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Tivoli Live - what's in it for you?

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Michael Friis Olsen, Senior Operations Architect om Tivoli Live Service Manager

Indlægget blev holdt på IBM Partner Kick Off 2012

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Tivoli Live - what's in it for you?

  1. 1. TLsmTivoli Live Service ManagerMichael Friis Olsenmifo@dk.ibm.com+45 28803786Global Technology ServicesSenior Operations Architect © 2009 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. Hvad er TLsmIBM Tivoli Live – service managerEr en software-as-a-service, der hjælper med at supporterekundernes IT afdeling TAMIT IBM Tivoli Live – service manager Reducere it-omkostninger, mindske risikoen og optimere service med effektiv it-asset management-løsninger indeholder Standard software fra Tivoli Muliggør effektiv styring af it-aktiver livscyklus, til lavere omkostninger, mindske licens overholdelse af risiko, og (TSRM, CCMDB, Asset for IT) hostet af IBM bedre bringes i overensstemmelse med virksomhedens mål. http://www-01.ibm.com/software/tivoli/products/asset- management-it/ TSRM Automatiseret anmodning opfyldelse system gennem CCMDB integreret service desk og servicekatalog TAMIT TSRM Styrer både anmodninger baseret på kald og service katalog i én løsning med integreret service desk software og service katalog. http://www-01.ibm.com/software/tivoli/products/service- request-mgr/ CCMDB Udnytter en åben Architected integrationsplatform for implementering og automatisering af succesfulde service management initiativer. TPAE CCMDB fra Tivoli ® automatiserer data, arbejdsgange og politikker for at tilpasse it-infrastruktur management med erhvervslivet prioriteringer. http://www-01.ibm.com/software/tivoli/products/ ccmdb/ ISM Database TPAE Workflow engine © 2009 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. IBM Tivoli Live – service manager comprehensive ITIL capabilities IBM’s Key Differentiators Incident & Problem Change Management Management Service Asset Request Management Knowledge Service Level Management Management Client Self Help CMDB Tivoli Live – Service service Release Catalog manager Management Self-help, catalog and Process automation Reports and analytics request management workflows and fulfillment ITIL® Gold Certified Pink Certified KCS Verified © 2009 IBM Corporation
  4. 4. Tivoli Live – service manager: Scope and terms Sold by User Role, lets the customer “pay for what they need” - differentiated model to attack the market: –  Offers clients the option to buy only user types they need through subscription-based pricing –  New Pricing available soon based on total concurrent users (versus per individual user) Target both enterprise and general business segments Tivoli Live - service manager Terms of Offering: (Incident-Problem-Change-Catalog- –  Minimum term (1 year) and volume Config, Release, Asset) (~25 subscriptions) to qualify for offer –  Standard service supports up to 600 concurrent users (special bid for higher # of users) –  For Sev 1, phone support is available   Customers can start with   Additional subscriber (and single subscriber type (that function) to meet –  For all other questions, email and forum is, service desk agents) competitive scope and support are available (24-hour response)   Simplified GUI, Roles, and add value differentiation –  SLO of 99.5% availability (excluding Workflows   Standard UI, roles and maintenance windows)   Positioned as easy-to-use workflows entry level –  30 day notice for termination –  Early termination fees regardless of term SaaS with quarterly updates Full, Multi-Discipline Service Desk Only Hosted on IBM Compute Cloud Process Automation (Enterprise & GB Segments) (Enterprise Segment) © 2009 IBM Corporation
  5. 5. Prismodel og Priser Service Desk User Service Release Asset Manager User Combo User DKK 542/user/month and CMDB User DKK 605/user/month (concurrent) DKK 416/user/month DKK 982/user/month Manages incidents and   problems Approves and monitors    changes Owns and publishes service   definitions in service catalog Approves and monitors releases;   administers CMDB; manages CIs Approves and monitors assets; lifecycle   management of IT assets Concurrent User - a unit of measure by which the Program can be subscribed. A Concurrent User is a person who is accessing the Program at any particular point in time. Regardless of whether the person is simultaneously accessing the Program multiple times, the person counts only as a single Concurrent User. The Subscriber must obtain entitlements for the maximum number of Concurrent Users simultaneously accessing the Program. Subscriber must obtain an entitlement for each simultaneous Concurrent User accessing the Program in any manner directly or indirectly (for example: via a multiplexing program, device, or application server) through any means. The Concurrent User has access to any combination of the following: Asset Manager, Change and Release Manager, or Service Desk Agent. The ratio = 3,5. © 2009 IBM Corporation
  6. 6. SaaS Versus Traditional On-Prem Model SaaS Traditional (Hosted, subscription) (On-prem, perpetual) OPEX vs. CAPEX Operational Capital Predictable Costs Yes No Maintenance Costs Included in subscription 15-30% of list per year Upgrades and patches Automatic – stay current Customer responsibility, cost Support and infrastructure Included – focus on business Customer responsibility, cost Customizations Preserved Hinder upgrades CAPEX – license and implementation Maintenance, Upgrades support staffing, and infrastructureLow initial -- OPEX Low, predictable yearly costs © 2009 IBM Corporation
  7. 7. IBM Tivoli Live – service manager enables rapid deployment of anenterprise-class, integrated service management environmentTime to Value via: Client IBM  Cloud-based provisioning of instances Internet  SaaS image with out-of-the-box 5. Ready! content 3. E-mail sent to client Employee end user  Simplified role-based user interfaces administrator  On-Boarding utilities: •  Load Assets, CIs, User definitions, person groups, licenses from a 4. Load data spreadsheet (csv file) •  Sample files and formats provided Tivoli Live – Role-based IT staff service manager in welcome package •  Import Preview Mode – validate data before loading 1. Sign Contract 2. Dedicated virtual instance provisioned on the IBM Cloud Manager © 2009 IBM Corporation
  8. 8. Tivoli Live – service manager Integrations  VPN  CSV file import Integration Methods  E-mail Initiated ticket generation  LDAP, Active Directory  Omnibus  BMC Remedy Event Management and 3rd  E-mail Initiated ticket generation  TEC Party Service Desks  Any CSV generating  TADDM Discovery and CMDB  CCMDB  TADD  IM Bot  Google Talk Messaging / Social  Sametime  Twitter  RightAnswer  Envision  Rational Clearquest  Lotus Connections Other  Tivoli Identity Manager  CTI systems  Tivoli Remote Control  iPhone Everyplace• Normal text denotes “out of the box” integration – fully tested but may need configuration• Italic text denotes “custom” integrations that may require validation – many currently being tested © 2009 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. Security control details (on the IBM Cloud)  Implemented a pair of SRX 650 Juniper IBM Agents Internet IBM Cloud firewall for secure access & isolation  Implemented SDD & TLSM in a private VLAN in IBM Cloud  Access of end users are via a secured SSL (HTTPS) connection HTTPS Session Customers  Dedicated VM implementation for every TLSM customer  Deployed Host Intrusion Detection to identify and eliminate any DoS attacks Role-based IT Staff:  Isolation of WAS and DB VM using IPSEC • Service Desk User/Agent SDD / TLSM firewall • Service Catalog User • Change & Release Manager  Received IES Security approval with Risk • Asset Manager Acceptance  Already have legal message in TSRM home page UI for customers to not put PI or SPI data into system Administrator/Manager MSD Firewall “Combo” User9 © 2009 IBM Corporation