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Back-up Software Company Grows Lead Conversions with HubSpot

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Back-up software company, CMS Products, uses HubSpot to expand its online presence and grow its leads pool. The company has increased its leads by 2700% in 6 months, from 67 in August to over 1, 920 in January.

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Back-up Software Company Grows Lead Conversions with HubSpot

  1. 1. CMS Products! Case study!
  2. 2. CMS Products!  KEY  RESULTS   •  Increased Organic Traffic fivefold from 4, 287 visits in August to 23, 725 in Jan. •  Grew leads by 2700% from 67 in August to +1, 920 in Jan. •  Accumulated +3,845 inbound links from 825 domains ABOUT:   CMS  Products  is  a  storage  and  data  security  company  located  in  Costa  Mesa,  California.    
  3. 3. CMS Products Challenge: Expensive Traditional Marketing and Limited Visibility Online Before HubSpot CMS Products used traditional marketing including tradeshows and display ads. Due to its limited budget, the company reinvented its advertising approach and focused on its Web presence. “But we were finding that the website was not being found on the major search engines,” Gary noted. “We had some work to do.” Solution: Lead Nurturing of Targeted Traffic As CMS got started with HubSpot, it instantly found a new group of users who hadn’t heard about its products. “HubSpot opened up a whole new world of possibilities for CMS,” Gary said.
  4. 4. CMS Products Solution: Lead Nurturing of Targeted Traffic The multi-faceted features of the software helped CMS to quickly turn its website into a lead generation mechanism. HubSpot’s lead notifications, for instance, empowered Gary to identify leads with higher interest in the product. “The people we are getting to our website are the ones we do want to engage, the ones that do have an interest in disaster recovery and back-up solutions,” Gary said. HubSpot’s integration of Salesforce customer relationship management helped improve the entire process of lead nurturing. CMS had been using Salesforce even before HubSpot but its database began to fill with a lot of duplicate leads. HubSpot was able to re-duplicate them and, as Gary said, offer “clean stream of leads.”
  5. 5. CMS Products Results: High Lead Conversion Rates HubSpot helped CMS differentiate between high-interest and low-interest traffic. The automated lead nurturing targeted more involved leads and, thus, boosted CMS’ conversion rates.
  6. 6. CMS Products Results: Gained Online Visibility Through Organic Traffic CMS increased organic traffic fivefold from 4, 287 visits in August to 23, 725 in January. By accumulating thousands of inbound links, the company gained the desired visibility online.
  7. 7. More about CMS Products:! www. CMSproducts.com! Sign up for a HubSpot demo:! www.HubSpot.com/demo!