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What is data-driven government for public safety?

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How can governments become data-driven and capitalize on the ton of valuable insight hidden in the flood of data we generate every day? Where has this already been implemented, and what are the effects? Get the big picture on public safety and incident and emergency management at http://ibm.co/saferplanet

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What is data-driven government for public safety?

  1. 1. What is data-driven government for public safety? SlideShare brought to you by IBM
  2. 2. Ensuring public safety is getting increasingly complex
  3. 3. Population density in our cities is rising
  4. 4. New climate patterns cause more frequent & severe events
  5. 5. New criminal activities, like cybercrime, are emerging
  6. 6. Incidents are crossing jurisdictional boundaries
  7. 7. Consequences: Human & economic losses are increasing dramatically
  8. 8. So what is data-driven government and how does it ensure public safety?
  9. 9. Data-driven government: 1. Integrates the mountains of data that every agency and department in government already have. 2. Extracts intelligence from the data using advanced analytics. 3. Shares insights & coordinates actions across jurisdictional boundaries—to stop threats and minimize damages.
  10. 10. Integrating Data: Aggregate and organize all data from its silos, adding legacy data and new data—like video feeds, sensor data and 911 call records.
  11. 11. Extracting Intelligence: Once this data is organized, you can apply various types of analytic tools and extract different kinds of insight from it.
  12. 12. Descriptive Analytics: Tell you “What is” and “Why”, Predictive Analytics: Tell you “What if”, Prescriptive Analytics: Tell you “What to do”, Geospatial Analytics: Tell you “How it fits together”
  13. 13. Sharing & Coordinating: With a cloud implementation, powerful analytics and region-wide synchronization are within reach—without large, upfront costs.
  14. 14. Crime dropped 28% in Memphis, Tennessee. Crime is at 60-year lows in Mesa, Arizona. 3X increase in police officer efficiency in Adams County, Colorado. Can predict landslides & move citizens to safety in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  15. 15. There is a ton of valuable insight hidden in the flood of data we generate every day. Use this data to enable more accurate situational awareness and cooperation with advanced analytic & collaboration tools.
  16. 16. Learn more at http://ibm.co/saferplanet