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GI2016 ppt charvat workshop geoss & conference inspire2016

  1. GEOSS Workshop (Brussel: 21./22.09.2016) & INSPIRE Conference (Barcelona: 26.- 30.09.2016) Karel Charvat 04.10.2016 GI 2016
  2. EU Research and Innovation in Support of the Earth Observation Market Brussels, 21-22 September 2016 The overall objective of this workshop were • to explore Research and Innovation (R&I) actions needed for the development of a dynamic Earth observation (EO) market in Europe in relation to the Copernicus and GEO initiatives (Group on Earth Observations). 04.10.2016 GI 2016
  3. The three main themes of the workshop • To characterise the current EO market in Europe and globally and its future trends (new EO services and products); • To identify R&I actions in support to the delivery of new EO services and products g. within Copernicus and GEO (Group on Earth Observations), and definition of appropriate measures to accelerate their uptake by industry; • To elaborate a mechanism for consulting/involving the European commercial sector towards GEO and Copernicus taking into account the dialogue already initiated between the two programmes. 04.10.2016 GI 2016
  4. INSPIRE 2016 04.10.2016 GI 2016
  5. VGI & Citizens’ Observatories Hackathon • The “VGI & Citizens’ Observatories Hackathon” was the very first hackathon taking place as part of an INSPIRE conference. It sustains and develops the unique European Citizens’ Observatories concept as a forceful tool in environmental management and public participation. 04.10.2016 GI 2016
  6. Cooperating organisation • Citizens Observatories (Citclops, CITI-SENSE, WeSenseIt, CobWeb, Omniscientis) • The EU projects Foodie, SDI4Apps, Open Transport Net, etc. 04.10.2016 GI 2016
  7. Challenge 1 • How might future environmental management and public participation be improved by re-using already available data and tools? 04.10.2016 GI 2016
  8. Challenge 2 • How can the 4 new Citizens’ observatories as well as next generations of observatories re-use and tailor the tools developed in the 5 first Citizens’ Observatories (in particular the soon ending CITI- SENSE, WeSenseIt and CobWeb projects), and related projects like SDI4Apps, FOODIE and Open Transport Net? 04.10.2016 GI 2016
  9. Challenge 3 • Based on use cases from the 4 new Citizens’ Observatories, how can data from a variety of data sources be made interoperable and integrated as information answering concrete environmental issues, such as maintaining biodiversity, healht, improve waste re-use, prevent flooding, reduce noise, ensure dark nights, etc ? 04.10.2016 GI 2016
  10. Result 1 CITI-SENSE data in SenSlog 04.10.2016 GI 2016
  11. 04.10.2016 GI 2016 Result 2 Google Docs for Maps: collaborative whiteboard for drawing on maps
  12. Result 3 HSLCollector apps 04.10.2016 GI 2016
  13. Result 4 Leaflet module for visualizing Map Compositions 04.10.2016 GI 2016
  14. • 04.10.2016 GI 2016