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assessment renewable energy policy energy planning propagation models drive test root mean square error. pid controllers defuzzification pi controllers fuzzy logic control orientation ppi embedded system. azimuth blip power flow compensation rdna vermicomposting hyperelliptic curve cryptography proxy signature blind signature symmetric key cryptography mobile forensic is fast becoming an abbreviated te information communication technology (ict) educational technology semantic grid e- learning classification and clustering algorithms weka tools cpu utilization intruder bottleneck problem of tcp/ip duplicate acknowledgements ipv6 ipv4 vpn ipsec discrete cosine transform brain tumor electrophoresis behavior elisa iosr journal of pharmacy and biological sciences ( insulin resistance zone of inhibition ph response surface methodology anaemia diet cellulase drug delivery bmi intertrappean liver enzymes phytochemical heavy metal rats body composition antioxidant siddha medicine marketing demographic variables consumer purchase decision values perceptions emotional intelligence cargo throughput nigeria. job satisfaction leadership style urban planning project implementation culture leadership dynamic capability salaried individuals competitive advantage equally-spaced point collocation method sensitivity analysis fuzzy numbers endemic common fixed point metric space natural radioactivity zimbabwe free convection mhd perovskite magnetoresistance export effective dose habit nanoparticles debye temperature radioactivity activity concentration he-ne laser dft chemical bath deposition velocity of light c e=mc^2 cherenkov radiation 33.5 nm solar flare. albert einstein superluminal velocities relativistic mass goes x-rays energy-mass equivalence solar spectra 13.3 nm cosmology optical studies medicinal plants crystal structure liver dc sputtering technique mass spectra azo dyes nitrogen essential oils artemisia zinc qsar olive oil adsorption isotherm benzothiazole miceller catalyses 4-cdmpp. ctabr micelles phytochemical screening quantification validation. libya obesity factor analysis antifungal ra acid rain control infrared spectroscopy heavy metals extraction biosobent atom seed urine lead nylon cpw cst lan switches signal strength rake receiver interpolation image fsm microstrip antenna pdf bpsk flc super-resolution crushing stress high strength concrete composites quality control noise control proximate analysis displacement bottom ash entrepreneurship hydrochloric acid titanium corrosion cost holding cost laminar flow regression method. scanning electron microscopy (sem) shear wall nanofluids airfoil 3d numerical simulation centrifugal pump stress simulation in ansys. chemical resistance project management leaf spring design constrain history performance point fem analysis thermal conductivity diesel mahua oil topology optimization design of experiments wear friction pin-on-disc turning s/n ratio abc analysis chassis frame shear stress flyash management cfd. tensile strength six sigma building fea analysis material financial performance dynamic analysis orthogonal array cop high strength fiber reinforced concrete (hsfrc) high strength concrete (hsc) design of experiment drilling government policy retrofitting watershed composite materials connecting rod water quality thiophene antibacterial activity gac bioregeneration methane carbon convolution xilinx can svc obstacle avoidance blending wind power generator power quality field-effect ferroelectric gizo thin film non-volatile transistor p(vdf-trfe) environment pollutant soft switching pv array low voltage low power wind energy conversion system (wecs) dfig modelling power factor load effect impedance climate change voltage profile filter corner detection hysteresis gas insulated substation (gis) vsc standard deviation total harmonic distortion adaptive control capacitor placement dynamic voltage restorer (dvr) eps fft total harmonics distortion evaluation controller energy management grid connected spwm nanomaterials solar cells vsi particle swarm optimization. magnetic susceptibility tariff psnr vortex induced vibrations feed forward neural network current fuzzy logic controller (fcl) pulse-width modulation (pwm) density functional theory direct and indirect band gap electronic band structure density perturbation functional theory digital control e-health power factor correction (pfc) photovoltaic system mppt algorithm monitoring awgn snr vector control ultra-capacitors z-source inverter hadoop ad-hoc network application knowledge management distribution sensitive transactions bioinformatics cardiovascular disease fuzzy c means computer vision pagerank resources social networks wavelet transform wireless mesh networks (wmns). threshold data encryption chaos cbir globalization nhpp image compression ids cuda hyperlink search engine random forest information extraction cloud server dicom hip arthroplasty hough transform tagging applications energy 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neural network (ann) hidden markov model detection pca gprs pattern matching network operations traffic classification intersection transaction association rule mining indexing program input output mobile ad-hoc networks browser gaussian filter wavelets signal processing cross river state and environmental health effect. cigarette smokers genetic diversity rapd arsenic morphology histology humanities and social science aggregations tree based receiver initiated. mobile ad hoc network (manet) source initiated multicast routing protocol network layer mesh based k-means clustering gaussian noise speckle noise multimedia communication firewall clusters compression time watermarking least significant bit (lsb) breast cancer public audit ability quantum cost xml image encryption e-commerce penetration testing payload exploit wireless sensor networks (wsn) topology jitter access control classifier privacy preserving wireless mesh network gis manets caching machine learning energy mems compartmental model malware peer-to-peer networks worm admissibility best-first search dominance human computer interaction usability engineering human detection motion detection ann micro array linked list digital forensics graphical password swarm intelligence sip image steganalysis sdt based image steganography distributing steganographic algorithms. global ter suspicion value. pixel aberration wireless sensor networks (wsns) multi-feature leach black hole attack design gui science mathematics vanet. face fingerprint face recognition fuzzy logic. high-speed piracy protection authorization network model protocol description unit (pdu) supervisory control and data acquisition system (s programmable logic controller (plc) global system mobile (gsm) general packet radio service (gprs) micro controller failure detection vtms. ntmt dra ais advanced video coding(avc) moving pictures expert group(mpeg). joint collaborative team-video coding(jct-vc) h.264 high efficiency video coding(hevc) earth station. indoor unit outdoor unit vsat hub monitoring &analysis and implementation policy link failure ad-hoc on demand distance vector arm-7 reckless behavior driver-behaviour magnetic resonance image (mri) open loop resonators csrrs bandpass filter automatic guided vehicle embedded surveillance and safety system lane departure bgp inter-domain oscillations. path ky-m6 fingerprint sensor arm9(mini2440). sttc channel estimation psk modulation. vswr proximity coupler fed technique return loss galvanometer calibration anemometer chaotic encryption chaotic circuit chua’s circuit. nonlinear circuits tra arm mems sensor gain periodic structure. sensors pic controller gsm and rfid. automated car parking a mobile ad-hoc network (manet) is an autonomous s rfid data security and rsa algorithm. swarm radiation microstrip patch antenna (mpa) ebg (electromagnetic band gap) arithmetic unit vertex-5 ieee double precision floating point verilog alcohol sensor seatbelt detector fingerprint module smart card reader carry save adder booth multiplier multiplier and-accumulator(mac). digital signal processing(dsp) bluetooth serial port virtual instrument osi layers controller area network unified diagnostics international standard organization keyword protocol society of automotive engineers packet dropping attack modification prewitt etc. canny sobel roberts affordablehousing mehr housing project low-income people residentialunits backward characteristic supersonic prandtl- meyer expansion angle. isentropic stream function method of characteristics degree of freedom inverse kinematics. denavit-hartenberg parameters biped systematic layout planning productivity improvement plant layout precursors aluminum foams light-weight construction energy absorption sandwich panels vibration damping etc. non-conventional machining process. wire-cut electrical discharge machine process condenser vertical looping air conditioner ground source heat exchanger validation of analytical experimental results. elastic analysis. bending moment slab concentrated load two ways finite element modelling staad pro tall building. water absorption sand-quarry dust block regression analyses contractor kathmandu municipality nepal telecom kaski rupandehi construction waste motor vehicle safety vehicle interior computer aided engineering air void bitumen binder content pavement performance hot mix asphalt rutting indirect tensile strength test fatigue. multifactor productivity furniture factory lean strategies supersonic flow angle of attack piston theory delta wing pitching derivatives muffler acoustic convective flow effects review modal pushover target displacement nonlinear stati ccrb specimen al7075 t6 alloy fracture toughness notched specimen. naca 6412 propeller parabolic dish solar concentrators. solar concentrators solar process heating application novel simple harmonic humps r-134a r-1234yf isopentane. r-245fa organic rankine cycle models exergy destruction energy analysis& exergy analysis umuahia sands sieve analysis compaction ottawa sands compressive strength of concrete rcc fire continues improvement iso 9001-2008 total quality management link plate shape optimization roller chain intake port model intake manifold engine vanes municipal solid waste (msw) physical characterization geotechnical properties water cured unconfined compression tests sda moment resisting rc frames fiber-reinforcement polymer/plastic pushover analysis. electric motor drive shutoff powertrain regenerative braking electrocution mdd stone dust omc specific gravity hippi oil jathroha biofuel cottonseed oil methanol ci twin cylinder engine makespan linear programming mechanical properties of concrete polypropylene fibers different curing condition surface finish doe hole accuracy five station degree of imbalance production rate unpaced production/assembly line sustenance machining roller burnishing frequency band estimated data transmitter path loss cable signals transient fault location cwt high-voltage direct-current (hvdc) high-voltage analog-current (hvac). flexible alternating current transmission system ( pmsm drives smes dynamic system pcc hcc tso dspic30f6012a fstpi three phase induction motor solar cell model maximum power point tracking (mppt) boost converte switched-mode boost dc-dc converter solar cell connected with grid & pv array averaged concentrating solar plant(csp). incremental conductance (ic) algorithm distributed generation (dg) matlab coding results. short-term load forecasting traditional methods current doubler converter model in sim power systems. pv-constant dc conversion soft-switching opf iep tcvr sa ep facts controller ts interlinking converter hybrid microgrid droop control voltage deviation frequency variation renewable energy source current follower transconductance amplifier current controlled transconductance amplifier continuous time active filters current controlled current conveyor voltage-differencing transconductance amplifier current differencing transconductance amplifier multiple input multiple output object dimension robotic arm labview imaq library lsrm flux linkage switched reluctance operator. sources of wind energy renewable resources non conventional energy sapf irp theory hbcc pwm charge transport nonvolatile resistive memristor sem and xrd silver nanoparticles heterojunction with aluminum x band series resistance impatt diode negative microwave resistance wind energy conversion harmonic elimination permanent magnet synchronous generator distribution generation fuzzy approach gravitational search algorithm operator battery monitoring gps detector labview. wireless charging radio frequency island system modulus optimum vsc-hvdc power order weak ac system symmetric optimum voltage source converter pi controllers parameters fuzzy logic controllersr pid servo hydraulic power theft. energy meter overload phase bye-pass platooning path planning car-sharing automatic parking transformer less inverter pv-ac conversion pv inverter model in sim power systems. pv inverter microcontroller-based gsm technology. metal detection system small-signal model on-board battery charger battery electric vehicles (bevs) power-train modeling interleaved dc/dc converter powertrain control strategies zero current switching (zvs) switched mode power supplies (smps) gate pulse asymmetrical pulse width modulated ( apwm half bridge converter unsymmetrical duty ratio zero voltage switching (zvs) mttr failure rate feeders. load demand wind resources hybrid system solar resources street light linear motor coil. oscillating motor ferro-resonance inductance conical shaped electrodes capacitor )( cuc= capacitance with unit differential height current sharing. (cup= capacitance with unit diffe charge distribution side contacted fed (s-fed) silicon on raied insultor fed (sori-fed) modified fed (m-fed) field effect diode (fed) band-to-band-tunneling (btbt) ultra-wide band multiband band ldr single axis servo motor tracking variable capacitor railways wind turbine electrophoresis. asymmetric cryptography while email is fairly reliable messages do get lost bingo voting e-voting coercion resistance commitments. zero-knowledge proof bluer random valued impulse noise dual threshold visual quality computation outsource back-propagation homomorphic encryption quarter car model step response passive suspension sprung-mass acceleration fds tp fp hmm subsidiary source adansonia degitata income generation grewia tenax ziziphus spini christi limiting data usage network profile data usage monitor windows task scheduler windows powershell command line interface batch scripting computer data breach data authentication remote databackup log based recovery two phase locking lock based protocols time stamp based protocols multi-core systems deadlock avoidance asymmetric cryptography. encryption/decryption algorithm splitting algorithm storage utilization multi-channel (mc) medium access control (mac) quality of service (qos) target coordinates distance tolerant latitude/longitude location dependency sanitization cover victim transactions privacy preservation observation- model mlp neural network image restoration hace apache tomcat big query autonomous map reduce hdfs qmac quorums speech corpus. natural synthesizer lpc formant frequency concatenative cross-platform mobile application development ios development ide cross-platform android development edublogs high school blogs visual communication visual representation contemporary educational environment wide area networks proposed model of textual similarity similarity functions information retrieval system cyber personality psychology and turing machine. intelligent traffic system visualization techniques data visualization visual data mining web 2.0. computational intelligence sense tagging self organization map guard channels channel assignment quantization table peak signal to noise ratio dct coefficient frequency domain user navigation mini session path threshold mathematical programming model software testing. web engineering software development models chinese segmentation fuzzy k-means canopy. related cases centre of gravity distance off-line signature verification principal component. pixel density fuzzy logic control “flc” load frequency control “lfc”. interconnected p sentiment analysis text classification classifiers social media data fake book dual stack tunnelling nat-pt opnet 17.5 modeller delay automatic tunnelling manual tunnelling storage architecture snia similarity framework time domain data ml estimation goodness of fit burr type iii encryption/decryption algorithm. chunk servers google file system gfs master scheduling algorithms big data analytics quality self-reliance sustainable and livelihood. vocational education and training technical policy based management pos tagging opinion mining polarity identification ip address fault tree analysis. serial routing information protocol ethernet cancer cells ontological store distributed denial of service attack distributed security traffic analysis web proxy. internal angle differences shape based leaf categorization convex hull detection computer virus epidemic epidemic threshold challenges. distributed sensor network defensive mechanisms design issues image recognition blindness :accessible environment clarans eclarans pam.clara sqlia static query parse tree validation code conversion dnssec pki ssl analytical and load balancing. georouting protocol georouting protocols heuristic distributed denial of attack application presentation interfaces (apis). software as a service (saas) platform as a service (paas) infrastructure as a service (iaas) blowfish irc 3des node replication tamper resistant hardware sequential probability ratio test (sprt) attack detection esp ah. software test cases. meta-heuristics secret handshakes key agreement unlinkability sporadic tasks real-time systems strict periods preemptive/non-preemptive scheduling improved black white (bw) method shoulder surfing attack. personal identification number virtual money huffman encoding. fast wavelet algorithm forced technique local technique rollback global technique message logging. event logging cluster computing mobile ad-hoc network cluster gateway cluster member cluster head (ch) drift detectors ensemble classifiers and bagging data stream mining component: clustering hill-climbing algorithm nmkfcm fcm kfcm compression. gaussian pyramid : biometric singular value decomposition block truncation coding scrutiny formatting style styling automated crawling rlc-circuit transfer function morphological operators mri maodv tree structure. multicast routing backup branch image centroid zone zone centroid zone handwritten character recognition colossal adduces copious pursuance circuitry surface water groundwater agri-tourism resource discourse analysis conjunctive use health-care document preprocessing summation key. data sharing hybrid cloud frequent k-itemset mine epidemic data collection protocol received signal strength indicator gossip routing protocol upload stations bluetooth. apps women. x-or ciphering secret key stream cipher circuit simulation software d.c circuit cirsis microsoft visual conditioning body weight height didactic joint action differential didactic contract productive disciplinary engagement. motor physical education assessment competency skill harvard step test physical fitness index judo runners (defense) physical fitness anthropometric. chasers (offence) achievement motivation competition anxiety sports competition anxiety test (scat) piers harries self concept scale and ball badminto rank correlation combative sports playing abilities coordination abilities football volleyball and explosive strength yogic practices groups. muscular flexibility dynamic stretching rural leisure time activities sedentary. athlete’s culture sport culture team culture dance exercise paired. gymnastic sports physical fitness components natural dye copper sulphate alum cotton and silk fabric madder rotor spun yarn rotor speed combing-roll speed recycled waste reactive dyes turquoise color grey stripping compact single jersey cotton grading back propagation fabric engineering multilayer feed forward network abs; thermoset; kenaf fibre; curative; moulding te polyaniline;metal ions; 5- suphosalicylic acid; d. herbal drug processing phytochemicals anthelmintic resistance gastrointestinal nematodes uncoded adaptive ofdm adaptive bit interleaved coded modulation channel state information zero padding sustainable collaboration academia hms- hospital management system cloud computing; omni-channel cloud computing of e-commerce advancing statistical education questionnaire. mobile devices ubiquitous computing; mobile computing; location b dynamic id handshake blackhole attack ginger clove spices hyperprolactinaemia infertility hormones ovulation. colocynthis digestibility coat growth citrullus fishes waste water aquatic effluent vw kc cm naa iaa bap dendrobium ovatum rhizogenesis. ex vitro rooting plb’s anthurium andreanum in vitro. solid state fermentation corn cobs aqueous extraction saccharomyces cerevisiae crude pectinase lactobacillus spp. dhokla biopreservative bacteriocin butter fat coconut oil fatty acid xylanase juice clarification bacillus megaterium oil extraction saccharification atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease dyslipidemia thyroid dysfunction malondialdehyde alloxan herbal preparation onion nonalcohlic fatty liver disease (nafld) metabolic syndrome (mets) orchids vegetative propagation; spiranthes sinensis (pers. leukemia cells plant extract invitro study action potential (ap) cardiac arrhythmia cardiac myocytes ion exchange mechanism fractional differential equations (fde) electrical model obturation fracture posterior teeth post endodontic restoration full crown cleft lip abuja prevalence and smile train project. cleft palate quenching quenching media tempering heat treatment amodiaquine antimalaria neurobehavior anxiety artesunate vmax. aspergillus sp alkaline protease km immobilized protease ketorolac tromethamine and crosscarmellose fast dissolving tablets crospovidone ketorolac tromethamine fast dissolving tablet rat paw edema and bioavialbility tail flick testosterone; training time; eccentric training. decaying debris water bodies ingoldian fungi soluble transferrin receptor iron deficiency analgesic activity vitex negundo leaves. acetic acid-induced writhing method widal. typhoid fever salmonella typhi baseline titre dehradun vertical transmission; screening; hepatitis b; int viral hepatitis perinatel hepatitis b virus 1.rec.lower abdomen pain with/without previous sur eri silkworm esterases light phase of photosynthesis structural analysis of nadp+ and nadph+h+ nadph+h+ formation system. shea butter pollution fish wistar rats rauwolfia vomitoria liver weight drinking water fecal contamination escherichia coli niger delta. sokoto bones sexing cadmium toxicity bryophyllum pinnatum antioxidative stress parameters naco regimen zidovudine hiv hyperlactatemia stavudine nephrolithiasis astaxanthin citrate nephroprotective. calcium oxalate hepatoprotective atrazine andrographis paniculata antioxidant enzymes tribals satpuda region euphorbian medicinal plant ethnomedicine stem bark extract oroxylum indicum seroprotection rates anti hbs vaccination biodeteriogens painted surfaces indoor outdoor lipase anti-fungal cow’s urine ayurveda skin-disease oligotrophic lake water-quality and zooplanktonic diversity primary production physico chemical deacetoxycephalosporin synthase cephalosporin benzylpenicillin histological studies wedelolactone eclipta prostrata. l. carbon tetrachloride induced acute liver damage bacillus species amylase pgp activities pgpr medicinal and aromatic plants retro peritoneal procedures. thrombosis aneurysms aorta superior mesenteric artery(sma) celiac trunk(ct) common celiaco mesenteric trunk(cmt) incidence hepatitis b surface antigen (hbs ag) age group seroprevalence seropositivity act calcium rat. and bone fractures healing low level laser laser bio-stimulation somatic embryo synthetic seeds encapsulation cold storage. deccan gymnospermic mesophyll triangular. auramine ‘o’ fluorochrome staining kinyoun cold acid fast staining. elisa for cryptosporidium antigen cryptosporidiosis obese adolescents lipid strength training rhizoctonia solani peloton orchid mycorrhiza geodorum densiflorum the results indicate that ala phpotosensitizer tis dpph. rhamnaceae zizyphus dysentery bon boroi dpph ascorbic acid bht disc diffusion method hypotonic solution caladium bicolor (aiton) vent. membrane stabilizing activity chenopodium album l. mouth dissolving tablets taste masking mucosal membrane superdisintegrant double divisor spectrophotometric method diphenhydramine hydrochloride paracetamol multivariate spectral analysis. p-amino phenol vitex doniana lethal dose serum lipid profile liver marker enzymes liquisolid technique and x-rd studies. dsc drug release hepatotoxicity arsenic trioxide high protein diet. hepamerz fungi neonatal sepsis. urokinase plasminogen activator receptor diabetic foot ulcer vanga vennai. mathan thailam anti microbial activity indicator organisms coliform retail sale pitha microbial contamination street market fat free mass index. sustained hand grip fat free mass body fat % body mass index box-behnken submerged fermentation laccase 6-dichlorophenol-indophenol andrographolide succinate dehydrogenase mitochondrial fraction. dust interception ficus carica biometric and biochemical attributes. recombinant dna technology gene therapy biotechnological improvement phenylhydrazine groundnut garden egg herbal pharmaceutical t. diversifolia agricultural waste aspergillus niger. nutrients carica papaya vitamins and minerals xrd. tg calcium carbonate kapardika bhasma rational use self-medication students. antibiotics pft shirishadi polyherbal compound immunomodulation coconut haematology palm kernel enzymes callus induction leaf acclimatization. orthosiphon aristatus plant regeneration beta carotene. artemia sp. microalgae nutritional status acacia fernesiana l. qualitative analysis bioactive compound aspergillus fruit psidium guava solanum lycopersicum lc50 thrombolytic achyranthes aspera cytotoxic ocimumgratissimum comparativestudies diabetics aloe vera ipomoeabatatas brassicaoleracea collagen vitamins poly (vinyl pyrrolidone) hydrogel photochemical crosslinking rainforest holoendemicity parasite intensity anemia socio-economic classification hemoglobin. bmd retrospective postmenopausal women mohgaonkalan and thallophyta homogenous angiospermic antitnutritionalfactors oral inturbation brassica oleracea proximate composition. sterilization staphylococcus radiation resistance bioburden streptococcus cancellous bone rauwolfia serpentina; medicinal plant; micro-propa metal pollution remediation soil microorganism smelting jhelum valley local community district muzaffarabad ethnobotanical viburnum thermostable protease; bacillus subtilis; soap ind indigenous nutritional analysis hamirpur district wild edible hydro-ethanolic extracts in vitro antifungal activity dr. duke’s phytochemical and ethanobotanical dat camellia sinensis (green tea) myristica fragrans (nutmeg) citrate utilization test. imvic-indole methyl red pcr-polymeric chain reaction vogues proskaur anesthesia euthanasia handling and restraint techniques diazepam sedative. salixaegyptiaca anti-anxiety elevated plus maze visakhapatnam district. tribal people ethno medico botanical ailments monocotyledons plants arakuvalley prevention & control strategy aspects 4) mountains:prevalent clinical entities 1) aetio-pathogenesis factors analysis 2) demonstrabl aldehydes schiffs bases ethnicity glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase (g6pd) deficienc rajbangshis perceived exertion exercise form obese fat expenditure time of day training physical capacity anticataract hyperglycemia e.officinalis nitrogenase activity free living nitrogen fixers nitrogen free medium and acetylene reduction assay genus ascertained disorganize possibility rhizosphere toklai variety periplaneta prevalence nyctotherus intestine housefly wild-caught. parasites flies awka karuvilanchi ver chooranam analgesic anti inflammatory smilax zeylanica siddha drug ayurvedic medicinal plants. herbal cure collection of soil samples dilutions biochemical characterization. isolation techniques for bacterial and fungal spp bioprocess optimization batch cultivation bacillus polymyxus α-amylase evolution encephalization dietary changes metabolic stress metabolism sodium nitrite dimethylamine hydrochloride dietary protein serum transaminase hepatoprotective activity chara parpam histopathology ccl4 epiglottits medicinal plant crude leaf extract leofloxacin repellent odoriferous and ailanthus ecxcelsa. pesticides vegazz castp proq zebra fish insulin homology modeling soil-transmitted helminths rural communities preventive measures school children kidney fenitrothion heart platyrrhine mesorrhine ethnic group. nasal index predictive equations puntius conchonius weight-length relationship pyrimethamine and sulfadoxine. histological technique laridox(sp) prophylaxis root colonization namc am salinity. hibiscus pandanus fascicularis relative abundance species diversity spore density. arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi online technology financial services agency problems cash holdings leverage procyclical seigniorage. crowd-out keynesian demand economies government deficit spending inflationary dynamics learning orientation organization innovation and organization performan transformational leadership islamic financial institution financial exclusion inclusive growth interest free banking occupational ethic- based management staffs' relational behavior organizational commitment. respect to staffs' rights interpersonal pattern logistic regression organizational spirituality spirituality subjective spirituality financial markets banks securitized instruments. securitization non-banking finance companies employee motivation engagement engagement drivers discretionary effort promotional practices agricultural equipment exploratory factor analysis equity social bond value relationship. structural bond input-oriented ccr agriculture bank. performance assessment bcc models tasks operations manager individuals ship traffic reforms ports efficiency. ship turnaround time influence commodities brand management applications educational qualification need recognition recall consumer protection consumerism recall strategy product recall traits entrepreneurial trade associations transport product offerings customer expectations customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction knowledge of customer expectations value creations. secb capital market of bangladesh carroll’s (1991) pyramid bangladesh garment industry perceived service quality student satisfaction exchange rate instability; international trade; ar tourism tourists’ influx