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GI2013 ppt paetzug+rauschert_project_itham

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GI2013 ppt paetzug+rauschert_project_itham

  1. 1. p. 1© FraunhoferRESEARCH FOR A MOBILE FUTUREProject ITHAMIntermodal Transport of Hazardous MaterialsDRESDEN
  2. 2. p. 2© FraunhoferAgendaOverview Project partner Project scopeModules Data capturing Data science Alerting
  3. 3. p. 3© Fraunhofer Scientific staff: 700 Budget p.a.: ~80 million euros Applied research and development inmicro-electronics Headquarter: ErlangenDirector:Prof. Dr. Albert HeubergerFraunhofer IIS
  4. 4. p. 4© FraunhoferResearch Areas Audio and multimedia technologies Imaging systems Digital broadcasting systems Embedded communication IC design and design automation Communication networks Navigation Logistics Medical engineering Optical inspection systems X-ray technology
  5. 5. p. 5© Fraunhofer Scientific staff: 80/50 Budget p.a.: ~6.5 million euros(2011) Applied research and engineeringin traffic, infrastructure andtransportation systems Close cooperation withDresden University of Technology(TU Dresden)Director:Dr. Matthias KlingnerFraunhofer IVI
  6. 6. p. 6© FraunhoferResearch Areas Four departments: Transportation, Energy and Environment Intermodal Traffic Information andManagement Systems Strategy and Optimization Vehicle and Transport System Engineering
  7. 7. p. 7© FraunhoferSALT Solutions GmbH Founding 06/2002 Locations Dresden, Duesseldorf,Munich, Wuerzburg Employees 329 (full time)(effective 1.1.2013) Equity 5,2 Mio EuroEquity ratio 50 percent General Managers Dr. Bernhard Blüthnerand Associates Dieter HeydeMarkus Honold Business Areas IT solutions forProductionLogisticsRetailProfile22,926,429,032,136,52009 2010 2011 2012 2013pSales Development
  8. 8. p. 8© FraunhoferBusiness Services Business and technical consulting for industry,logistics and trade Software development Systems for retail and logistics companies Systems for Storage, Transport, Fulfillment Mobile Applications BI Systems, Retail Planning Prediction based short period dispositionwww.tacot.com
  9. 9. p. 9© FraunhoferHazardous cargo May get lost or stolen, May derail or get damaged, May explode or implode, May lose material, …Hazardous transports may be jeopardized by Industrial strikes and lock-outs, Embankment fire, … May become a tremendous risk for people and environment.Project ScopeThe challenge
  10. 10. p. 10© FraunhoferTracking and tracing of container cargo mainly for rail and street transport.Robust, safe and maintenance free on board units that collect a bulk ofconditions like location, velocity, temperature, pressure, humidity, shocks,vibrations and sealing states.Secured and energy optimized real time transmission of the collected andpreprocessed data via cellular and satellite networks.Integrated into public and industry systems and automated real time processingin a centralized data warehouse.Enhancement of alerting with current situations overviews.Project ScopeThe solution proposal
  11. 11. p. 11© FraunhoferModule1 – Data Capturing: Collecting position and environment data (e.g.temperature, humidity, vibration) of each unit and sends this information viamobile and satellite networks.Project ScopeA unique combination of edge technologyModule 2 – Data Science: Data is processed with fast in memory databases andcompared with patterns and alerting rules. Alerts rise if risk patterns aredetected or rules are broken.Module 3 – Alerting: Continuously analyses regional public information. In caseof an alert samples a situation overview valid for the disaster management.Informs the global transport management and the local administration in theaffected region.
  12. 12. p. 12© Fraunhofercargocellularnetworksatellitenetworkfirewallreal timeinvestigationtransportmanagementlong terminvestigationalertingpublic dataemergency responsesystemsBig picture
  13. 13. p. 13© Fraunhofer Satellite System for positioncapturing Short-range communicationfor low-power data-transmission between singledevices Cellular or satellite systemfor data-transmission toserver or infrastructureData Capturing 1Localization and Communication
  14. 14. p. 14© Fraunhofer Position acquisition anddata-transmissiondynamically assigned toindividual deviceData Capturing 2Localization and Communication
  15. 15. p. 15© Fraunhofer Frequency of dataacquisition andtransmissiondetermines the powerconsumption of thedevice Battery-powereddevices haveoperation/run-times ofweeks or months andhave to be servicedfrom time to time orreplaced to chargethe batteryData Capturing 3Power Supply by Energy HarvestingMCUMicro SD Card(up to 8GB)WLAN ModulAnalog Interface(8 ADC Channels12bit)Three-AxisAccelerometer,(other Sensors)Debug Interface(UARToverRS232/USB)PowerManagmentBatteryEnergy HarvesterGPSreceiverGSM Modul
  16. 16. p. 16© FraunhoferData Capturing 4Power Supply by Energy Harvesting Energy Harvesting can replacebatteries or the need torecharge them Energy transducers use energyfrom the environment (light,vibration, heat) to generateelectrical energy Solar cells or vibration harvestercharge battery during operation Unlimited operation andstandby-times become possible
  17. 17. p. 17© FraunhoferPreprocess the complex and high frequency data stream from local sensors intostates and changes. (Examples)Data Science 1From sensor data to environment information Temperature -> 5 min average Humidity -> 30 min average Pressure -> 1 h average Vibration -> Frequency spectrum, 2 min average Location -> accuracy 15 m, any change Velocity -> 5 min average Sealing -> any violation, immediately Loss of communication chain -> immediately
  18. 18. p. 18© FraunhoferAnalyzing the sequence of states and changes on multiple information channelsof different container units and clusters.Data Science 2Time and sequence analysisEvent-StreamUnit1Unit2Unit3
  19. 19. p. 19© FraunhoferComparing the state of different units for exceptions and expected or unexpectedpatterns.Data Science 3State pattern analysisUnitUnitUnitUnitUnitUnitUnitUnitUnitUnitUnitUnitUnitUnitUnitUnitUnitUnit
  20. 20. p. 20© Fraunhofer Import schedules and unit information from Transport Management systems Check location and velocity compared to the schedule Update units for active geofencing Check unit conditions according to the loaded materialsData Science 4Monitoring the expected behavior
  21. 21. p. 21© FraunhoferStorage and processing of mass data in real time needs modern in-memory databases as well as traditional storage for analysis.Data Science 5Processing event streams and storageData entryVerification-Access Control-EnhancementFast StorageIn MemoryEventProcessingMass StorageReductionInvestigationAnalysis-Statistics-Value Services-Prediction
  22. 22. p. 22© Fraunhofer Information prepared by Chemicalenterprises in case of emergency Delivery of relevant information(acid type, quantity, location) Delivery of expected situationswithin next min/h/d ( e.g.propagation rate & velocity)Alerting 1Data analysis of internal knowledgeEvaluation of possible location of stolen wagon Propagation rate of chemical cloudConsequences of contamination for affected region
  23. 23. p. 23© Fraunhofer Based on Web 2.0 – participation webenvironment Impacts of different events leads todelays or non-delivery (e.g. industrialaction, embankment fire) Contains data regarding news feeds,social media monitoring, governmentalweb pages, ect. Integration in useful visualization, e.g.node set and edge set modelAlerting 2Data analysis of external effects
  24. 24. p. 24© FraunhoferAlerting 3Open Data collection
  25. 25. p. 25© Fraunhofer Information distribution via report Situation overview Contact information Points of entry Pubished news Automated generation ofrecommended actions Implemented in EU project WWW.IDIRA.EU Project content: Interoperability of data and procedures inlarge-scale multinational disaster response actionsAlerting 4Generate Data visualization
  26. 26. p. 26© Fraunhofer Structured communicationcontains ad-hoc integration Observations Damages Causalities Translated form with allavailable languages Feedback from field forceschanges common operationalpictureAlerting 5Structured communication
  27. 27. p. 27© FraunhoferSummaryInvestigateCollect Transmit ActThe ITHAM project… will build up a robust, fully automated and fully integrated alertingsystem for hazardous transports on ground.
  28. 28. p. 28© FraunhoferDipl.-Inform. Martin Pätzug (Speaker)SALT Solutions GmbHCharlottenstraße 34, D - 01099 DresdenEmail: martin.paetzug@salt-solutions.dewww.salt-solutions.deDr.-Ing. Peter SpiesFraunhofer-Institut Integrierte Schaltungen IISNordostpark 93, D - 90411 NürnbergEmail: peter.spies@iis.fraunhofer.dewww.iis.fraunhofer.deDipl.-Med.-wirt, MBA Andre RauschertFraunhofer-Institut für Verkehrs- und Infrastruktursysteme IVIZeunerstraße 38, D - 01069 DresdenEmail: andre.rauschert@ivi.fraunhofer.dewww.ivi.fraunhofer.deContact Information