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How to appear in search. The basics.

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HuebnerPetersen's Dealer Marketing Services' presentation on search engine marketing basics. Including information on organic search, paid search, video, and mobile. Presented at Jayco RV's 2014 Dealer Homecoming event in San Antonio, TX.

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  • Developing a web application is so simple nowadays. Its really a crucial task to get the page to be indexed. then only the your web presence should have a meaning. this guidance will greatly helps the online entrepreneurs to get reach of their web application to be search engine friendly.
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How to appear in search. The basics.

  2. 2. Bethany AbbyJala Jayco Dealer Marketing Services
  3. 3. Your virtual storefront Your website is a valuable sales tool. Sells product Available 24/7 Captures Sales Leads
  4. 4. Television Dealership Visit Dealer Website Sales Person 53% 89% 83% 82% As important as a dealership visit.
  5. 5. But without traffic, your website doesn’t do much.
  6. 6. 5% Referral 75% Traffic From Search 20% Direct Traffic Traffic sources for an average RV dealer website
  7. 7. Search is the top research tool for vehicle buyers.
  8. 8. Get a bigger piece of search engine pie.
  9. 9. Un-paid listings that appear based on your website’s relevancy to a user’s search. Organic search. Influenced by how your website is setup and your content. Most often appear below paid search advertisements.
  10. 10. Ensure your website is organized and setup well. How to rank organically. Develop a keyword list. Use keywords in your copy and content. Setup meta tags & alt attributes. Use keywords. Generate and use a sitemap. Use Webmaster Tools, submit site to search engines. Set a plan to regularly update content.
  11. 11. Google matches keywords in a user’s search, to keywords on your website. User’s keyword Jayco’s White Hawk keyword list
  12. 12. Keyword heavy text Images named with keywords
  13. 13. Meta tags, alt attributes, and sitemaps tell about your site, and if it’s a match for a user’s search. Help Google determine if you’re a match for this user
  14. 14. Meta title Meta description Keyword
  15. 15. To setup meta tags & alt attributes, talk to your web admin. Provide your keyword list and titles for each web page.
  16. 16. Sign up for Google Webmaster Tools. Track top search terms, errors and submit a sitemap.
  17. 17. Google cares about relevancy and user-experience. Think helpful content, keywords, organization and speed. Work with your website admin to optimize for organic search.
  18. 18. Top three search listings get 85% of the clicks.85% Why optimize? Of vehicle buyers use search in their purchase process.90%
  19. 19. Listings in search results available to paying advertisers. Paid search listings. Ranking determined by budget, keywords, ad copy, and web page relevancy. Paid listings get the most “real estate” in search results.
  20. 20. 86% of above-the-fold pixels show paid search results. The “fold”
  21. 21. Paid listings ensure you show in top spots and allow you to control the message.
  22. 22. Identify landing pages on your website. How to start with paid search. Develop a keyword list. Open a Google AdWords account. Setup conversion tracking on your website. Set a target monthly budget, $300 - $1000. Start a test campaign, targeted to your local area. Track metrics, aim for a 1% CTR.
  23. 23. As with organic, Google cares about relevancy and quality. Paid search requires constant monitoring, testing, optimizing. Test keywords, ads, landing pages. Maintain quality score, watch costs.
  24. 24. 1400% 800% 500% 200% Worth the investment? At $500/month: Sell 5 units Sell 2 units Sell 3 units Sell 1 unit
  25. 25. Running just one paid campaign can increase website traffic by over a third. 39% Why run paid ads? Even selling just one unit provides over 100% ROI.100%
  26. 26. Organic & paid search work together.
  27. 27. Best results combine organic and paid search engine marketing.
  28. 28. The majority of searchers prefer organic results, they trust them. But… 77%
  29. 29. Only 14% of above-the-fold real estate shows organic listings. The “fold”
  30. 30. Ranking in search = sales traffic. | Top result | Second result . | Third result | Remaining results 60% 19% 6% 16%
  31. 31. And, Nearly 90% of paid ad clicks are incremental to clicks from organic listings. 89%
  32. 32. 10 + 40 = 80? When both organic and paid listings show, Jayco gets 80% of available clicks
  33. 33. When you combine organic and paid search efforts, your dealership will show up for more searches, have more opportunities to rank higher, have the ability to block competitors, and build more awareness. A successful online strategy utilizes both organic and paid.
  35. 35. Mobile search. The average dealer’s site gets 25-30% of traffic from mobile devices.
  36. 36. Mobile searchers take action. 70% of mobile searches result in action within 1 hour. 61% of local searches on a mobile phone result in a phone call. 52% of mobile paid ads result in a phone call.
  37. 37. Ensure your website works on mobile devices. Keys for mobile search. Run mobile versions of paid ads. Keep an eye on ad rank, only the top 2 ads show. Use click-to-call and location extensions.
  38. 38. Video influences vehicle purchase. 49% of vehicle shoppers visit a dealer after watching a related video, 37% search dealer inventory online. 61% of vehicle shoppers research their purchase with online video. 25% of shoppers watch over an hour of videos in the purchase process.
  39. 39. YouTube is the second largest search engine, behind Google.
  40. 40. YouTube ranks videos organically, and provides space for paid ads.
  41. 41. Curate a YouTube channel for your dealership. Utilize video. Make use of Jayco videos on your own site. Consider ad placements in YouTube videos.
  42. 42. Videos on the Jayco Marketing Hub.
  43. 43. Need a helping hand?
  44. 44. Paid search management.
  45. 45. Developed specifically for Jayco dealers. Targeted to your sales area. Eligible for 100% co-op. Real time reporting, accessible via mobile.
  46. 46. Participants have seen increases in web traffic of up to 39%.39% Increased website traffic. Average conversion rate. These are visits that become sales leads. 4.5%
  47. 47. Contact Dealer Marketing Services Jala Curtis 970-775-7140 info@jaycomarketinghub.com jayclick.jaycomarketinghub.com