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The 2012 State of Inbound Marketing Webinar

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The 2012 State of Inbound Marketing Webinar

  1. THE2012State ofInboundMarketing Blogging Social media#SOIM
  2. MIKE VOLPE MELISSA MILLERHubSpot Chief Marketing Officer Inbound Marketing Manager@mvolpe @mcdmiller#SOIM
  3. State of Inbound Study• Survey conducted in Jan 2012• 972 marketing professionals
  4. SEO Blogging Social Media VS. EmailTelemarketing Direct Mail Trade shows 4
  5. Agenda 1 Marketing costs & budgets 2 Lead quality & sales 3 What’s important to marketers?
  6. 1 Costs & 2012 Budgets
  7. How much is your averageCOST PER LEAD?
  8. Inbound Consistently Yields Lower CostLeads
  9. Blogs cited as least expensive
  10. Trade shows ranked as most expensive
  11. The worst thing we did in marketing last year was attend several trade shows and events with low yield and ROI.Marketing ProfessionalProfessional Services/Consulting26 to 50 Employees
  12. Direct mail is very expensive and ineffective for new leads.Marketing ProfessionalHardware Technology11 to 25 Employees
  13. 89% are maintaining or increasing theirinbound budgets
  14. Increases Driven by Past Success;Decreases Driven by the Economy
  15. Budgets Shift to Inbound
  16. Budget Growth within Inbound
  17. Outbound Budgets Remain Stagnant
  19. Small Businesses Level the Playing Field
  20. 2 Lead Quality & Sales
  21. Inbound converts leads into customers Data pulled from analytics tracking of a sample of over 1,000 HubSpot customers.
  22. Social Media & Blogs Generate RealCustomers
  23. The best things we’ve done to drive leads and sales this past year is embrace social media, establish a blog, and convince ownership to accept inbound marketing strategy.Marketing ProfessionalManufacturing Industry201 to 500 Employees
  24. Blog Frequency and Customer Acquisition
  25. 70% of Businesses Blog At Least Weekly
  26. Facebook Is More Effective for B2C; LinkedIn Is forB2B
  27. LinkedIn is the best social media channel by far for us as we are in B2B… Facebook is not getting much traction.Marketing ProfessionalHardware Technology11 to 25 Employees
  28. 3 What’s important to marketers?
  29. Which sources ofleads havebecome MOREimportant to youover the last sixmonths?
  30. Social Media & SEO Growing in Importance
  31. Direct Mail Declining in Importance
  32. This past year we spent a few hundred dollars on a door-hanger marketing piece and got no response—at all.Business OwnerProfessional Services/Consulting1 to 5 Employees
  33. 25% indicated their company blog isCRITICAL
  34. 81% rated their blog as USEFUL ORBETTER
  35. Company Blogs are Increasingly Valued
  36. THANKMIKE VOLPEHubSpot Chief Marketing Officer@mvolpe YOU.www.linkedin.com/in/mikevolpeMELISSA MILLERInbound Marketing Manager@mcdmillerwww.linkedin.com/in/mdibellamiller
  37. 3 2000 7 50+ 6 15 0 days inbound learning breakout inspiring small reasons marketing tracks sessions keynotes group not to professionals workshops GO! REGISTER TODAY! http://inbound2012.eventbrite.com/www.InboundConference.com
  38. Q&AReceive a complimentary marketingassessment from HubSpot: WWW.HUBSPOT.COM/IMA