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SAP DM: Comply, Accelerate and Benefit with Disclosure Management

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The webinar is going to cover in details SAP DM features and how companies can develop their last mile reporting with ease. The session will demonstrate how you can structure and prepare your annual report for disclosures, including formatting and dynamic linking of your data to your underlying data source.

This webinar is targeted towards:
finance department of organisations responsible for preparation of Group Accounts, Statutory accounts and iXBRL tagging for submission to tax authorities (*note this will not include submission to German authorities) . It will demonstrate how powerful SAP DM is in creation of annual reporting, complying with financial reporting standards and how companies can speed up their year-end.

In this webinar you will learn:
- Create Reports and Periods
- Roll Forward
- Create a Data Cache in DM and connect it to the underlying data source
- Formatting of tables to comply with corporate layout
- Audit trail
- Dynamic representation of changes
- Overview of Security in SAP DM
- iXBRL preparation overview

1. SAP DM Overview
2. Navigation through SAP DM
3. Periods and Reports
4. Data Cache and Formatting
5. Security and Audit

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SAP DM: Comply, Accelerate and Benefit with Disclosure Management

  1. 1. Digital Trailblazer 2017 B.Braun, Aesculap and IBsolution Comply, Accelerate and Benefit with SAP Disclosure Management 30.11.2017
  2. 2. Your Presenter 30.11.2017 academy.ibsolution.de 2 Milena Paunova Senior Enterprise Management Consultant Milena.paunova@ibsolution.bg SAP Expertise: SAP Disclosure Management SAP Business Planning and Consolidation SAP Profitability and Cost Management
  3. 3. Agenda Digital Trailblazer 2017 B.Braun, Aesculap and IBsolution 1. SAP DM Overview 2. Periods and Reports 3. Data Cache and Formatting 4. Security and Audit 5. XBRL and iXBRL 6. Navigation through SAP DM
  4. 4. Target Audience Finance Sales EPM clients Controlling Audit SAP and non-SAP clients 30.11.2017 academy.ibsolution.de 4
  5. 5. Digital Trailblazer 2017 B.Braun, Aesculap and IBsolution SAP DM Overview
  6. 6. SAP Disclosure Management 30.11.2017 academy.ibsolution.de 6 Use Cases  Annual Report  Front half  Back half  Management Board Report  Half year and quarterly reporting  Group and local entities statutory accounts  iXBRL and XBRL reports for submission to tax authorities (E-Bilanz, US SEC, HMRC )
  7. 7. SAP DM Highlights 30.11.2017 academy.ibsolution.de 7 31% faster financial close 100% ownership and User adoption 40% faster financial statements Time saved for other strategic activities Time saved – no rounding errors Last minute changes @ the touch of a button
  8. 8. SAP Disclosure Management Overview 30.11.2017 academy.ibsolution.de 8 Data Sources Holding SGE 1 SGE 2 SGE 3 ZH 1ZH 2 EG 1 EG 2 EG 5EG 3 SGE 4 EG 6EG 4 SAP BPC, BFC DW (e.g. SAP BW,HANA) ERP Software SQL Server Controlling Data (e.g. Excel) SAP Disclosure Management Workflow Data Repository Document- management Output- processor Word Processor Outputs <HTML> Disclosure Management
  9. 9. SAP Disclosure Management Benefits 30.11.2017 academy.ibsolution.de 9 Sophisticated workflow Rounding at the touch of a button Revisions - display of changes made per user Compliance with financial reporting and regulatory standards Approval process tied to the workflow Significant reduction in time to produce financial reports Integrated XBRL/iXBRL tagging and report generation Mature user access setup and SSO Business content for IFRS, USGAAP, UK GAAP, E-Bilanz, and Solvency II All the data required for reporting is under “one hat”
  10. 10. Last mile of financial reporting Efficient financial close 30.11.2017 academy.ibsolution.de 10 ▪A complete statement document is partitioned in its chapters ▪Each chapter is a single document and can be edited independently ▪Chapters can be linked to each other and into other documents ▪All the figures and charts within each document are linked to the data cache of disclosure management ▪Each document has a status icon and colour which is easily identifiable and provides overview
  11. 11. SAP Disclosure Management Features Various Data Sources – SAP and Non-SAP Multiple Data sources can be linked to a single data cache (DMs own database ) Output in Word, PPT, Excel, PDF, XBRL, iXBRL, HTML COREP/FINREP reporting taxonomies Email notifications Formatting capability to align with corporate layout Fiori app for workflow approval Roll Forward Numerous Monitoring reports to track activity in SAP DM Custom validations 30.11.2017 academy.ibsolution.de 11
  12. 12. Digital Trailblazer 2017 B.Braun, Aesculap and IBsolution Periods and Reports
  13. 13. Web Portal SAP Disclosure Management 30.11.2017 academy.ibsolution.de 13
  14. 14. Reports and Periods 30.11.2017 academy.ibsolution.de 14 A Period can contain multiple reports A Report is assigned to a Unit
  15. 15. Reports and Chapters 30.11.2017 academy.ibsolution.de 15
  16. 16. Reports Upload function 30.11.2017 academy.ibsolution.de 16 The Upload view allows users to upload and add content into the chapters. The allowed file -types for upload are restricted by the report type.
  17. 17. Reports History 30.11.2017 academy.ibsolution.de 17 The History view provides details of all activities that have been carried out on the chapter.
  18. 18. Digital Trailblazer 2017 B.Braun, Aesculap and IBsolution Data Cache
  19. 19. SAP DM Data Cache in a nutshell 30.11.2017 academy.ibsolution.de 19
  20. 20. SAP Disclosure Management Data Sources 30.11.2017 academy.ibsolution.de 20
  21. 21. Data Cache – data providers Link tables to Word Chapters 30.11.2017 academy.ibsolution.de 21 2 1 • BIP Ranges • Used to create a specific area on an excel sheet as a separate dataprovider • Using BIP Ranges you can create multiple data providers on a single excel worksheet. • Created by selecting the range in excel • Give the range a name using the inputbox • Prefix for the name should always be: BIP_
  22. 22. Design example – Separate Data Cache 30.11.2017 academy.ibsolution.de 22 2 2 Chapter 1 (Excel) Chapter 2 (Excel) Data Cache Report Chapter 1 Word Report 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 1 Word Report 2 Chapter 2 • Data which can be used across multiple reports • Periods needs to align so in case of roll forward there are no issues • Separation of data and report responsibility • A chapter in the data cache report can be linked to multiple word reports/chapters
  23. 23. SAP Disclosure Management Data Flow 30.11.2017 academy.ibsolution.de 23 examples
  24. 24. Report Types File extensions 30.11.2017 academy.ibsolution.de 24
  25. 25. Formatting Excel or Word formatting 30.11.2017 academy.ibsolution.de 25 Word formatting template  centrally maintained global corporate layout  Separate table template for specific table sizes  Excel styling is replicated in Word  Styling needs to be set for each excel sheet. Excel formatting
  26. 26. Rounding Management Is it a true difference or is it caused by rounding? 30.11.2017 academy.ibsolution.de 26
  27. 27. Custom Validations 30.11.2017 academy.ibsolution.de 27  Ensure good quality of your reporting  Excel based formulas
  28. 28. Digital Trailblazer 2017 B.Braun, Aesculap and IBsolution Security and Audit
  29. 29. User Access Roles and Permissions  Local Permissions  Global Permissions 30.11.2017 academy.ibsolution.de 29
  30. 30. SAP DM Workflow Out of the box and Custom 30.11.2017 academy.ibsolution.de 30
  31. 31. Data Source to Disclosures 30.11.2017 academy.ibsolution.de 31 3 1 Disclosure Management  Multiple sources  Automation  User interface  Mapping  Validations  Audit Trail  Business user owned and managed  Data Entry  Template Validations  Cross Template Validations  Workflow  Status reporting  Audit trail  Dashboard  Rates  Organisation scopes  Rules  Validation Reports  Distribute
  32. 32. SAP DM Monitoring 30.11.2017 academy.ibsolution.de 32
  33. 33. Digital Trailblazer 2017 B.Braun, Aesculap and IBsolution iXBRL and XBRL
  34. 34. iXBRL and XBRL (inline) eXtensive Business Reporting Language 30.11.2017 academy.ibsolution.de 34 • human-readable and structured, machine-readable data • HTML standard that is used to power the world’s web pages, and embeds extra “tags • “bar codes for reporting ” • Efficiency
  35. 35. SAP DM Preparation for iXBRL and XBRL Tagging overview 30.11.2017 academy.ibsolution.de 35 3 iXBRL/XBRL Report • Configuration and storage of tags • Units • Contexts Data Cache Report Data Storage & Acquisition Word Template Document with Text and Tables Taxonomy Report • Storage of Taxonomy • Selection of entry point iXBRL file Output file Data link Tagging Tagging
  36. 36. Taxonomy Entry point IFRS – FRS101 30.11.2017 academy.ibsolution.de 36
  37. 37. Digital Trailblazer 2017 B.Braun, Aesculap and IBsolution SAP DM Navigation
  38. 38. Digital Trailblazer 2017 B.Braun, Aesculap and IBsolution Q&A Thank you!