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The World in 60 Seconds - June 7, 2016

Brexit: Is momentum toward ‘Leave’ growing?
No, no, it’s exactly what it’s been over the last couple of months despite these palpitations in polls. It’s 51-49 ‘Stay’, which means effectively it’s a coin flip. I don’t have a call for you.

India: Is Modi’s US visit going to make a difference?
On the private sector, yes for the United States. On the public sector? Actually, the big story is China/India economies getting closer together, doing a lot more. No one’s talking about it; they probably should.

Peru: Can Kuczynski govern?
I say yes. I mean I know that he doesn’t have a majority in congress, but at the end of the day he and Fujimori have the same economic plan. They’re going to work together. This election is not bad for Peru.

Greece: Will the follow through on economic reforms?
On balance, no! Tsipras is going to do everything he can just to stay in power within the year. They’re completely screwed. Why? Because it’s Greece! They’re going through a depression.

Myanmar: Will they catch up with their neighbors in the next 5 years?
No, not at all. But it’s actually a pretty good story. They’re great people, they’re opening up their economy very significantly, lot of foreign direct investment coming in. But the priority is going to be political reform because they are moving away from being an authoritarian state.

Brazil: Is the new cabinet up to the task?
What task? They’re going to do a little better, but they’re losing cabinet members like kinda every day. Which isn’t good. And Zika. Zika: it’s like locusts, it’s like frogs. It’s horrible. There’s plagues on Brazil everywhere. Don’t go, right? Everyone’s going, doesn’t matter.

That’s it, I’m out of time. I’m so out of time. You got like the world in 80 seconds, I think. That’s just wrong. Give me those 20 seconds back. See you guys next week; put stuff right on the feed. Bye.

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