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Portfolio Parsons Final

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Portfolio Parsons Final

  1. 1. Hutton Becker Style is not given it’s created
  2. 2. BIO Growing up in a small town in Southern California, fashion was never the most thriving theme surrounding me. I discovered my passion at a young age when my closet grew once a year— my birthday. Organizing my closet by color and style started off when I was 10 years old, maybe that was my OCD talking, but organization to the point of perfection has always been a part of me. My dreams of fashion transcended from wanting to be a blogger to more recently taking my excessive shopping passion and combining that with my vigor for styling; foundationing my dream — a stylist or personal shopper. Surrounded by the real estate world of property management and interior design, both my parents have an eye for design. It was only natural for my father to push me toward the business side of things which I'm hoping to combine with my fashion interest. For me personally, artistic creativity was never my strong suit. From an early age, styling myself became the most creative attribute I possessed. Often times than not, my daily style involves the color black, but that has always been a staple in my closet. Blogging became my first outlet for personal style, but for the most part my Instagram is what I post on most often. I definitely put time aside daily to indulge in my favorite online influencers and shopping sites. Whowhatwear and Weworewhat are two of my favorite sites to look at for inspiration. It is because of so many bloggers influences that I have coined my dreams in styling and blogging. Styling is one of the greatest outlets for personal identity, and I hope to continue influencing my friends and family through my own personal style.
  3. 3. Hutton Becker Instagram: Kidhudii Wordpress Blog: somewhathut.wordpress.com Education Employment Volunteer Charleston Fashion Week Backstage Volunteer 2015-2016 Specific Skills • Communication & Organization • Time Management • Writing and Blogging • Visual Design Capabilities • Sketching & Design Organization
  4. 4. Styling & Blogging