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Iana Meriveles CV

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I am seeking for a position that would enable me to apply my experience in real estate, skills and education in order to increase the company’s brand equity and reputation.

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Iana Meriveles CV

  1. 1. Iana Tria V. Meriveles B17 L39 7th St. General Headquarters Village, Taguig City +639178013419 itvmeriveles@gmail.com, ivmeriveles@up.edu.ph JOB OBJECTIVE: I am seeking a position that would enable me to apply my experience in real estate, skills and education in order to increase the company’s brand equity and reputation EDUCATION 2013-2018 UNIVERSITYOF THE PHILIPPINES BS Business Administration Cum Laude University Scholar (1st Sem A.Y. 2017-2018) College Scholar (2nd Sem A.Y. 2017) University Scholar (2nd Sem A.Y. 2015) 2009-2013 MAKATI SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL Intel Philippines Research Participant Best in Information and Technology Top 10 Over-All (2009-2011) EXPERIENCE ❖ DMCI PROJECT DEVELOPERS INC (DMCI-PDI) PROJECT DEVELOPMENT SPECIALIST (June 2018-Present) ▪ Projects Handled: o Mirea Residences(MIR): Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Ave, Pasig, Metro Manila o Infina Towers (IFT): 1000 Aurora Blvd. Brgy. Marilag, Quezon City o La Verti Residences (LVR): 1834 Donada, Pasay,1300 Kalakhang Maynila o Aurora Property: Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City o Caly Property: Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City ▪ Responsibilities: o Coordinates with different departments (e.g. Design and Engineering, Construction, Marketing, IDD, Landscaping, Concepts) for monitoring of project expenses/changes in plan and conceptualization o Organizes and facilitates coordination meetings for projects handled o Makes and reviews financial runs of Aurora Property using different unit mix studies and incorporating comparative project costs and unit prices o Continuously monitors sales take-up of parking and units to come up with strategies to increase sales take-up of assigned projects o Assists and provides timely feedback to different department for various items (unit layout revisions, on-site concerns, sales office & modelunits concerns, reconciliation of reports, etc.) o Builds good relationship with MIR and IFT sales team to monitor sales take-up, know current sales trends that would help sellout the project o Works with Construction, D&E, IDD and Sales Management for monitoring deliverables and implementing management directives for IFT’s converted modelunit. o Relaunched IFT at the Project Expertise Program (PEP) to rally sales force, highlight IFT's notable features, and boost sales take-up o Oversaw the increase of unit prices for LVR and IFT after analyzing implications of the
  2. 2. change in VAT Threshold to the new prices, ensured accuracy and timeliness of pricelist system upload through strict monitoring o Provides monthly mancom reports, sales, and planning reports for MIR, LVR, and IFT ❖ ENERGYDEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (EDC) BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT INTERN (June 2016-July 2016) ▪ Tracked and monitored revenue losses from the power plant outages ▪ Cleaned up the company database to make sure that it is usable and readable when passed to the upper management ▪ Analyzed the insurance claim process and see what can be further optimized given the current system ❖ PANA COMPETITION CLASS OF 2016 TRAINEE (January 2016-August 2016) ▪ This class, created to better develop, train and prepare CBA students to represent the college/university in various inter-collegiate competitions locally or internationally, trained us on the applications of general marketing concepts and principles in order to develop advanced marketing and communication skills. ❖ INVESTAGRAMS DIGITAL MEDIACONTENT CREATOR ▪ Created relevant, talkable, and meaningful content for Investagrams’ socialmedia pages. OTHER ACHIEVEMENTS AND COMPETITIONS ❖ JP MORGAN CHASE & CO CASE CHALLENGE 1ST RUNNER UP (October 2017) ● Developed a sustainable solution concerning the implementation of its new technology ● Discussed ideas and issues with the JPMC management and mentors ❖ L’OREAL BRANDSTORM 2017 NATIONAL SEMI-FINALIST (March 2017) ▪ Came up with innovative solutions that would potentially disrupt men’s grooming ❖ BLUE CASE COMPETITION PARTICIPANT (March 2017) ▪ Generated innovative and sustainable solutions in improving marketing communications with the target market through intensive market research ❖ ACCESS CORPORATE SUSTAINABILITY COMPETITION (UNILEVER) 2017 FINALIST (February 2017) ▪ Developed innovative and sustainable methods of improving Unilever’s Lifebuoy and saw the corporate sustainability practices in action firsthand through company exposure tours ❖ ACCESS CORPORATE SUSTAINABILITY COMPETITION (NESTLE) 2016 FINALIST (February 2016) ▪ Developed innovative and sustainable methods of improving Nestle businesses and saw the corporate sustainability practices in action firsthand through company exposure tours CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES UP CAREER ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (UP CAP) ● Officer for the Externals Department (August 2015-August 2016) ▪ I contact sponsors to maintain long-term and fruitful relationships. UP JUNIOR PHILIPPINE INSTITUTE OF ACCOUNTANTS (UP JPIA)
  3. 3. ● Long-Term Educational Assistance Plan (LEAP) Ad Hoc Vice-Chairperson (January 2017-August 2017) ▪ Handled the Promotions and Publicity function, manages the smooth operation of the income generating projects ▪ Makes sure that the underprivileged scholars are complying with the scholarship requirements ● Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE) Ad Hoc Vice-Chairperson for Promotions (August 2015 – December 2015) ▪ Conceptualized and brainstormed creative ideas that can boost “excitement” and create some buzz via social media weeks before the event ▪ Made the publicity materials and helped make sure that the online event reservation process is running smoothly ● Long-Term Educational Assistance Plan (LEAP) Ad Hoc Vice-Chairperson (December 2014 – May 2014) ▪ Brainstormed for Income-Generating Project (IGP) ideas and successfully profited from the sale with no ending inventory and 100% markup. ▪ Established Income-Generating Project (IGP) partnerships with other UP organizations ▪ Managed the Iskolar ng Bayan Facebook page and Google order forms. ▪ Contributed in the selection and assessment process of the LEAP scholars OTHER RELEVANT DATA. ▪ Excellent command of the English and Filipino languages ▪ Extremely proficient in Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Excel ▪ Extremely profici ent in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Audacity and Sony Vegas Pro ▪ Experienced in driving automatic vehicles