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Ibrahim abou ramadan cv 2015


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Ibrahim abou ramadan cv 2015

  1. 1. 1 | P a g e IBRAHIM ABOU-RAMADAN CURRICULUM VITAE ♦ Dubai, UAE ♦ Tel: +971557767784 ♦ Email: SAHABI2001@HOTMAIL.COM An effective communicator with excellent interpersonal and team management abilities and highly efficient in achieving set goals and targets while providing bottom line results consistently 2014: Master Of Science, Business And Economics - Uppsala University, Sweden. Auditing Major - Master thesis: Reports results from a study about assurance of corporate social responsibility reports in Sweden. The main purpose of the study was to create an understanding for the facts that might influence the quality of the assurance reports, taking in mind that its optional for listed companies to assure their corporate social responsibility reports. 2013: Bachelor Of Science, Business And Economics - Uppsala University, Sweden. A proactive corporate professional credited as being both a dependable team member and effective leader. Recognized as an ambitious individual dedicated to the advancement of the organisation’s strategic objectives. Professional outlook: No task is too small or too big provided it is planned, managed and executed correctly and competently.  Project Management  Event Management  Excellent attention to detail  Highly dependable  Superior research aptitude    Budget Forecasting and Management  Customer Relationship Management  Conflict Resolution and Negotiation  Creative-Strategic Thinking  Leadership Skills 2014 – To date | Belhasa Projects L.L.C - UAE Recruitment Officer 2008 – 2010 | Emmaus Åkvarn-Björkå - Åseda, Sweden Operations Supervisor and Coordinator, 2009-2010 Operations Deputy Supervisor and Coordinator, 2008 2001 – 2002 | Capula Group MEA - UAE Call Center Agent Hussam Ghanem Human Resources Manager Belhasa Projects L.L.C Robert Larsson Chirman and Managing Director Emmaus Åkvarn-Björkå Humairah Salman Call Center Manager Capula Group MEA Recommendation Letters Supplied on Request
  2. 2. 2 | P a g e Nationality: Swedish Age: 34 years of age Marital Status: Married Languages: Fluent English, Arabic and Swedish July 2014 – To Date Recruitment Officer Belhasa Projects LLC is part of the Belhasa group of companies. The corporation has been in the market of construction for more than 30 years. The Human resources department of Belhasa Projects LLC is centralized and responsible for providing HR services for the three branches located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar with their 2300 members. Key Performance Areas and Responsibilities  Conducting searches for suitable and qualified candidates using approved job search portals, networking social media, employee referrals and recruiting firms.  Screening applicants for basic competence and qualification to the required postings and positions and summarizing CVs for easier evaluation by Department Heads.  Conducting telephonic initial pre-assessments of candidates and providing feedback to both HR Manager and Department Heads.  Shortlisting potential candidates to the concerned hiring managers for review and to obtain feedback.  Coordination of interview schedules with candidates and Department Heads.  Review of employment contracts ensuring hiring levels are in accordance with Salary and Grading framework.  Preparing recruitment status reports for HR Management.  Participate in the review and validation of new or revised recruitment policies , procedures and techniques and recommend improvements. Selected Achievements  Engaged and planned for restructuring of manpower which resulted in the hiring and on boarding of 559 labours and 190 staff over the served period. Activities and Interests: Reading / Squash / Swimming Community Involvement: Humanitarian project / Ship To Gaza – Underprivileged Community Upliftment Cell Phone Number: 055 776 7784 Email Address: Sahabi2001@hotmail.com
  3. 3. 3 | P a g e Jan 2008 – Dec 2010 Operations Supervisor and Coordinator Emmaus Åkvarn-Björkå is a solidarity association located in different cities in Sweden and part of a solidarity movement that contains more than 337 member associations in 37 countries. The goal of the association is to set up financial activities such as secondhand shops. Collecting and recycling used clothes, furniture and electronics and selling them domestically and internationally. Incomes are used to fund different humanitarian project in different parts of the world. Key Performance Areas and Responsibilities 2009-2010  Discovering prospect clients and identifying, securing and coordinating provisions for their needs.  Responsible for securing and following up the maintenance and insurance matters related to the association´s transportation and delivery vehicles and equipment.  Communicating with local administrative authorities to obtain permits for the placement of collection containers.  Responsible for the overall flow of production and sales. Key Performance Areas and Responsibilities 2008-2009  Managing and planning orders from Charitable and humanitarian organizations and clients.  Follow up on staff adherence and distribution of daily duties.  Preparing weekly and monthly income and financial reports for the accounts management unit.  Communication with labor office on employee relations. Selected Achievements Successfully obtained the position of a board member in the Organization and was fully engaged in projects such as donating ambulances and medical equipment for west Sahara region in North Africa and Gaza strip. Jan 2001 - Jun 2002 Call Center Agent Key Performance Areas and Responsibilities  Responding to a constant flow of customer calls with up to (195) calls per agent.  Addressed and resolved customer product enquiry and follow-up professionally within different fields such as banking, real estate and advertisements campaigns.  Defused volatile customer complaint situations professionally and courteously.