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The World in 60 Seconds - November 20, 2015

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It's been a tough week geopolitically. Here's all I could squeeze into one short minute.


Why did terrorists attack a hotel in Mali?
Because they’re evil. Also because France declared war on terrorism, and it’s very big on the ground in Mali.

Is the world entering a more violent phase?
The Middle East, Africa, Europe, a little of Eurasia? Absolutely yes. A little of the Western hemisphere, China, Asia? I wouldn’t say so, and that means leadership in responding is going to be harder.

Can Europe make itself safe from terrorism?
This is going to get much uglier.

Are refugees a threat to America?
No. People are making political hay because they know it’s popular, but it really undermines American values. Refugees are not where the terrorist threats are going to be coming from.

Which US presidential candidate would do best against ISIS?
Having seen Hillary Clinton’s statement yesterday at the Council on Foreign Relations, I’d have to say that she’s been the most credible and coherent so far.

Will Russia ever fight ISIS?
Yes, they are. And they will expand.


If you have any questions you’d like to see next week, just leave them here!

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