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How To Write An Ebook (Because These Things Don't Write Themselves)

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Here at HubSpot, we've written our fair share of ebooks. Now. we're passing our secrets on to you. We'll cover everything you need to know, from content and concept to design and promotion.

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How To Write An Ebook (Because These Things Don't Write Themselves)

  1. 1. From Content and Concept to Design and Promotion How To Write An Ebook
  2. 2. Organize the TeamStep 1
  3. 3. There are two main jobs:
  4. 4. Someone who creates the e-book.
  5. 5. Someone who promotes the e-book.
  6. 6. (This could be the same person, or totally separate teams. Just make sure expectations are clear!)
  7. 7. Pick a TopicStep 2
  8. 8. Great topics can be found at the intersection of your expertise & your audience’s core needs and interests.
  9. 9. This is where the magic happens Stuff you know Stuff your audience wants to know
  10. 10. Three ideas to get you started
  11. 11. Best practices for your industry 1
  12. 12. Learn from the best: experts share insights2
  13. 13. An introduction to your industry 3
  14. 14. Do your researchStep 3
  15. 15. Now it’s time to channel your inner journalist. Find data to back up your claims. Seek out varying viewpoints. See if other brands have written on the subject.
  16. 16. Write it!Step 4
  17. 17. You know what to do here. Create an outline, then write the thing. You’ve got this. “The usefulness of your ebook is based largely on its structure and readability.”
  18. 18. DesignStep 5
  19. 19. Start with the cover. This gives you the opportunity to set a motif for the entire book.
  20. 20. ● Set up your document size & color scheme. ● Set your layout. ● Design. ● Save & Export! Make it pretty
  21. 21. Promoting & Tracking Step 6
  23. 23. Now… it’s time to: ● Promote on social media ● Create a campaign in Hubspot ● Create a landing page & thank you page ● Watch your analytics
  24. 24. Want to know more?
  25. 25. Download the full ebook now.