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The State of Facebook

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A webinar on the State of Facebook, a new report from HubSpot on the way businesses are using Facebook. Covers new data and case studies.

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The State of Facebook

  1. The State of Facebook How Businesses Are Using the World’s Biggest Social Network Jeanne Hopkins & Rick Burnes HubSpot Marketing Managers Twitter: @jeannehopkins & @rickburnes
  2. Agenda I. About HubSpot II. Why Facebook Is Important • New data III. How Businesses Use Facebook • Case Studies
  3. What’s HubSpot? • Founded in July 2006; grew out of research at MIT • Sells inbound marketing software • 2,000+ customers; 100+ employees 3
  4. Agenda I. About HubSpot II. Why Facebook Is Important • New data III. How Businesses Use Facebook • Case Studies
  5. Is Facebook Just Cotton Candy? Flickr: anitacanita It’s sweet and sticky … but does your business get nutritional value? 5
  6. Facebook’s Roles in Inbound Marketing Blogging SEO Facebook Email Pay-Per-Click Website Visitors Facebook Leads Customers 6
  7. Facebook Momentum
  8. Further Evidence
  9. Social Media Spending
  10. Facebook Grader - Business
  11. Facebook Grader - Business
  12. # of Facebook Fans Distribution
  13. Category Distribution <500 Fans
  14. Top 10 Sub-Categories <500 Fans
  15. Data Conclusion • Facebook provides small businesses with an opportunity to position themselves at a low-cost, with a potentially high return • Most Facebook pages have less than 500 fans. A business does not need thousands of fans to be successful. • Facebook is a channel for business communication.
  16. Agenda I. About HubSpot II. Why Facebook Is Important • New data III. How Businesses Use Facebook • Case Studies
  17. How Businesses Participate: Pages 17
  18. What Makes Great Facebook Pages?* Product Passion Content Community Fun Practical Information Je Ne Sais Quoi * In my opinion. 18
  19. What Are Your Neighbors Up To? The best way to learn how to use Facebook for your business? Study the things that work for other businesses. 19
  20. Don’t Focus Too Much on Your Industry The best marketers take off the blinders and look outside their world for inspiration. “But we’re a B2B company” is a BAD excuse not to dive into Facebook. beketchai on flickr 20
  21. Tip: Be a Fan of Facebook Marketing 21
  22. Case Study #1: MailChimp • Email Marketing Software • >5,000 fans 22
  23. MailChimp Uses Notes & Photos B2B Tip: Share useful information; have fun. 23
  24. Case Study #2: All Things Jeep • Website that sells Jeep paraphernalia • >2,300 fans 24
  25. 272 Photos Contributed by Users B2B Tip: Engage your Facebook community. 25
  26. Case Study #3: Nicholas Kristof • NYT Columnist • >146,543 fans 26
  27. Context Provided for Each Link B2B Tips: Be passionate; share content, but share it with a personal voice. 27
  28. Final Thoughts … 28
  29. 20th Century Customers Highly transactional, anonymous. 29
  30. 21st Century Customers Relationship based; they want to go where everybody knows their name. 30
  31. The Challenge? Too Many Pieces! d.j.k. on flickr 31
  32. HubSpot Puts the Pieces Together 32
  33. Thank You! Sign up for a free trial of HubSpot: www.hubspot.com/trial/ Connect with us: LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/rickburnes Twitter: www.twitter.com/rickburnes LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jeannehopkins Twitter: www.twitter.com/jeannehopkins More questions? Post them here: http://inbound.org