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From Mastering Photography to its Specialization

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Photography is one way through a number of expressions can be captured. It works as a memory of the past and present that keeps the connective factor intact.

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From Mastering Photography to its Specialization

  1. 1. www.imagesredefined.net
  2. 2. Photography is one way through a number of expressions can be captured. It works as a memory of the past and present that keeps the connective factor intact. www.imagesredefined.net
  3. 3. It is an amazing art. With the help of photography, images can be created. It can be done either through electromagnetic radiation or recording light. It uses either any kind of image sensor or photographic film. www.imagesredefined.net
  4. 4. www.imagesredefined.net
  5. 5. Memories fade eventually. If you are not a superhuman, then not at any cost you can remember them. Hence, you seek refuge in Photographs. They are the ones that preserve those moments and by taking a look, you can revisit the memories. It bridges the gap between the past and the present and brings about a mixed bag of feelings for a person. www.imagesredefined.net
  6. 6. www.imagesredefined.net
  7. 7. Landscape Photography Wildlife Photography Sports Photography Aerial Photography Portrait Photography www.imagesredefined.net
  8. 8. Architectural Photography Wedding/Event Photography Fashion Photography Macro Photography Baby/ Family Photography www.imagesredefined.net
  9. 9. These days more and more people are opting for a career in Photography. People who are tired of stress and boredom are looking for a creative outlet. Photography is one such field that gives a vent to your daily fatigue and brings out the creative person in you, which was hitherto unexplored. www.imagesredefined.net
  10. 10. www.imagesredefined.net
  11. 11. To pursue a career in this field, you must take up some photography or Photojournalism Courses. These prove highly beneficial for the ones who are interested in the profession. There is a wider scope of work and you will be always under the guidance of some experienced faculty. Attending workshops help a lot and of course you can have a portfolio of your own. www.imagesredefined.net
  12. 12. After having mastered the art of photography, you want to specialize in some field. For me, it is wedding photography. Wedding photography Courses abounds and you can get a great exposure in the industry. www.imagesredefined.net
  13. 13. www.imagesredefined.net
  14. 14. 1. Break Free Of The Traditional Career Options – Choose Photography As A Prospective Profession 2. Wildlife Photography – How To Live And Enjoy It To The Fullest 3. Photography Courses that Help You Master the Art of Clicking 4. How Photography Institutes Brings Forth a Gem of a Photographer? 5. http://www.imagesredefined.net/photography-advance-course.html 6. Incredible Photography Tricks To Sweep You Off Your Feet www.imagesredefined.net
  15. 15. Contact Details of Images Redefined Photography Institute Address: 21/7 Sahapur, New Alipur, Kolkata - 700053, India (Near State Bank New Alipur Branch) Mobile: +91-9830796777 Email: imagesredefined@gmail.com Website: http://www.imagesredefined.net/ AOL: suchetadas www.imagesredefined.net
  16. 16. www.imagesredefined.net