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IN10 - Let's Connect

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Vision of dutch agency IN10 from Rotterdam on brand communication. Connecting people and brands.


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IN10 - Let's Connect

  1. Vincent Luyendijk Managing Director IN10
  2. what about advertising?
  3. During commercial breaks 41.2% of viewers channel-surf 33.5% talk with others in the room or by phone 30.2% mentally tune out 5.5% regularly fully attend to commercials
  4. Sao Paulo
  5. Sao Paulo the first city in the world to ban outdoor advertising
  6. “Behind the shift is a fundamental change in Nike’s view of the role of advertising. No longer are ads primarily meant to grab a person’s attention while they’re trying to do something else — like reading an article. Nike executives say that much of the company’s future advertising spending will take the form of services for consumers, like workout advice, online communities and local sports competitions. “We want to find a way to enhance the experience and services, rather than looking for a way to interrupt people from getting to where they want to go,” said Stefan Olander, global director for brand connections at Nike. “How can we provide a service that the consumer goes, ‘Wow, you really made this easier for me’?” Source: The New York Times
  7. Joggers at a Niketown in Manhattan. Nike pays 5 coaches and 17 pacers to lead runs three times a week in Central Park.
  8. Nike +
  9. “In the experience economy we pay to do things, not to have things”
  10. “In the experience economy we pay to do things, not to have things”
  11. Jim Stengel (CMO): “Bij alle bedrijven die echt doorgebroken zijn, draait marketing om die relatie met hun consumenten. Je moet je open stellen, authentiek zijn. We moeten consumenten verrassen, plezieren, ze aan het lachen maken. Als je kijkt naar je persoonlijke relaties, dan draait het om geven, luisteren, liefde en empathie. Je lacht én maakt fouten. Als bedrijf doen we dat nog te weinig” Source: Molblog
  12. IN10 Connecting people and brands
  13. Brandactivation: interaction as a strategy “Brand activation is the integration of online and/or offline activities, by having the customer experience the brand in an active way and by giving them a part in the brand’s communication message.” Source: Thesis R. Zuidgeest Brandactivation, 2007 “With pure brand activation you do not trouble the consumer, but the brand is brought to life on such a manner that the whole target group wants and will experience the brand on an enduring manner. The consumer comes to the brand and wants to enjoy the essence of the brand.” Source: Mark Woerde, Lemz
  14. How to connect? • Listen, observe & try to understand • Relevancy • Open up & let the customer take control • Create the buzz • Surprise • Add value Give them an enduring brand experience Create strong word of mouth
  15. 1. Let’s take them serious! don’t underestimate
  16. Customer in control The move of power from the sender to the receiver. No longer the advertiser or producer determines what the consumer (or customer) receives as messages, now the customer decides if he or she thinks it is interesting enough to check a sender’s message. And even more: the customer (co-)creates the message himself: user generated content
  17. It’s all because of Google…
  18. User generated content 100,000,000 viewers a day 10% of total traffic online Sold after one year for 1.7 billion dollar to Google 8.200.000 articles english: 1.994.000 articles 253 languages 1 million+ contributors 135.000 photos tagged “bread” 3.293 photos uploaded in last minute
  19. The power of word of mouth
  20. Reviews
  21. 2. Let them participate co-create, personalise, customize
  22. Your picture or slogan
  23. Mama’s Choice Olvarit, who urged mothers to send in their favourite healthy baby food recipes. This resulted in a spanking new product line, Mama's Choice, which features eight winning meals, from Josine's 'French vegetables with ham' to Barbara's 'Fish stew with banana'. Needless to say, a picture of mother and child appeared on the labels of the food they CUSTOMER-MADE
  24. MyMuesli
  25. MyMuesli What does mymuesli do? Out of 75 all-organic ingredients you choose your favourites. We mix 'em together and ship your custom-made muesli (cereal) to you. Quite simple. ...one of 566.000.000.000 combinations
  26. Old school co-creation
  27. Own a band, footballclub or a brewery
  28. 3. Let them do the things they do ad value, service, help, optimize, inspirate
  29. Brandspace; babyroom on Schiphol
  30. Nivea
  31. Chatbots
  32. In-game advertising
  33. 4. Let them talk about you! tell a story, create buzz, stimulate word of mouth, surprise, entertain
  34. Where the hell is Matt? Stride Gum - The Ridiculously Long Lasting Gum
  35. Pattex – Hanging Test Dummy
  36. Multi-sensory experience
  37. Multi-sensory experience
  38. Wine 1.0
  39. Wine 2.0
  40. Storytelling (I)
  41. Storytelling (II)
  42. Storytelling
  43. Premiumization
  44. Location sponsoring
  45. Pop-up stores
  46. Pop-up dining y e a r! for mo re than a Boo ked-out ZINGARA cucina, is a fine dining experience, housed in random, obscure locations. Just like the life of the gypsy (Zingara) We have no fixed location Weekly, our location and menu will change From carparks to laneways, bridges & galleries
  47. Ultimate dining experience?
  48. Ambient marketing
  49. Ambient marketing
  50. Beamvertising
  51. Advertising everywhere
  52. 5. Let’s start the conversation observe the dialogue and anticipate facilitate or join social networks
  53. Social networks A social network focuses on the building and verifying of online social networks for communities of people who share interests and activities, or who are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others. Most social network services provide a collection of various ways for users to interact, such as chat, messaging, email, video, voice chat, file sharing, blogging, discussion groups… Strategies 1) Observe & react 2) Take part in existing communities 3) Facilitate a community
  54. 1.) Observe & react Webcare team van UPC en Vodafone
  55. 2) Take part in existing communities Über Social Networks: Hyves, Myspace & Facebook
  56. 2) Take part in existing communities Dogster.com: real pets
  57. 2) Take part in existing communities Last.FM: music revolution
  58. 2) Take part in existing communities Habbo Hotel: virtual hotel for kids
  59. 2) Take part in excisting communities Habbo Hotel: virtual hotel for kids
  60. 2) Take part in existing communities Blogs about everything
  61. 3) Facilitate a community Start your own blog
  62. 3) Facilitate a community Cooking: AH kookschrift
  63. 3) Facilitate a community Brands as channel
  64. Reminder: how to connect? • Listen, observe & try to understand • Relevancy • Open up & let the customer take control • Create the buzz • Surprise • Add value Give them an enduring brand experience Create strong word of mouth
  65. feel free to contact me vincent.luyendijk@in10.nl | 010 – 44 016 44