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Career Options After a Fashion Design Course

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Want to know what to do after a fashion design course?
Explore the 10 best career options after you are done with your fashion degree.

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Career Options After a Fashion Design Course

  1. 1. Career Options After a Fashion Design Course
  2. 2. “A Fashion Designer is not just someone who makes pretty clothes”
  3. 3. Many hands join together to make a garment that sells. A designer can specialize from ideation to research to execution, or the end-to-end process.
  4. 4. Career Options in Fashion Design10
  5. 5. Fashion Designer Works on the entire designing process from start to finish - conceptualising, creating, and showcasing new collections.
  6. 6. Works with forecasting agencies, travelling the world and understanding futuristic trends that might influence fashion. Fashion Forecaster
  7. 7. Fashion Merchandiser Is involved in making informed strategic decisions for the product line from its inception to completion that includes all aspects of production, marketing and sales.
  8. 8. Draper Highly skilled creator who is tasked with creating the first look of garments by draping and physically positioning it on a dress form in the desired pattern or style.
  9. 9. Costume Designer Works in television, theatre, or movies to create costumes for each of the characters and roles defined in the script in sync with the dominant style of the story’s time period.
  10. 10. Fashion Stylist Designs the entire look, the shoes, hair and accessories that complete a piece of clothing. A stylist tells you how to wear it right.
  11. 11. Fashion Illustrator Works with fashion designers in rendering various designed garments to proper fashion illustrations with accurate specifications of fabric, prints, patterns and body type.
  12. 12. Fashion Journalist From writing about the latest trends on the runway, to interviewing designers, a fashion journalist covers the industry and its finer nuances.
  13. 13. Fashion PR and Media A professional who is entrusted with building the client’s public image, liaising between the client and media and tasked with promoting the client’s brand in the marketplace.
  14. 14. Buyer Responsible for purchasing merchandise or a line of clothing to be placed in stores. A buyer typically has strong analytical skills, understanding of retail math, consumer trends and a keen sense of fashion.
  15. 15. Fashion Photographer Armed with technical ability and fashion sense, a fashion photographer creates the environment for a perfect shot, directs the model and captures a unique and desirable image.
  16. 16. With boundaries being blurred in the $1.5 trillion global fashion industry, there are a multitude of viable careers you can foray into.
  17. 17. Ready to make your mark in the industry? Explore IIAD’s Fashion Design Course
  18. 18. www.iiad.edu.in