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JTS New Brochure2

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JTS New Brochure2

  1. 1. partnering engineering
  2. 2. WHAT WE ARE ABOUT We offer over 20 years of successful Electrical Control & Instrumentation engineering delivery, with successful Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance experience in heavily regulated industries including top tier COMAH sites, oil and gas, power generation, MoD, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and utilities.
  3. 3. WHAT WE DO With specialist knowledge and experience we work with clients to establish long-standing partnerships achieving reputable standards in quality and productivity, whilst being fully committed to our Health and Safety and Environmental policies. Our team of multi-disciplined engineers deliver Electrical, Control and Instrumentation services throughout the UK: • Electrical • Control Instrumentation and Calibration • Hazardous Area Inspection • Installation and Maintenance • Control Panel Design and Build • Testing and Inspection • Commissioning and Maintenance • Mechanical Services • Communications • On-site Engineering Support • Project Management
  4. 4. WHAT WE OFFER Electrical Services We provide industrial and commercial Electrical Services, from design, specification, procurement, installation, inspection and testing, commissioning, maintenance and support contracts. JTS is a registered member of the ECA and has been assessed and accredited to undertake the Design, Installation, Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Electrical installations to BS7671 IEE Wiring Regulations for Electrical Installations including those in hazardous areas. Our Electrical operatives are JIB registered and hold the necessary certification with full capabilities in undertaking HV/ LV electrical installations to current British Standards. Our team can be also made available on a 24/7 call out basis
  5. 5. WHAT WE OFFER Control & Instrumentation Our Control and Instrument Engineering team have expertise in specifying, procuring, installing, calibrating, testing, commissioning and maintaining control and instrumentation systems for a wide range of industrial process control applications. Our engineers have in depth knowledge of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) and are fully conversant with IEC:61508/61511.
  6. 6. Hazardous Area Inspection, Installation & Maintenance Our EC&I team have been competency assessed and certified through the CompEx scheme to demonstrate safe working practices when specifying, installing, and maintaining ATEX equipment in compliance with the British standard for Explosive atmospheres BS EN 60079. Our work in hazardous areas is assessed and accredited by the ECA under their approved contractor scheme. DSEAR and ATEX 137 Assessments We carry out DSEAR and ATEX 137 Assessments to ensure your site is compliant with current regulations. Our work in hazardous areas is assessed and accredited by the ECA under their approved contractor scheme. WHAT WE OFFER
  7. 7. Commissioning Commissioning of plant and equipment is delivered by our highly qualified Electrical and Instrumentation personnel who hold thorough knowledge and experience in process systems enabling them to carry out all stages of commissioning through to final handover of systems. Maintenance JTS provide multi-discipline maintenance support for Electrical and Instrumentation systems. Our maintenance programs include predictive and preventative maintenance, shutdown planning, routine maintenance, and emergency breakdown response. Our team is able to provide long and short-term contract support to services which can be also made available on a 24/7 call out basis for critical customer applications. WHAT WE OFFER
  8. 8. Mechanical Services We provide a range of mechanical services that fit seamlessly with our electrical expertise, and by doing so offer our clients a complete, end to-end solution. With our mechanical services as a core business function, we are able to provide tailored packages and project work in the following areas: • Skid mounted and containerised solutions • HVAC systems • Pumping and dewatering packages • Air conditioning and refrigeration systems • VESDA smoke detection systems • Compressed air packages • Pipework installation • Machinery installation and maintenance • Pump and motor alignment and condition monitoring • Valve installation and servicing WHAT WE OFFER
  9. 9. Communications We have a specialist team of engineers qualified in the design, installation and testing of Data Network systems, across all business sectors. Our qualified team also offers expertise in installing wireless systems to industry, to include process control solutions. As such, we can supply tailored services to clients requiring expert support in the following areas: • Structured cabling data networks • Fibre optic cabling • Profibus and Profinet • Plant monitoring systems • CCTV and access systems • Sound monitoring solutions WHAT WE OFFER
  10. 10. PARTNERING Here’s what you will gain by partnering with us A dedicated team of EC&i engineers who are solution-focused, who take ownership for a task, and who have an in-depth knowledge of process engineering and can apply this to your whole operation • Experienced engineers who are fully conversant with the requirements of DSEAR and ATEX 137 • The right engineer on your job. We effectively manage competencies to ensure that the team we send to site are equipped with exactly the skills you need to get the best outcome for your business
  11. 11. JTS EC&I Engineering Services Rudyard House Off Green Lane Rudyard, Leek Staffordshire ST13 8PN Tel: +44 (0) 1538 306694 Email: enquiries@jts-eci.co.uk Website: www.jts-eci.co.uk