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AWS RoadShow Dublin - SkillPages Customer Presentation

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In part 2 of the materials from today's AWS RoadShow in Dublin SkillPages CTO Mike McCarthy discusses SkillPage's efforts to redefine the labour market and explains how AWS has enabled SkillPages to address their challenges in creating a robust, flexible and cost effective infrastructure

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AWS RoadShow Dublin - SkillPages Customer Presentation

  1. 1. Redefining the Labour Market Mike McCarthy, CTO SkillPages AWS Roadshow Dublin
  2. 2. One Place to Find Skilled People Find Skilled People! ! for anything you need done Get Found! by people who need your skills Collaborate! with skilled people globally
  3. 3. Challenges Focus on building the best product for our users avoid overhead of building out core infrastructure ScalabilityFunction Resources Time
  4. 4. ElastiCache Redshift Data warehouse Amazon RDS DynamoDB Counters & Flags EC2 Servers, Hive, Hadoop Elastic Beanstalk Load based Scaling SWF Workflow Engines EMR Big Data Processing CloudWatch Monitoring & Performance Mgt SNS Push Notifications CloudFront Content Delivery Mechanical Turk Crowd sourced Moderation Tasks SQS Message Queue S3 Storage ElastiCache Memecache/ Redis
  5. 5. SkillPages serves over 23,000,000 registered users
  6. 6. Presenting over 400,000 people with new work opportunities daily
  7. 7. Scaled to support over 665% growth over 2 last years
  8. 8. Platform processes over 2,500,000,000 network data points daily
  9. 9. Typically handle 150,000,000 messages per month
  10. 10. Built and supported by just 20 Engineers
  11. 11. Benefits Realised ü Robust Infrastructure ü Flexibility ü Cost Effective ü Expanding Service Offering ü Excellent support & engagement
  12. 12. Visit us at www.skillpages.com Try a €139 business job posting for free with coupon AWSDUB611 at checkout