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Best Practices to Optimize Your Lead Nurturing
Strategy Beyond Email.
Lead Nurturing.
Lead Nurturing =
Heightening lead engagement to help move
leads through the funnel and prepare them
for better conversatio...
Traditionally, marketers
accomplished this through
marketing automation.
The problem with
this strategy?
79% of marketers
say their email open rates
don’t exceed 20%.
45% of marketers say
< 4% of their email contacts convert
into marketing qualified leads.
So, fewer and fewer
leads are opening
and converting on
your emails.
Now what?
Marketers need to think
beyond the
Multi-channel lead nurturing
is a great way for marketers
to reach more people more
First, let’s define multi-
channel lead nurturing;
(so we’re on the same page)
Multi-channel nurturing is the act of
communicating with people via a
series of targeted marketing
messages, delivered acr...
OK, let’s get started with
multi-channel lead
nurturing best practices.
Primary Nurturing Channels:
Marketing Automation
1:1 Social Media
Paid Retargeting$
Dynamic Content
Sales Enablement
Marketing Automation.
✓ While marketers need to think beyond the
inbox, email is still an important channel for
Free Download
Marketing Automation Kit
This free kit includes:
 Planning guide to software evaluation
 Understanding of ...
Paid Retargeting.
✓ Leverage retargeting on platforms that align
with your target persona. Examples include:
• Facebook
• ...
1:1 Social Media.
✓Monitor Twitter, LinkedIn, and other relevant
social networks for mentions.
✓Give people attention (fav...
Free Trial
Easily Monitor Social Media
With HubSpot’s Social Inbox tool you can:
 Publish to all your social media profil...
Sales Enablement.
✓ Consider your sales team another
channel—the trick is getting them involved
at the right moment.
✓ Lev...
Dynamic Content.
✓ Your website should be a dynamic
experience that helps move leads through
the funnel (i.e. a marketing ...
Free Download
How to use Dynamic Content to
Increase Conversions
Download this free guide to learn:
 What dynamic content...
 List Segmentation
 Lead Score
 Competitive Intelligence
 Behavior-Based Event Tracking
 Internal Notification
 Auto...
What is the Buyer’s Journey?
The active research process a buyer goes through
leading up to a purchase.
Leads nurtured with targeted
content produce an increase
in sales opportunities of
more than 20%.
(source: DemandGen)
Net New Lead
Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)
Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)
Top of the
Funnel Lead
Middle ...
Multi-channel lead nurturing is not
simply blasting the same message
across as many touch points as you
can and crossing y...
Effective multi-channel lead
nurturing combines the channel
and the content to hit the right
lead at the right time with t...
The real magic to effective nurturing is when you
add value. Please, don’t be creepy or spammy.
The real magic to effective nurturing is when you
add value. Please, don’t be creepy or spammy.
(Ok then, so here we go…)
Example: Dynamic Email
For top of the funnel leads, this
marketing automation email uses
dynamic content to target email
For middle of the funnel/bottom of
the funnel leads, this email is
triggered from a behavior such as a
page view or anothe...
For customers, this email is part of a
series that is associated with HubSpot
Customer nurturing is a great way t...
Example: 1:1 Social Media
• Monitor leads for brand
mentions as well as
mentions and identify
Example: Paid Retargeting
Use retargeting to show ads in
various channels after
someone has visited your
 Tailor...
Use dynamic calls to action
on your website that reflects a
lead interests and/or
lifecycle stage and moves
lead farther d...
Example: Dynamic Website Content
Use dynamic
for repeat visitors.
Set up customized automated
internal notifications to individual
sales reps to alert them of key
lead behavior on-site.
Easily Build Sophisticated Multi-Channel
Nurturing Campaigns with HubSpot
See How it Works >>
#1 Rated Marketing Platform for
the Enterprise.
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