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Survey: CyberSecurity Event Alerts Overwhelming Security Teams

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An Imperva survey conducted during RSA 2018 on cybersecurity event alerts found that a staggering 27 percent of IT professionals reported receiving more than one million threats daily, while 55 percent noted more than 10,000. Ultimately this overwhelming volume is causing cybersecurity alert fatigue.

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Survey: CyberSecurity Event Alerts Overwhelming Security Teams

  1. 1. Survey Reveals Security Professionals are Suffering from Security Alert Fatigue Survey of 179 IT professionals taken at the RSA Conference in April 2018
  2. 2. IT security analysts receives thousands of security alerts daily. To understand the impact of these alerts, Imperva surveyed 179 security professionals at RSA Conference 2018, the world’s largest cyber security gathering.
  3. 3. How many security alerts does your security operations center (SOC) receive daily? 50K to 99,999 7% 10K – 49,999 13% 0 – 9,999 45% 100K to 999,999 8% More than 1M 27%
  4. 4. Does your organization’s SOC team struggle to pin point the critical incidents? Yes53% No47%
  5. 5. What happens when your SOC has too many alerts to process? Turn off alert notifications 4%Hire more SOC engineers 10% Ignore certain categories of alerts 30% Tune policies to reduce alert volume 57%
  6. 6. Have you ever ignored an alert due to a previous experience with “false positive” alerts? Yes56% No44%
  7. 7. Does the volume of security alerts at your organization cause the SOC team to feel frustrated or stressed? No stress 6% Average amount of stress/frustration 28% High amount of stress/frustration 54% Some stress/ frustration 11%
  8. 8. On a daily basis, how much time does your SOC team spend dealing with security alerts? Less than 1 hour 15% 1 – 2 hours 17% 2 – 4 hours 22% More than 4 hours 47%
  9. 9. Enterprise security teams are often overwhelmed by an avalanche of security alerts and have difficulty identifying credible issues against false positives. To address this, organizations should look to security solutions that harness the power of artificial intelligence to group like events together and ultimately reduce the number of alerts so that teams can address critical issues more quickly and effectively. — Terry Ray, chief technology officer, Imperva ” “
  10. 10. L E A R N M O R E To learn more about how to use AI to handle alert fatigue, click the button below.
  11. 11. Imperva is a leading cybersecurity company that delivers best-in-class solutions to protect data and applications – wherever they reside – on-premises, in the cloud, and across hybrid environments.