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Rainy Days ahead: Is the Cloud Ready for Cloud?

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All cloud computing initiatives have one thing in common – data is centralized, while users are distributed. This places an increased emphasis on the network, making cloud computing susceptible to the same WAN bandwidth, latency, and quality challenges that impact other enterprise applications. This session will discuss how WAN challenges impact the performance of critical cloud applications, and how they can be overcome using common WAN optimization techniques.

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Rainy Days ahead: Is the Cloud Ready for Cloud?

  1. 1. Is the Cloud Ready for Cloud? Joe Bombagi Technical Director EMEAStrictly Confidential jbombagi@silver-peak.comDo Not Distributeor Reproduce
  2. 2. Big Plans in IT = Increased Network Dependency• Disaster recovery  Protect more data across longer distances over converged networks• Data center consolidation / cloud  Data and server placement impacted by WAN performance• Server and storage centralization  Users farther from resources• Real-time collaboration  Improve quality of unified communications (voice/video)• Virtualization  Multisite VDI and VM migration impacted by poor WAN quality Strictly Confidential © 2011 Silver Peak Systems Inc 1
  3. 3. All Cloud Services Have Same Challenges…• Users farther away from centralized resources• Mix of protocols (TCP, UDP, HTTP(s), …)• Encryption is a “must”• Data migration challenges• Who owns the link? (private vs. public) Source: Forrester (October 2009) Strictly Confidential © 2010 Silver Peak Systems Inc. 2
  4. 4. Let’s Not Forget the Network!!!Trends: WAN Capacity WAN Quality• Data volumes exploding • MPLS and cloud are shared• Bandwidth becoming cheaper • Convergence of voice, video, data and storage onto one network
  5. 5. Don’t let the network be the weak link in your cloud strategy
  6. 6. Network Optimization is Required for SuccessfulCloud DeploymentGlobal Management Latency  Loss  Bandwidth  System (GMS) VRX MPLS Internet Cloud NX Appliance VX Network Acceleration Network Integrity Network Memory™ Overcome Latency and - Traffic shaping / QoS Real-time deduplication protocol chattiness - Forward Error Correction (FEC) of ALL IP WAN traffic - Packet Order correction (POC) Strictly Confidential © 2011 Silver Peak Systems Inc 5
  7. 7. Best Practice Recommendations forDeploying WAN Optimization with Cloud• WAN optimisation must scale to support the cloud • LAN throughput, WAN throughout, and flows• Virtual appliances are critical … • Hardware independence – must work on all hypervisors; no hardware acceleration or encryption• Network Integrity features are a “must have” • Remember – we are talking about sending business critical traffic over the Internet!
  8. 8. Case Study:Google Optimizes Google Apps for EmployeesNetwork Background:•170 locations•Two 100 Mbps WAN connections to each location;•Network quality and security concerns (IP VPN and MPLS)•Heavy packet loss and latency (10 to 400 ms) on international locationsBusiness Challenges•Developers’ appetite for bandwidth resulting in runaway telco expenditures•Real-time collaboration – world’s largest user of videoconferencing•Network quality adversely impacting Google mail and other cloud services.Results:•WAN utilization reduced by 65% on average•Optimizing hundreds of thousands of simultaneous flows•Reduced packet loss; Eliminated out-of-order packet delivery•Secure transport using IPsec 7
  9. 9. Case Study: Autodesk Optimizes Hosted Email with 70 Critical ApplicationsNetwork Background•100 sites worldwide; 70 mission critical applications• Microsoft Exchange deployed as a 3rd party hosted cloud service•Packet loss on MPLS and IP VPNS•High latency to international offices•Bandwidth saturated every “build season”Business Challenges•Poor WAN performance routinely delayed product development•Internal network a “proving ground” for performance of company’s own applications•High cost of WAN bandwidthResults•Streamlined product development process•Reduced WAN bandwidth by 75 percent•Eliminated packet loss•Optimized all applications, including file, email (cloud), web, Aspera and AutoCAD
  10. 10. Case Study: Global Telco reduces Costs withOffsite Data ReplicationTechnical Challenges:•Very large OC-48 WAN links between data centers•20 ms to 100 ms latency between locations•Effective throughput limited to 22 Mbps when performing replication to hosted sites.Business Challenges•Missing Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)•Took several weeks to recover from major outageResults:•27x improvement in effective throughput•16x faster data transfer times•Data migrated to cloud in 3 days (instead of 3 weeks)
  11. 11. Leading Companies Chose Silver Peak
  12. 12. The Leader in Data Center Class WAN Optimization• Highest capacity (throughput and flow count)• Real-time optimization of all IP applications• Best performance on shared WANs“The Best Current Product Offering” Silver Peak’s strengths include: • Segment-leading products • Differentiated optimization for UDP and TCP • Compensation for error prone links • Very high performance with very low latency Strictly Confidential © 2011 Silver Peak Systems Inc 11
  13. 13. Thank you! Questions? Strictly Confidential © 2011 Silver Peak Systems Inc 12
  14. 14. Extra slidesStrictly ConfidentialDo Not Distributeor Reproduce Strictly Confidential © 2011 Silver Peak Systems Inc 13
  15. 15. An Established Global Company• Founded in 2004; 100% focused on WAN Optimization• Local presence in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia• 24 x 7 x 365 support• Customer deployments on 6 continents Strictly Confidential © 2011 Silver Peak Systems Inc 14
  16. 16. Optimize All IP Applications… File Video streaming VoIP (CIFS, NFS, FTP, AFS) Microsoft VDI (RDP) IP - IP Web File DNS GRE (HTTP/S, SharePoint) Videoconferencing Citrix (ICA) (NFS) Aspera RTP Email Streaming Data SQL Queries EMC Disk Library(Exchange, Notes, SMTP) (MS, Oracle, Sybase, …) RDP Veritas Volume Sun Ray VDI Application Data replication Acceleration Replicator (VVR)(SnapMirror, Celerra, etc.) Data replication IP v6 in IPv4 (SRDF, HUR,Silver Peak’s Network Optimization RP, etc.) VMware VDI (PCoIP) Remote backup VMware replication FCIP Bulk TCP Real time TCP Bulk UDP Real Time UDP Proprietary / TCP (Layer 4 / Transport) UDP (Layer 4 / Transport) Encapsulated IP (Layer 3/ Network)
  17. 17. Move More Data over a Shared WAN • DS-3 MPLS (with Silver Peak) • ~ 60 GB/hr throughput • DS-3 Private Line (unoptimized) • ~ 20 GB/hr throughput • DS-3 MPLS (unoptimized) • ~ 2 GB/hr throughput Strictly Confidential © 2011 Silver Peak Systems Inc 16
  18. 18. The Capacity Leader –from the Smallest Office to the Largest Data Center Strictly Confidential © 2011 Silver Peak Systems Inc 17
  19. 19. Go VIRTUAL – Without Sacrificing Performance or Scale Free!!! VX-Xpress* VX-1000 VX-2000 VX-3000 VX-5000 VRX-8 WAN Capacity 4 Mbps 4 Mbps 10 Mbps 20 Mbps 50 Mbps 1 Gbps Simultaneous 8000 8,000 64,000 64,000 64,000 256,000 Sessions Encryption Disk / WAN Disk / WAN Disk / WAN Disk / WAN Disk / WAN Disk / WAN Hypervisors VMware vSphere VMware vSphere /currently supported Miscrosoft Hyper-V VMware vSphere VMware vSphere VMware vSphere VMware vSphere 20x the competition!!!! *No GMS support; Maximum of 2 nodes per deployment
  20. 20. Maximize WAN Visibility …• Accurately measure bandwidth, latency, loss, …• Monitor application performance and usage trends• Detailed reports, 3rd party export Strictly Confidential © 2011 Silver Peak Systems Inc 19
  21. 21. Maximize Application Visibility …• Easy monitoring and troubleshooting• Customizable partner dashboards Strictly Confidential © 2011 Silver Peak Systems Inc 20
  22. 22. Maximize WAN Control …• Deployment automation• Auto optimization• Threshold Crossing Alerts (TCA) Strictly Confidential © 2011 Silver Peak Systems Inc 21
  23. 23. Maximize Application Control …• Advanced Quality of Service (QoS) and traffic shaping• Centralized policy based management Strictly Confidential © 2011 Silver Peak Systems Inc 22
  24. 24. Silver Peak is the Top Visionary Challengers Leaders 2010 2009 Riverbed Technologies Cisco Systems Blue Coat Systems • Segment- leading products • Differentiated optimization for UDP and TCPAbility to execute • Compensation for error prone links • Very high performance with very low latency Expand Networks • Large portfolio of appliances Juniper Networks Citrix Systems Silver Peak Systems “Use Silver Peak when data center-to- data center performance is critical and in branch-to-data center networks when UDP traffic and error-prone links are Ipanema technologies important factors’”– Gartner MQ F5 Networks Niche Players Visionaries Completeness of Vision Strictly Confidential © 2011 Silver Peak Systems Inc 23
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