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Premium Laboratory Vacuum Pumps

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Shop high vacuum pumping systems used in both laboratory and industrial applications for a variety of needs at HVAC TOOLS. JAVAC pumps are designed to last a lifetime.Shop with confidence!.

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Premium Laboratory Vacuum Pumps

  1. 1. Get Premium Quality Laboratory Vacuum Pumps
  2. 2. About Us- HVACTOOLS supply and service quality air conditioning refrigeration and vacuum system from the best brands for your maximum satisfaction.We stand behind all the products we sell and we pride ourselves on being your partner long after the sale.Shop with confidence!
  3. 3. OUR PRODUCT CATEGORIES UV Leak Detection Products Tools And Accessories Refrigerant Analyzer Laboratory Vacuum Pumps
  4. 4. Our commitment to our customers: ● Deliver high quality solutions for all industry sectors and applications product such as leak detection, refrigeration, laboratory, automotive, and other tools and accessories. ● We ensure quality on various parameters till final delivery under qualified professionals and offer them at competitive market prices. ● We have the technical expertise to keep your unit in best working order. ● We offer a 100% guarantee and pride ourselves on being your partner long after the sale.
  5. 5. Features And Benefits Of Laboratory Vacuum Pumps ● Wide ultimate vacuum range ● Two stage oil sealed vacuum pump ● Long lifetime ● Reduced noise level ● Dual oil demister to prevent mist and smoke ● Multi voltage units are available on request
  6. 6. Contact Us Website : http://hvactools.co.nz/ Free Phone: 0800 483353 Intl: +64 9 216 9912 Email : info@hvactools.co.nz Get Smarter, faster and more reliable HVAC/R products that you've ever used !