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Andy Conibere - Callflow - Mixed Technology Deployments

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Andy Conibere's presentation to the INCA Rural Broadband Seminar, Reaching the Final 10% on 20/11/13 in London

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Andy Conibere - Callflow - Mixed Technology Deployments

  1. 1. Mixed Technology Deployments… Aka join the white dots……. Welcome
  2. 2. A Bit Of Background BDUK approval for State Aid funding – achieved. Includes radio as part of the solution (!) History Repeating Itself – with a larger helping hand? Timing is everything. The right solution, in the right place, at the right time – NOW is the time! 10% - enough or too big? State Aid funding – To be, or not to be..?
  3. 3. A whistle stop tour of Call Flow (leading to State Aid funding) WISP for 12 years – a lot of history. Radio – P2P, PMP, Licensed, Unlicensed. Telecoms dual play – POTS. SLU – From zero to UK No1 in six months? PIA – Billy no mates? Code powers. FTTP – 15km route starting Jan. Hybrid funding models to gain scale.
  4. 4. Key Considerations Remember the question – SLU is the No 1 ‘BBFYB’ building block. Just how long is a piece of fibre? So can one size fit all for a matching suit?
  5. 5. Recap - what does ‘good’ look like right now? Successful self funded deployments. Successful privately commissioned deployments. Successful publicly funded deployments to de minimus 200K Euro. Hybrid capability to scale. Public anchor tenants – schools, councils etc. Significant partner relationships established – hardware, infrastructure, customers etc. Ability to leverage/deploy capability anywhere in the UK. A mixture of leveraging others networks and building your own. Open financials – cash flow positive and profitable. Open access commitment. And if you don’t look good right now….?
  6. 6. Many Thanks For Your Interest