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Agm iiba italy chapter 07 02_2018 - operations

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IIBA Italy Chapter Annual General Meeting 2018

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Agm iiba italy chapter 07 02_2018 - operations

  1. 1. Operations Plan 1 Riccardo Conturbia, IIBA® Italy Chapter VP Operations, Federico Maria Capo, IIBA® Italy Chapter Deputy Director Operations February 2018
  2. 2. Operations scope of activities Software Tools Operations must provide the tools to enable and enhance team productivity. Communications, Marketing and Education tools are more specific, but still they need to be managed centrally . Websites management belongs to this area. Events Organization Events are the main way IIBA Italy Chapter communicates its vision, values and content. Events involve all of the aspect of the Chapter, but Operations has the responsibility to provide a common framework to all the events (procedures, templates, policies) Volunteers Volunteers will be specifically addressed this year, with a dedicated Deputy Director. Operations of the Chapter are heavily based on volunteering. Volunteers must be nurtured and must find self-realization in the Chapter’s activities 2
  3. 3. 3 Operations Goals Maximize the value of the Google Suite offered by IIBA Coordinate the management of the websites Deploy the new organizational structure Support all the events at branch level Empower and organize the Volunteers
  4. 4. Focus on the organizational structure • The new organizational structure of the chapter calls for a new way of managing Operations. • Every Branch will have its own Operations responsible (one of the Branch Leaders) • Operations will coordinate and support all of the field activities by means of: • Common Policies and Procedures • Standardization of templates and suppliers • Operations will gather Lessons Learned to continuously improve 4
  5. 5. Operations Plan 5 Focus on Membership & Volunteers
  6. 6. 6 The M&V strategical needs for 2018 Source: 2018 Strategic Plan with Region and Chapter Specifics by Ken Fulmer, January 2018 Two relevant G-local sources are clearly suggesting the main direction to follow for the increase of any Chapter’s M&V: a SUPERIOR VALUE PROPOSITION for your members Source: Chapter Mentoring Session, January 2018 What do you think your Chapter should focus on this year? Main Goals INCREASE the MEMBER POPULATION thanks to an extended and superior value proposition INCREASE the “VALUE COMMUNITY” made of by the volunteers, joining them strongly and in more tailored initiative, according to their own competencies LIGHTEN UP the Directors from EVERYDAY OPERATIONS, let them focusing more on promotion of Chapter and BA awareness
  7. 7. 7 The M&V 2017 Key Performance Indicators Global Membership Conversion Rate (# of Chapter Members / Total # of Chapter People) 5,9% 19,7% IIBA® Membership Conversion Rate (# of Chapter Members / Total # of IIBA® Italian Members) 45% IIBA® Certified Conversion Rate (# of IIBA® Certified Chapter Members / Total # of IIBA® Certified Italian Members) 25% Voluntary Ratio(*) (# of Chapter Active Volunteers / # of Chapter Members) (*) Estimated
  8. 8. 8 The M&V Light Personas Member- to- Volunteer Not IIBA®’s Member. Receives the Chapter newsletter and occasionally participates to BA events. He carries out a professional activity in Business Analysis and is interested in learning more about the subject, although he does not have full understanding of the methodology, the BABOK®, the purposes of the BA and any value proposition offered Demonstrates an high interest in BA, being an IIBA®’s Member but not a Chapter Member . As IIBA® Member could be professionally certified in BA and therefore interested in gaining CDUs for the purpose of the recertification . He/She could know the Value Proposition of IIBA® but it is not said he/she fully knew the advantage of being a Chapter Member, although participating to BA events As a Member, he/she knows the Chapter Value Proposition. It may participate to the promoted initiatives, but always by an uni-directional interaction, having never carried out voluntary activities.As a matter of fact, while practicing BA in a professional environment, he/she has never had the opportunity to share his/her value to the Community, because not sufficiently motivated or not identifying specific topics of interest for which making their skills available The Program for M&V Development xxx The «D.R.A.G. not do drop» Program for Membership & Volunteers Development Definition To identify the target people according to the depicted Personas To define and plan all the action to assure an effective and efficient new Chapter people on- boarding Recruiting Assignment To allocate voluntary resources crossing the actual needs of the Chapter with people willings and objectives for contribution To define and plan all the tailored Value Proposition to attract new Member & Volunteers for the growth of the Chapter’s Value Community Gratification What's in it for me – WIIFM Building a Value Community
  9. 9. See the following slide… 9 N-IIBA Prospect IIBA Prospect Member to Volunteers • About 1.4K EMAIL CONTACTS already in the Chapter People DB • 3x SHORT INTRODUCTORY WEBINARS (15-20’) on a regular basis, open to non-members and with limited participation: (e.g. Presenting the BA, Presenting the BABOK Guide, Presenting the Value Proposition) • PRESENTING IIBA® and Chapter VALUE PROP. through VARIOUS CHANNELS (e-mail, flyers to events, social post etc.), focusing on the concept of Italian leadership for the BA. Notices include references to website and info mailbox supervised by Op. (I level) • PRESENTING the BA and the CHAPTER through participation in events promoted by ASSOCIATIVE PARTNERS (e.g. GUFPI-ISMA) • IMPROVE the WEB «JOINING IN» PROCESS working on the UX (e.g. unified payment procedure for IIBA® and Chapter membership) • NA • About 0,5K EMAIL CONTACTS already in the Chapter People DB:  28% BA Certified  72% not BA Certified • NEW «MEMBER ONLY» AREA of the website with DEDICATED CONTENTS (e.g. full version of Event presentation, webinars, IIBA® content translated in italian language,…) • WELCOME MAIL with WELCOME KIT to access all the Chapter's VP for Members • "MEMBER-GET-MEMBER“ : propose “X" friends / colleagues for membership to gain free access to a paid initiatives promoted by the Chapter • “CALL THE EXPERTS": tokens available for new members to receive answer and suggestions on BA topics by Chapter’s BA experts • RECERTIFICATION MENTORING for Certified new Members VALUE PROPOSITION + + • < 100 Members • NEW VERSION of POLICY FOR VOLUNTEERING and related Agreement, to define the commitment of the parties CERTIFICATION of Chapter VOLUNTEERING CDUs by the Board of Directors • PUBLIC PAGES of the WEBSITE dedicated to "TOP VOLUNTEERS", to testify the engagement to the whole Community • DIRECT PARTICIPATION in the organization an contents of CHAPTER events and INITIATIVES, enhancing the own BA skills • Ability to partecipate as a MAIN CONTRIBUTOR to BA initiatives, in behalf of the Chapter • Joining of Professional Teams for SPECIAL PROJECT (e.g. «Learn by Other Chapters») • Publishing (when needed) of “OPEN POSITION” to allow spontaneous applications for volunteering, according to people skills and learning objectives • NA
  10. 10. 10 The M&V Value Proposition Plan N-IIBA Prospect IIBA Prospect Member to Volunteers Q2 Q3 Q4 All • 1st edition introductory webinars • 3rd edition introductory webinars • Content development for the introductory webinars • Presenting the BA to Partner initiatives • 2nd edition introductory webinars Q1 • Content development for at least 1 initiative • 1st initiative, preview to BARM 2018 • 3rd initiative preview to BANG 2018 • Focused Communication campaigns to present Chapter initiative (webinar, MgM,…) • New release of Policy for Volunteering + Agreement Template • Join Our Value Community recruiting Campaign • Retention Campaigns • Churn Prevention Campaigns • Agreement Application Propae_ deutics • Data Quality and refactoring of Chapter People DB • Take over of Member’s mobile contacts • Renewal of Chapter Web Platform and selection of a Tool for the management of tasks assigned to Volunteers • Recurring communication campaign to present Chapter Value Proposition In accordance with E M M E C • 2nd initiative preview to BAWI 2018 E C E M C Education MK Communic. C C M Global Membership Conversion Rate 2018 8% 2019 12% 2020 15% IIBA® Membership Conversion Rate 2018 23% 2019 26% 2020 30% IIBA® Certified Conversion Rate 2018 50% 2019 55% 2020 60% IIBA® Membership Conversion Rate 2018 30% 2019 35% 2020 40% Performance KPO - Preview C M
  11. 11. It’s a challenging plan and we need your inestimable contribution! Join now our Value Commu Visit italy.iiba.org
  12. 12. Operations main activities recap. 12 Q1 2018 Q2 2018 Q3 2018 Q4 2018 Software Tools G-Suite assessment and inclusion of ancillary tools Priority to the Collaboration tool Website management handover Priority to the Chapter and the BAWI website. Handover of Innovation website Events & Organization Deployment of the new organizational structure (for branches) 1 joint webinar for Operations, and MarkComm Revision of the Event policy And Project Charter Lessons learned Improvement actions Volunteers New release of Policy for Volunteering + Agreement Template Agreement Application