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Supporting the Human Side of Content Monitoring

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The transparency within social media offers a rich source to monitor the conversations within communities. At the same time it can contribute to the growing problem of information overload. One approach to these two issues is to use semantic technology. While semantic methods allow for machines to understand information, there is no machine as complex as the human brain and its cognitive power to correlate what is meaningful from what is not. In this session we will cover a complementary approach (awareness engine) that does not rely on semantic technology, but rather uses data visualizations to allow an individual to easily understand the essential themes emerging from a massive number of events and conversations.

Awareness engines operate on the premise that people, rather than computers, know best about where to look next. In this session you will see how real-time awareness plays a key role in making sense of timely and unstructured information, and revealing an organic and intimate semantic pathway within a filtered body of information.

Hosted by Bill Ives, SVP of Darwin Ecosystems, and Thierry Hubert, CEO Darwin Ecosystems, in conjunction with Human 1.0

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