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  1. I LIKE PEMPEK Traditional Food from Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia
  2. WHAT IS PEMPEK? Pempek is a Palembang traditional food made from fish and tapioca flour.
  3. PEMPEK INGREDIENTS The materials needed to make pempek include: • Mackerel, belida fish, snapper, barracuda, snakehead or other fish or even shrimp • Tapioca flour • Garlic • Salt • Sugar • Ice water • MSG • Egg
  4. TYPES OF PEMPEK There are several types of popular pempek, including: • Pempek Kapal Selam (Submarine Pempek). It’s called “submarine pempek” because when it placed in a bowl and given “cuko sauce, this fairly large pempek looks like a submarine. • Pempek Lenjer • Pempek Kulit (Skin Pempek) • Pempek Adaan • Pempek Keriting (Curly Pempek)
  5. HOW TO MAKE PEMPEK • Ground fish meat mashed with garlic, salt, and MSG. • Mix the tapioca flour and ice water into the fish mixture until the dough is smooth • Form the dough into a circle or cylinder according to the type of pempek you want • Boil pempek in boiling water until cooked • After that, we can eat it directly or fry it first. • Usually we eat pempek by dipping it in “cuko” sauce
  6. “CUKO” SAUCE Pempek is usually served with cuko sauce, which is made from ingredients such as: • Tamarind water • lemon juice or vinegar • Palm Sugar/Brown sugar • Garlic • Cayenne pepper • Dry shrimp powder • Salt, and • Water
  7. HOW TO MAKE “CUKO” SAUCE • Boil palm sugar with water until it melts completely • Add salt to taste and lime juice or vinegar • While continuing to stir, add the dried shrimp powder • Keep stirring while continuing to cook for a while
  8. Now you know what pempek is, its types, how to make it, and the “cuko” sauce that is usually served with pempek. Have fun trying to make and enjoy this delicious Palembang specialty! Thank you for listening to my presentation.