ontology semantic web rdf sparql question answering natural language processing web services semantic similarity web mining linked data ontologies cloud computing bootstrapping linked open data clustering distributions vector representation morphology olap regulative rules. constitutive rules normative languages programming languages adversarial training without supervision word alignment tibetan polarity machine learning social networks text classification support vector machine naive bayes opinion mining opinion analysis industrial ontologies computational linguistics image semantic annotation international image interoperability framework (ii knowledge graph ontology service center machine reading comprehension programming languages design cybernetics computer architecture super-computation u-mentalism soa. composition of services msa set theory concept association rule data mining web page ranking application mining instance semantic indexing multi-agent systems socialnetwork big data multi-sensor data fusion workflow management interface swoop ontology building tools semantic/intelligent web web evaluation method. web usability gui self-healing composition service selection service clustering service composition owl axioms keyword query interfaces sematic web relational database database-to-ontology mapping principles. protégé plug-in owl (web ontology language) sqwrl(semantic query enhanced-web rule language). protege swrl(semantic web rule language) saudi arabia design guidelines user interface usability xml schema heterogeneous data sources data matching schema integration mediated schema. linguistic analysis natural language interface e-learning intelligent agent owl mobile agent mobility cascaded conditional random fields(ccrfs) hierarchy clustering hyponymy relation domain ontology csv tabular data linked data. category theory computing techniques real-time data binding knowledge dynamically. experiments and evaluations image feature literal matching web service selection (wss) ontology. soap qos arabic language arabic lexicon. wordnet provenance professional terminology workrdf anonymous/blank nodes lsp professional terminology work rdf semantic relation markov logic network association rule mining. qos. clonal selection algorithm semantic web service composition semantic reasoning fire weather indices sensor data streams wireless sensor network idw availability reliability web application development scalability web logs. website design farthest-first requirements ontology semantic web; service-oriented architecture; uml4s similarity aggregation ontology alignment ontology mapping ontology matching semantic web. semantic association complex relationships rdfs web usage mining recommendation prediction semantic web usage mining semantic role labeling social network analys is link analysis algor ithms expert identification information retrieval xsd srml dataset validation xml validation xm l semantic query & search semantic advertising and marketing taxonomies resource description framework information extraction knowledge discovery combination of features syntactical features question answering systems support vector machines (svm ). naïve bayes (nb) lexical features nearest neighbors (nn) semantic features question classification machine learning and svm. wikipedia dbpedia bpel wsdl bpel-tc wsdl-tc π–calculus temporally customised web services property value ontology editor dependency parsing agents discovery owl-s & qos. web service duplicate query results; semantic web; hash index; field plant virtual assistant social network analysis graph mining exclusive crawler database search engine crawler
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