IT projects are challenged or worse, due in large part to user adoption issues You need to address what‟s the employee is really asking at go-live? “How do I do my job using these new Source: Neochange applications?” Copyright © 2009 Oracle. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. Business Challenges to Achieving Productivity A AP Supvr VP Finance AP Clerk Determine whether Forward Supplier Notify Requester that nonstandard payment Maintenance form to supplier has been terms requested. (11) AP Clerk. (13) added to database. (16) A Supplier AP Supvr requests Supplier has Y nonstandard Forward Supplier been placed on payment terms Maintenance form to hold? N B unfavorable to AP Clerk. (14) company? A N Y AP Clerk AP Clerk Add or correct info in VP Finance supplier database. (15) File supplier file maintenance Evaluate request for > Suppliers documentation. (17) nonstandard payment > Submit Request: terms. (12) Suppliers Report End Copyright © 2009 Oracle. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. Oracle User Productivity Kit • Single source content development • Create and deploy multiple assets through a single authoring session • Interactive web-based simulations • User acceptance test scripts • Training materials – classroom and online • Standardized document output • Easy to use and deploy • Supports geographically dispersed organizations • Applies across Oracle and non-Oracle applications
  7. 7. Value throughout the Project Lifecycle
  8. 8. What is Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK)? Single recording produces multiple outputs for use throughout the entire project lifecycle
  9. 9. Language Capabilites The UPK Developer can export custom text to an .xliff English* Italian or .doc format French* Portuguese Localized German* Danish screens are Spanish * Mexican Spanish captured with „re-record‟ Japanese* Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) mode Swedish Norwegian Canadian French Finnish Russian Turkish Hungarian Polish Korean *UPK Developer Languages
  10. 10. UPK Demonstration
  11. 11. Building UPK Content vs. Using Pre-built Content Using in-house or Using UPK Developer Starting with UPK traditional tools to create Tool and creating Content and using UPK system process content from scratch tool to customize documentation & training materials Number of procedures and steps 100 Procedures 100 Procedures 100 Procedures within the procedures (assumes average complexity) Number of steps to complete 22 Steps 22 Steps 22 Steps procedure (assumes avg complexity) Number of days to create 2.5 days per .89 days per .25-.50 days per procedures with 1 full-time employee (includes sitting with Procedure = Procedure = procedure subject matter expert, 250 FTE-days 89 FTE-days 25 – 50 FTE days development, QA and editing) Total Cost to create assuming 1 65% Savings 80-86% savings vs. full-time employee at $1,000 per traditional day (Assumes blended rate of 44%-61% savings vs. $125 per hour based on equal Consultant Staffing) tool alone
  12. 12. Reduce Content Development Time & Cost Reduce Documentation Content Development Time by 75% • 2 to 3 days – Average time to create one transaction • 4 to 6 hours – Average time with Oracle UPK Reduce Classroom Content Development • 34:1 – Average classroom material creation time* • 8:1 – Average time with Oracle UPK Reduce Online Content Development • 220:1 – Average online training material creation time** • 8:1 – Average time with Oracle UPK *Chapman, B/Brandon Hall – LCMS Knowledgebase 2006: A Comparison of 30+ Enterprise Learning Content Management Systems **Chapman, B/Brandon Hall – PowerPoint to E-Learning Development Tools: Comparative Analysis of 20 Leading Systems
  13. 13. The Value of “Just In Time” Support (EPSS) What is EPSS? Electronic Performance Support System is support integrated into the Help System of an application (In-Application Support) What is the Value of EPSS? • Provides online "just in time" in application support • Performance scores for groups that received performance support were significantly higher than scores for the group that received only training prior to completing the task scenario, resulting in 11% less errors. • Reduces overall time or speed to task by 65%* Source: Performance Improvement Quarterly, Volume 21, Issue 1 (2008) (p 95-114) Frank Nguyen and James D. Klein
  14. 14. Oracle UPK Delivers Results 220:1 (220 creation hours for 1 hour of material) – Average time for online training material creation Chapman, B/Brandon Hall – PowerPoint to E-Learning Development Tools: Comparative Analysis of 20 Leading Systems.
  15. 15. Resources • UPK ANZ Special Interest Group – Insync 2010 • Tuesday, 8:00 am • Room 107 • UPK OAUG User Group – Oracle OpenWorld 2010 • Sunday, 2:00pm • UPK LinkedIn Community (Global) • UPK Blog: http://blogs.oracle.com/upk/
  16. 16. Thank You!